Grigg: No Justice For Jack Yantis

Jack and Donna

Will’s latest; RTWT.


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  1. Always remember, cops are publicly educated.

    Never forget, so are you.


  2. Jack Yantis and LaVoy Finnicum cross paths. I venture that they hang out and become good pals.People of good standing must make proper, thought out decisions.
    There is no substitute for smacking a deserving putz right in the fucking face. Confront evil. When you ignore evil in progress,you imply consent. Do not consent. Confront.

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  4. Lying corrupt sonsabitches.

  5. No justice? So you do not believe in Yahuah? Or is it only mans justice we now hold dear?

  6. There seems to be some confusion over what was found lying on the site, a .204 bullet or a .204 case. The latter makes more sense.

    Was this a Grand Jury proceeding, or something else? I guess Grand Juries are able to indict ham sandwiches, but not cops.

    • Grand juries indict or not based on the “evidence” they are shown. That “evidence” is chosen by the DA. And nobody has the right to review its accuracy nor completeness.

      Dead pigs first. Then deal appropriately with the REST of the treasonous sewage.

    • Reading carefully the article linked by CA, as well as one of the further links ref’d IN the article it’s clear they are talking about the bullet, the projectile. The DNA test requested to ascertain whether ’tis the bull’s or Jack’s blood on it; concern expressed since the sample would be consumed in conducting the test, which would require consent by defense attorneys. Another fallacy of the grand jury process; there aren’t defense attorneys to consult (yet), since no one has been charged. A process like a self-filling ice-cream cone.

      Regardless, the question of how it got into the middle of the scene is a major WTF. The romanticized version of Tom Horn needs to pay a visit.

  7. Small towns=tight corruption. Large cities = loose corruption but the game remains the same. Recently in NE a 74 y old man was shot to death by a rookie cop. I said nothing would come of it and nothing has. Old guy was being evicted had no where to go, was a bit sketchy and “armed with a knife”. Again, strictly based on circumstantial reporting it looks like the “kid” pressed his bang switch til the target changed shape. The Yantis thing looks filthy on the surface. If you want to know the ugly truth watch the video “The Five Seven” and then imagine that it carries over to many hills and dales.

    WE THE PEOPLE will be required at some point to stand against evil and for good.

    And YES there are still good cops. Please commence bashing me I’ve grown a thick skin. Considering one’s self to be a dead man can do that for ya. I’m grateful to the Almighty for giving me the years He has. I can’t say I deserved them but I’m gonna do my best with the time remaining to do the right thing always.

    Stay positive, keep prepping. Fuck Tyranny in the eye with rusty rebar.

    • MichiganJim

      “And YES there are still good cops.”

      No doubt. There’s nothing but individuals out there, after all. Problem is, we’re reaching a stage–maybe already reached it–where doing nothing precludes a person from being good. Depends on the instance of course, but being a paid, armed, voluntary agent of the state who chooses to follow orders in the furtherance of tyranny, is getting pretty tough to morally defend. IMO.

      “We are what we do, not what we say we do.”

      • Well said. I live in California. A website called ‘Transparent California’ allows you to look up the pay, benefits and pensions of any public servant in the state. The money cops make here, especially in the big cities, is unreal. There is plenty of temptation to go over to the ‘Dark Side’.

    • There have been decent men in enemy uniform in all of our past history. If you’re like me you rank Adm Canaris, FM Rommel, and Col Stauffenberg higher on the hero chart than a lot of famous Americans of the era, and if in 1942 I had had any of the three in my sights I would have been duty bound to take the shot.


  8. colddeadhandsdays

    Small rural town..Why are these cops still breathing?

  9. Was there any doubt the system was going to come down on the side of the cops?

    Let’s see, if I accidentally kill someone I go to jail and if the cops accidentally kill a citizen they go free. Call me crazy, but the number of bad shoots/killings by cops vs. the number of cops going to jail for accidentally killing a citizen is definitely way out of all proportion. Oh wait, I forgot ALL killings by the cops are justified because they have to get home to Mom and the kids but fuck you and your family.

    That boot sure is stomping on the face of citizens. Hey 1984 wasn’t supposed to be a pocket guide for the statists but a warning to the people… well, the ones that can read beyond the 3rd grade level after “graduating” public school.

    Grey Ghost

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