Noonan: How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen

o-PEGGY-NOONAN-ROMNEY-facebookWorried panda

She of the really-nice-imaginary-black-boyfriend-I-wish-I-had-when-I-was-just-a-lass fame tacks right and attempts to distance herself from her caste.

Ah, Peggy, we hardly knew ye.

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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    Peggy Noonan is a leftist CUXX who tries to masquerade as a right wing stroker. I read that column of hers in 2008, realized that Ronald Reagan turned over in his grave at the turncoat blathering, and forever crossed this silly and absurd dolt from my reading.

    • Peggy Prog voting For the Obamy Mammy said enuff about her worth….
      worthless offal in my book.

  2. Some get to hop the fence

    But not this cross dressed skeletor. If the pen is truly mightier than the sword then she should fall on it instead

  3. Worried Panda should read Bracken and then she’d be really worried. She and others have been cheer leading the fuckery forever.

    • Well just as the Shrubs and the REST of the Rove Republicans luvs them the taste of Saudi Dick, she luvs her the taste of Shrub dick. Why would you expect anything else from her?

      • I stopped reading propaganda in ’08. They have all played their part and should b rewarded accordingly.

  4. I’m sure as hell not going to ‘sign up’ just to read words from this mouth breathing communist bitch. The who and what out boy Barry is has been profoundly obvious since the SOB arrived on the scene long before the 2008 election cycle. Noonan, Krauthammer et al get no pass from me. They are, in point of fact, counted among the ranks of the enemy.

  5. Once you go black, you can never come back.

  6. In 2008, when I heard Barack Obama speaking on the subject of Iran, I said to myself “This guy’s not only an idiot, he’s a DANGEROUS idiot.” Now, almost ten years later, Peggy Noonan is starting to figure things out. David “looking at his pant leg and his perfectly creased pant” Brooks never will. He’s too busy panting.

    How come is it that a hayseed hick retired logger and cattle rancher in flyover country with no college degree has greater political acumen than these brainiacs that get paid six and seven figures a year spouting poetic nonsense in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal?

    Thank you. I feel better now.

  7. She’s past her prime, but is still a Republican camp follower, at least in her own mind.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      She’s trying to re-rat to the GOP.

      I wonder when was the last time that she actually interacted with a plebeian, beyond placing an order at a coffee counter?

  8. In her defense, she was/is a republican elite. I would bet she has never taken a step into a walmart in a heavily Hispanic area of the country, probably doesnt even watch oriellys chronicling of the effects of illegal immigration and has never spent a day in a 1980 highly white part of town that is now highly Hispanic.
    if all these elites and elected officials had to spend a week every five years in some part of a town that was changing from immigration starting in 1965, there might have been changes.
    and if peggy was brave enough to go and chronicle what liberals do to cities since 1980 instead of being served tea in the oval office, she might be different.
    sorry, no; unfortunately the only people that can really see what immigration does or muzzies do to each other and others are the ones that have to live in it or are ordered to fight it, peggy noonan lives in her own world.

    • “…peggy noonan lives in her own world.”

      Unfortunately for her, and millions of others, “own worlds” have a distressing habit of collapsing catastrophically before the irresistible forces of Mighty Reality.

      • agreed.
        whatever is coming, world war 3, global debt defaults, civil wars by natives vs muslims, race wars; will eventually affect everyone. yep, the elites have the money to move to private islands while their respective country goes to hell but that life will suck compared to living the elite life they had and the freedoms they had. if things really fall apart and you have to live in a multi-million dollar bunker; you screwed up; you don’t control the world; it controls you.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          That’s the thing – the true elites won’t be inconvenienced in the slightest. The marginal elites, depending upon their foresight, may or may not be.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        True enough, but they get to inhabit them, with all the attendant luxuries, for a while. For most of them, that’s enough. Everyone ends up dead – they won while they were alive.

        • The higher they are, the harder the fall. They have the “most” to lose, in this world and the next.

          What have they won?

          Mark 8:36
          For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Jesus Christ

          Matthew 16:26
          For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Jesus Christ

          On the twenty first floor,
          A gold plated door,
          Can’t keep out
          The Lord’s burning rain.

          Gram Parsons

  9. Global Elites? Just caught the following:

    “PROPOSED TERMS AND CONDITIONS Greetings Loretta I am in receipt of your offer to cut into my flesh and take/carry away an item in [my] possession. For the suggested transaction to take place without conditions would require a great amount of trust on [my] behalf but no trust on behalf of THE DOJ. It has been implied that you represent a different branch of THE DOJ that unjustly ended the life of [my] dear friend [cf lavoy finnicum], unjustly attempted to prematurely end the live(s) of [myself, cf ryan bundy], [cf shawna cox], [cf ryan payne], [cf victoria sharp]. I do not have full faith that you have clean hands in these matters, as you are part of the body that committed these crimes against your fellow mankind. It has come to [my] attention recently that three (3) of the nurses, that were employed, and possibly on shift, at the Harney County Hospital at the time [cf lavoy finnicum] was brought in to the hospital, are now “suspiciously” deceased. This causes [myself] and all mankind deep grief and grave concerns regarding your trustworthiness. One must not think hard to conclude that any man or woman, involved in your proposed “removal” of evidence from [my] custody, may find themselves to be in grave danger shortly after their participation in this proposed “removal”. – See more at:

    “Full Faith and Credit”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Kaine accidentally spoke the truth:

    They have plans for us. Ugly plans.