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  1. It’s just another Jade Helm thingy, nothing is going on, ask Weapon’s Man, he will tell you you are having delusions. He told me himself it is all as pure and innocent as driven snow.

    It only your public service orientated federal organized crime gangs getting ready to bug out with all that nice tax payer loot and field gear they been breaking the bank to acquire for when it drops in the pot and they set up their comfy little feudal kingdoms. You know, innocent items like prepositioned sea-land containers with millions of rounds of ammo, food, gear, fenced razor taped nuke proof underground bunkers on “Boy Scout” reservations, you know, just ordinary run of the mill redoubts far from cities, near sources of clean water, 4 lane state routes where you can land fixed wing aircraft, nothing special to see or hear.

    Take it as an indication of what is ahead. They know the end is near, 159 days, if we make it that far.

  2. Greyrider68

    I live in great falls, MT. I see each and every one of these Airforce vehicles coming and going from Malmstrom all the time. They should have “Security Forces” marked on the side and rear of the vehicle and when they are traveling in a large convoy armed, they are usually inroute to pick up or drop off a ballistic missle in need of maintenance. Seeing that they were on I-80 traveling from NE to WY where we have many missle silos positioned, I would say that that was there purpose. Just my observation though.

    • Lost Patrol

      Ah interesting things about living in Wyoming. Cheyenne is key transfer and rally point for nuclear materials including missiles from Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota and Nebraska. The majority of the times they travel in unmarked semi tracker trailer units with Suburbans and/or pickup trucks up armored as support. No uniforms, often long haired drivers etc. The idea when carrying nuclear materials is to not stand out. Routes and times constantly varied when ever possible. Local law enforcement are trained NOT to attempt intercept. The drivers and the guards have “executive privilege”. The ancient Japanese version was the right to kill and walk away.
      There was no mention of markings and unit designations. The why … I am fond of SALUTE reports.
      As some one else stated, a bit late in the year for reserve and guard unit travel … however not unheard of here in Wyoming.
      Another Jade Helm exercise theory per another. Not likely. Very little was seen of actual Jade Helm or other exercises not even mentioned to the public. There were exercises during the early part of the year through out the SE and NW where they were not even noticed. The object of training in public and in secret and in civilian clothing is to test their ability to remain unseen and unnoticed. Operating in a potentially hostile environment without being noticed. This public display is not it.

    • Yes, that SUV looks like one that is used to convoy nuclear weapons materials. If they was an unmarked semi using an Autocar or Marmon tractor with what looks like a roof rack it is such a convoy.

  3. My guess is that it is a nuke transfer security group, or something very similar.

  4. 173d Viet Vet

    The US military, including Reserves and National Guard does not have combo vehicles disguised as Chevy Surburbans…..

    It is too late in the summer for those units to be convoying to/from their two week annual training.

    Wonder if this was Secret Service prepositioning response units for a political event to be attended by Billary…

    • They certainly are still doing AT down in Grayling. Seen ’em yesterday on the way down 75. Can’t wait to get back to the Island, only FSA there are a handful of harmless Chippewa injuns on the extreme south end. 🙂 mainland Fusa is toast.

      • I read the comments on the you tube vid. That’s what I saw, up armored trucks like the pics and an orange “explosives” sign on them. No dark SUV though. I’m figuring the guns are to secure the sensitive loads.

  5. How’d those do in the sandbox? We the people are not skeered. FOAD tyrants.

  6. Airforce security guys. Not a big deal.

    • Howard Dennard

      KMO, If they were Air Force Security Police, they are a big deal They are the Infantry of the Air Force. Fought along side some in Nam. Plenty tough. Do Not Mess with them.

  7. The commenter at YouTube suggesting they belonged to a USAF Missile Squadron is correct. Pics 1 and 6 are definitely USAF Security Police vehicles. Based on my experience as one of the lucky few, the guns may be mounted, but the ammo is locked up separately. As was in SAC back in the day, and we had test alerts and exercises more often than we got hot chow.

  8. MichiganJim

    It’s a grant for a study. They’re analyzing sleep enhancers. It’s very important. Our grandchildren will benefit from the results gained…after they pay the bill.

  9. Brian in Ohio

    I was stationed at Lejeune and we drove with crew serves mounted all over coastal N.C.. From there to Bragg and back, up to A.P. Hill…. NEVER with ammo tho. Pretty sure we did it just because our CO wanted to make sure we weren’t warm and dry in the vehicles….They hate it when Marines are comfortable.

  10. having lived in wyo it is security forces for air force involved with the gaurding of minuiteman missles and the like .and they take their job seriously .ive seen them from mt. nd. wyo .they had a heckofa job when we were up in nd they had no way of knowing who was good or bad and we were all over their stuff up there .they had no problem aiming that 50 at the road while they were working on silos .just glad none of those guys had as itchy trigger fingers as the guys in the thin blue line regiment !!

  11. The exact explanation cannot be determined. But generally speaking, in the Cold War era, if there were convoy numbers written on the doors with white chalk; it was an administrative movement = no C/S weapons etc.

    No numbers = not admin.

    IMO: This is designed to establish a norm.

    The actual protective forces/elements/units are not captured in these photos.

  12. SemperFi, 0321

    Somehow, folks still can’t understand a SALUTE report.
    I still deal with idiots who try to tell me about UN armored units stationed inside Yellowstone NP. Last time I checked, the railroad tracks don’t go there anymore.


    I have seen similar vehicles here in Rawles Land. The ID NG has them. They explained it is part of “disaster preparedness”. Res Ipsa Loquitur.

  14. My guess is that they belonged to a USANG Civil Support Team (CST). They have bunches of those vehicles.

  15. Matthew Wilbanks

    Yup, Security Forces. I would have thought the SF badge on the lower right truck would have given it away.