WeaponsMan: Military Leadership Roundup

Epic Dog FAILS

Your tax dollars at work.

Sure glad the hyenas and jackals of the world aren’t watching from the shadows…

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  1. Blaming restrictive rules if engagement for the lose of the GWOT is like blaming the rooster for the Fox killing the hen.

    The only way to win the war of the flea is to not fight the war of the flea.

  2. Yeah, noted the ship named after a noted sodomite, harvey milk. His real claim to faggot fame is that he was shot to death by a jealous co-queer. Like Caligula naming a horse to the Roman Senate, naming warships after dead homosexuals is a pretty good indication that your country is in deep, dark, irredeemable shit. We used to name them after heroes, but now we name them after zeros.

    • (((Harvey Milk))). Watch out, Russia…soon to be buzzing your coasts: the USS Harvey Milk and its all-girl crew.. Apparently this is a subtle effort to assassinate Putin: so he’ll die laughing

  3. Fail?
    The minute the US Military became the international armed instrument of the political class, it failed. It and every officer who has served has been a component of that political force whether they understood they where being used to advance political and monied interests or not. Whether they where complicit, or not. What ever noble and good intentions. That is maybe a greater crime and swindle than everything else combined. That so much blood, so much treasure spilled and lost, for what? So an elitist cabal of psychopaths and their sycophants could live off the hog all high and mighty over the suffering and grime and ugliness of those who where on the sharp end?
    Are we all collectively out of our ever living cotton picking’ minds we have repeated the same mistake over and over again?
    And all for what?
    Look at this country, look what those ungrateful selfish fuckers have done?
    Nothing is good enough, destroyed enough, stolen enough, demented enough, or twisted enough for the sick deranged motherfuckers running things.
    Pick up your guns and show those pieces of human shit what warriors are about for God’s sake, for all our sakes damn it!
    You will find we will follow you to the bitter end if needs be, by the thousands, maybe millions, we will follow you to victory over tyranny.
    Stop wallowing in pity and shame. Stop hiding. Be the men you were born to be.
    That is a bitter pill for many, whose honor and dignity that political truth goes against. Yet, indeed, in action, that table is turned. Nothing can withstand indomitable fighting spirit like that. Nobody, no force, evil, tyrant, or state has ever beaten the real warriors of this here republic. regardless of it’s officer ranks, it has always been and always will be the dirt solder who decides that outcome.
    But instead of outrage and vehemence, why not look at the hidden truths in that, and utilize that outrage for positive and long lasting traditions, for what America was intended to be, and fight the fuckers who are complicit in this tyrant with everything you have.
    That is honor, it is courage of conviction, what virtue is about, that is standing up for what really matters.
    What does it matter what those who are trying to destroy our freedoms and liberty have done and are doing?
    Action is what makes all the difference.
    It is the future that really counts, the past is long gone.
    We all, all of us with a care and a concern have a once in a lifetime, for heavens sake, once in an age, of an opportunity to set things right. To destroy what is out to destroy us free men. What else matters more than defending and fighting for that?

    • Just an observation here. You seem awful intent on goading others to do that which your own cowardice wont allow you to do personally……

      • And how do you know that Doug is a coward?

        Because he hasn’t yet thrown himself on the funeral pyre of futility and useless gestures, alone and without…you?

        All ye symbolic self immolators line up over here……

        The rest of you who want to kill The Beast don’t ‘line up’… anywhere.

        • He’s a WINDBAG. If this turd was a man, he’d just go out his front door and show us all how it’s done. And that goes for you also.

    • Keep pounding that pulpit, Doug!

      You just keep getting better. That is, once again, The Message, the only one that matters now.


    • “Pick up your guns and show those pieces of human shit what warriors are about for God’s sake, for all our sakes damn it!”


      Chicken ship.

    • You’re a windbag. Who do you think you’re preaching to anyways? I have an idea, go to a place where your rambling on and on will reach some folks who haven’t heard your schpeel a 100 Xs over.


      “Action is what makes all the difference.”

      mebbe you should go over to wapo or huffington post and try to win hearts and minds – you know, “action”. I’m stinking you be a trolllll.

      • “You’re a windbag.”

        Pot. Kettle. Black.

        “Who do you think you’re preaching to anyways?”

        Oh, I dunno… some guy who hates every g-d damned thing that isn’t himself, who wouldn’t lift a finger to save the very country he… Oh! wait a minute… HATES, who despises and denigrates every comment by any body who wants to act positively in any way to oppose the Enemy….

        “I have an idea, go to a place where your rambling on and on will reach some folks who haven’t heard your schpeel a 100 Xs over.”

        Mirror, mirror on the wall…………………………………………………………………

        “mebbe you should go over to wapo or huffington post and try to win hearts and minds “

        ‘mebbe’you should just go to Hell now, and avoid the coming congestion…
        or, at the least, cease boring us all with your assumed superiority and contempt for anything or anyone not you.

      • no, I think he means well. I don’t why it takes him 1,000 words to say what almost anyone else here can say in 10 or less though

  4. Shocking Report Finds U.S. Military Consistently “Distorted, Suppressed, Or Substantially Altered” ISIS-Related Intel


  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Stealth Spaniel

    Rules of Engagement for a WAR?? This is insanity-either we want to win or we don’t. If we do want to win-there are no rules. Now we are naming WARSHIPS after people who did everything they could to avoid service, or prominent homosexuals. In answer to everybody’s question: YES IT IS TIME!! We cannot possibly vote, cajole, or legislate our way out of this mess.

    • Been awhile since I saluted you, Lady.

      Long overdue kudos and laurels. What a gal! I wish more women, and their cowardly men, had your clarity and courage.

  7. What a joke. The U.S.S. Gabby Giffords? Why not just call it the U.S.S. Tina Fey? When a boat is named after a fake representative that was involved in a hoax shooting then you know your country is in trouble. Don’t we already have the U.S.S. Mark Kelly? This shit is why I got out of the military when Obama took office, can’t believe it’s got this bad. Military is a joke now, better to join your local militia.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Just waiting for the USS Gus Hall, the USS Alger Hiss, and the USS The Rosenbergs. Those should be fun.

  8. Just a guess, but I suspect they don’t want a US trainer shooting a Russian forward air controller or being alternately cremated by one.

    That whole “go directly to intercontinental war, do not pass go, do not collect $200” thing.