Lock, Stock, & Barrel


Via the Rightly-Guided One.

14 responses to “Lock, Stock, & Barrel

  1. That, and the wind from out her ass.

  2. William Wilson

    This is a photoshop. Her feet are below the edge of the steps, yet her weight is not totally depending from her supporters. This is cheap shit, below the code of honorable White men. This is what jews and communists and leaders of the Free Shit Army do.

  3. The American people are mind blowingly stupid. Denial is a hell of a drug.
    You Trumpeteers are included in that assessment.

  4. Mr. Taint is the master of political ridicule laced with accurate humor.

  5. Well, Dan, it taint rocket surgery! 😉

  6. Being honorable white men is exactly why we are in this mess.

    Honorable white men have stood around wringing their hands while the enemy took over.

    Nothing we do henceforth to take out take trash will be very honorable… except for the courage and self sacrifice it will require.

  7. Oh, and the words “taint” and “Hillary” should never appear in proximity!

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on ETC., ETC., & ETC..

  9. Here’s another report of a death related to hildabeast, don’t know anything about the website, but if true, this story sure as hell wouldn’t be mentioned on cbs.


  10. what a heroic woman Mrs. Clinton is! With all her tragedies and challenges – physical, mental, and moral – she still aspires to public service

    incidentally, I have joined Clinton45’s Mexifornia team, and – via e-mail – have already been offered free transportation and lodging (((Soro$))) from/to anywhere in America in order to attend a meeting with Tim Kaine. I’ll have to pass, though…the cat wants flea-powdering

  11. ’06,

    “….it taint rocket surgery.”


  12. ’06,

    Dats a lot of ass !

  13. Wilson,

    You’re joking, correct ?

  14. Tom.

    You boot licking Klintonians are fools of the highest degree.

    GO TRUMP !

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