The Tyranny Of Race


DoublebadthinkhatespeechNazifartlicklickspittleinformantwaaaaacism from the Z-man.

Don’t read it.

Or the nude close-ups come out.

26 responses to “The Tyranny Of Race

  1. Marlo Stanfield

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    From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2016 11:21 PM Subject: [New post] The Tyranny Of Race #yiv4328046397 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4328046397 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4328046397 a.yiv4328046397primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4328046397 a.yiv4328046397primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4328046397 a.yiv4328046397primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4328046397 a.yiv4328046397primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4328046397 | Concerned American posted: “DoublebadthinkhatespeechNazifartlicklickspittleinformantwaaaaacism from the Z-man.Don’t read it.Or the nude close-ups come out.” | |

  2. Thanks for the warning.

  3. I’ve never said this about an entity that obviously has its own gravitational field but,….. “it” looks….. hungry…… Hard to believe she? and I are the same species.

  4. Not that your wife is fat, but her senior portrait was an aerial photo…..

  5. “Hard to believe she? and I are the same species.”

    I don’t believe I’d a told that.

    That’s stretching the word species more than the skin of that ? which looks about to explode.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    That’s no moon….

  7. Hadenoughalready

    Oh, my! Words fail me… polite words, that is…

  8. So z man is a cop lover too? Just another ‘the cops can do no wrong’ badge licker.

    “The City of Baltimore looked at the lives of six police officers and said they were not worth another riot. The family of the police officers had a very different valuation of these things”.

    IMO. EVERY cop needs to be arrested, put on trial, and then promptly jailed for the rest of their fucking lives. Case closed. They’re nothing but parasitic thugs who live to destroy freedom and liberty. They ruin entire lives for something as petty as a serf not wearing a gubmint mandated seatbelt. I hate ’em.

  9. Not same species obviously

  10. CA !!
    Stop trolling around on the ‘ugly sites’ and then posting the pix. Some of us like to read WRSA w/o hurling.

  11. Slugworth fatbody pictured above gets one vote just like the rest of us. Of course, typically, said fatbody also gets lots of handouts from the ‘state’, ie tax payers and gets to vote for more of that. Is that state sponsored segregation?

  12. “There’s a word for arbitrary application of the law. It’s called tyranny. That is the inevitable end of Proportionalism because benefits and costs are always subjective. ”

    Great stuff, now apply it to the banks, corps and wall street. The way I see it is we have a perverted corrupt oligarchy in bed with our ahem, government at all levels conspiring to screw we the people in EVERY WAY. Then from the sidelines there are a bunch of corrupt pederast commies cheering for “social justice”. Screw every one of you in the eye with rusty rebar. I’m supposed to pray for you but I’m struggling this morning. I’d rather stick some rebar in your socket. FOAD.

  13. You’re not. Zebras and horses can mate and produce offspring, but they’re not the same species either.

  14. “Have another donut”

    Eh ?

  15. Joe Sampson

    Another article dismissive of police brutality by stating NONE of those bastards did anything wrong but that’s OK when it’s the negroids or the spics getting killed? This attitude is why you will lose many upstanding veteran Americans of differing skin complexities from standing by your side when the fall begins. You cannot be trusted to put that KKK hood away permanently and change your hateful hearts by being truthful, so be it and live with yourselves.
    Call out the oppressive jackboots everytime they commit crimes or we will all fall in the end.
    Somebody wearing a badge either caused or allow this crime to happen, man up and admit it.

    Cops only care about one color, blue and we ain’t it.

  16. Where did it say that?

  17. Do you copy these comments of your straight from the trolls handbook for regime shit stirrers trolling alternative media?
    Or are you really as ignorant as a box of rocks?

  18. The last time I saw something like that, it was shoving its snout under the turf, looking for grubs and worms. Sorta takes away my will to live.

  19. You have the intellect of a rural hillbilly.. oh wait.
    Simpletons like you spread paranoia and fear because you don’t have any real world experience.


    Mebbe you need to hide behind max’s pant leg where you’ll be safe from reality.

  20. How do you misconstrue this:

    “The City of Baltimore looked at the lives of six police officers and said they were not worth another riot. The family of the police officers had a very different valuation of these things”.

    as approval on Z’s part? You must have read some other article.

  21. Sean, like everything else we see before us, you gotta turn it into cold resolve.

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on ETC., ETC., & ETC..

  23. Jimmy the Saint

    ” EVERY cop needs to be arrested, put on trial, and then promptly jailed for the rest of their fucking lives.”

    Verdict first, trial to follow. So…replace authoritarian abuse with authoritarian abuse, basically. Oh look, enough folks to fill two army groups just rallied to our side.

  24. outlawpatriot

    Uh, can anybody help me out? Exactly what the fuck is that thing? Photoshop, right? Somebody made that up, right? 🙂


    That is Danny Glover’s illegitimate daughter by way of a Cabbage Patch Doll.

  26. Mr. OP,

    Only it’s head was pictured May i suggest that you thank the God you pray to, that you did not have to feast your eyes on the rest of that behemoth!

    On the other hand, “more cushion for the pushin’ ! “

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