Quote Of The 2016 Presidential Election


A liberal’s paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does indeed already exist: It’s called Prison.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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  1. he’s a statist, totalitarian if i’ve ever seen one…

    • He brought the MCSO into the 20th century. Prior to him we had a lawnmower salesman as Sheriff. He has done more to clean up Arizona than all the Politicos combined. Hats off to him.

      • His deputies have also on at least two occasions stolen Defense attorney documents off of the table in open court. The judge gave them hell but nothing was done…..

      • that’s nice. but people like him will throw your ass into a pink jump suit as well if given the chance.

    • Come on Stewed….reading many of your remarks your latest sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

  2. Sheriiff Arpaio,Sheriff Clark. Two sheriff’s, out of the three thousand across the USA telling it like it is. Best find out, who’s who, in your local constabulary. Your life may depend upon it.

  3. Open up more tents, Sheriff Joe…..
    The liberals are coming!!!

  4. FuckN “A” !!! Thank God for Arpaio and Clark.

    IF the Trumpster wins he should appoint these two Attn. Gen and FBI Director and let them have their way with Billary.

  5. Fuck that sheriff and every other badge wearer. May the Lord God Almighty send them and their evil families to burn in Hell forever and ever. Amen.

  6. Howard Dennard

    The cops must PROVE they are with you . These two have

  7. Knuck,

    So many fools claim Sheriffs are so good. They wear badges. They carry firearms. Firearms used to support the diktats of the state. Cops can possess items the serfs, the scum, der untermenschen, MAY NOT !

    Here….it is simple:

    There are no good cops.

    Now shut up Knuck and pay your taxes ! And remember….






    • There was no mention of cops being good. Two sheriff’s out of three thousand commenting about the corruption and stupidity running rampant in the FUSA.. I am no fan of the blue swarm.I have been handcuffed and beaten by cops until unconscious. I have been told by the police they will kill me if they get a chance.Last time they came to my home with seven cars and ten cops. Weapons drawn. Sadists and power-hungry douche canoes. Is that better? ..DanIII

  8. Well said. Yes, and that’s right where Hilary Clinton belongs.

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    The lies the problem. The essence of Socialism is to think that a prison is the perfect society.

  10. Boot lickers praising Arpaio again….you must not live in AZ and believe only what TPTB spoon-feed you. This guy is a cop elitist glory hound statist to the core but as long as he keeps dem messicans and negros in line he’s our statist, right?
    We can overlook all he’s been caught doing, where’s that totalitarian free pass?
    Arpaio is as much a Nazi as any other pork in power and as someone already stated, THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS.
    You think they think any more highly of you while you taste that jackboot pseudo leather extorted from the taxpayers? You’re still a suspect open to being murdered and lied about that you “charged at them”. Wake the f up, cops are the enemy of freedom EVERYWHERE.

  11. Arpaio pled guilty to contempt of court. He has a history of investigating the people that criticize him, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process . His failure to supervise his employees resulting in death of prisoners has cost the taxpayers (or the insurance) easily over 45 million dollars, this does not include millions defending these lawsuits. He had critical reporters arrested late at night on trumped up charges, later dropped. He’s over 80 years old. He is a southwest version of a corrupt southern good old boy sheriff. I live in Maricopa County. If you do not live here, you only see publicity favorable to Joe. Do not fall for the narrative.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. John Sabotta

    Not only is he a goddamned cop, he stole that quote from “Victor Suvarov”, a former GRU agent.

  14. John Sabotta

    Anyone who worships that filth Arpaio is no friend of liberty.