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Milwaukee Crowd Turns Violent After Police Fatally Shoot Armed Man

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  1. Obama’s “sons” (and daughters) doing what they do best …

  2. The real shame is that there are not yet any dead pigs.


      Give it time, Mr. Matis, give it time. According to Don Vito, revenge is a dish best supped cold. Buy ammo. Bleib ubrig.

      • Blacks do not, however, like to eat cold food. That’s part of their “culture”.

  3. ALCON,

    Look. It is time, throughout fUSA, for Americans whether Caucasian, Negro, American Indian, to travel armed. Eff those who say you can’t.

    While there are a multitude of good American Negroes in this country, the fact is the bulk of Negroes residing in urban, Democrat-controlled enclaves like Baltimore, Buffalo, Philly, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco (Fag City BTW) and other shitholes are not raised to have any respect for themselves or others. Courtesy of LBJ War on Poverty we now have the bulk of Negroes who are nothing more non-productive niggers !

    The answer to these riots and attacks on good Americans by these niggers….black, white, hispanic and muslim, is to establish a No-Go Zone. Entry into that No-Go zone by any of the aforementioned niggers will constitute intent to cause bodily harm and property destruction. Enter into that NG Zone will constitute justification for use of deadly force.

    Folks, get ready….soetoro-obama and Klinton are getting just what they’ve been planning for. The excitement is just beginning.

  4. Living in a predominantly white region, I sometimes wonder if people in “mixed” areas even know what they’re missing. Hell, even the Mexicans here loathe negroids, work hard and mind their own business, mostly.

    • For years I taught SpEd in Latino areas (Santa Ana and Lynwood, CA) and to a man they loathed niggers (negrás in Spanish).

      The Mexican gangs in East L.A. would actually send out patrols to South-Central L.A. to bump off a few pavement apes as an initiation rite-of-passage to new recruits.

      Too bad they didn’t come close to making a dent.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Too bad they didn’t come close to making a dent.”

        South Central isn’t nearly as black anymore. They’ve made quite a dent. Those they haven’t killed, they’ve turfed out.

    • LoL,

      It appears to me the problem people mainly inhabit large cities, especially in the Rust Belt.

  5. Because people ain’t give us money we gotta burn our own neighborhoods down n shit.

    Rich people not giving us money so we burn down our own neighborhoods. #BlackLivesMatter logic. #Milwaukee pic.twitter.com/Nc9z9JGZJF— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) August 14, 2016


    Not sure that will work so here’s a link to the twitter page:

  6. Grandmother with AK-47 saves cops being attacked by street gang:

    from here:

    Okay you mother sticker… THIS IS A FUCK-UP!

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • What a dumb old cunt. saves a cop… yeah . NO.

      Gonna be funny when the same cop murders her grand kid or family member.

    • 160 rounds fired. Unless she used 32 x 5-round mags then granny is doing a mandatory minimum sentence.

    • Okay, though this is not an impossibility, past/present/future, I now remember from the older days that the website worldnewsdailyreport
      was indeed satirical.

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  7. I took to twitter to share — thank you for sharing

  8. Black Weaves Matter.

  9. MichiganJim

    It’s a real stumper alright—what could collectivism have to do with any of this?

  10. Raising the bottle and can deposit to $.25 ea. won’t help lazy people…….

    This is a hopeless situation (for America); when the establishment abides by this behavior, we have only one direction/road to travel.

    On a personal note; 80% of my military brothers who were black left me with the impression that not all black people are like the destructive “people” in this tpoic. It is my hope that I led them to believe the same thing about 80% of whites.

  11. I find it amusing that these fucking savages have deluded themselves into believing they’re a majority in this country. Ever wonder why they ONLY pull this shit in urban leftist controlled regions? I don’t. I don’t have a single neighbor that would have an issue with ending these fucking clowns with extreme prejudice should they hold a chimpout out here in flyover country. Behave or be dead. Your choice, spooks.

  12. Wait till the nicad EBTs don’t get recharged.

  13. Unga bunga bunga!Booga booga booga!Ooga booga!

  14. Ok the perp was shot in the chest… (was that in the front or back of the chest?) and had a long rap sheet… (and that has to do with what, that it was ok to shoot him?). The only thing the cops have going for them is the guy was armed (though without the cop gopro film we’ll never know if the cop didn’t use his “backup” as a plant) and the cop had a gopro which I predict was turned off/non-functioning.

    Looting… again no big surprise there, niggers will use any excuse to rob/steal/burn their own hood… that way Uncle Sam comes to the rescue with mo money and tax breaks.

    Grey Ghost

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. John A. Fleming

    This is just business, the clients are negotiating for more money. There’s no downside.

    An oblique example. In certain countries where you are the foreigner, you get in a taxi, negotiate a price and away you go. Then at the destination, the driver turns to you and with threat and malice in his voice, demands more. Because you’re a foreigner, traveling on business, it rattles you, and just to get the hell outa there, you throw some money at him and scram.

    There is no downside. They all do that, even the most honest ones. It’s just the way business is done.

  17. Camacho2016

    But diversity is our strength!!!!??? /sarc

  18. Bill Harzia

    Way to go, guys. Nothing says “fuck the police” like a ton of overtime four months before Christmas.

  19. Rand told us this in Atlas Shrugged, that people who live by other’s largess will hate them and that people with no reason to improve their lives will not.

    Empires rise and fall. The trouble is, this empire was the last free (such as it is) place on Earth and the last place where men can easily privately be armed. What comes after the USA is pronounced dead (it already IS dead, just has not been realized) and the ensuing panic begins?

    Bracken wrote a piece about what you will see called When The Music Stops that should give us pause. If it sounds a lot like what Rand predicted only with a more modern flavor, it’s because it IS the same. The laws of empires do not change, only the actors. While even Rand could not envision what Chicago, Baltimore, Memphis and Detroit would look like in 2016, the rules remain the same and only the level of violence and types of retaliation are fluid.

    We ARE NOT GOING TO VOTE THIS LAND BACK TO 1950s STYLE PROSPERITY AND UNITY OF MIND. Diversity is a nation killer. We have been murdered by open borders and the progressive nature of opening our land to outside cultural takeover. Diversity is a myth, one culture ALWAYS seeks to control or eradicate the other. We have lost this republic to the lie that certain men deserve advantages not earned because they DID NOT/COULD NOT earn them. It’s a fucking hilarious joke and as ironic a thought as could ever be had. We must give them what they will not pursue because they should be equal in not opportunity, but result.

    And they hate us for it.

    We are paying urban people to not riot and break shit. We are paying them to do nothing every day but post hood fights to World Star and eat, sleep and fuck. Bringing more and more of this culture into the world to keep the cycle going. Each generation more violent and despicable than the next. It’s NOT a color thing, it’s a cultural thing created by Marxist whites.

    How do we get this genie back in the bottle? How do we get the takers to become producers? We cannot. The dice have been thrown and snake eyes it is.

    In science we know that you can burn paper and it can become ashes, but ashes do not become paper again.

    When Marxists and Muslims seemingly working together (even though diametrically opposed) make their big move, I wonder how many will actually fight for existence versus continuing to call for minority privilege? Save the world, kill a Cuck.

  20. This is so funny to me. The pavement apes aren’t smart enough to figure out they’ve been enslaved by those they vote for. So ironic!! They are literally societal slave monkeys.

  21. I cannot believe I called another one. years ago I said diseases that were gone like tb would come back because of illegals and said earlier this year that at some point white people would be dragged from their cars. I’m a better predictor than anyone in govt because I’m realistic.
    next level down hit and somewhere Obama is smiling, what a pos.