Up Yours, Statist Pig: PA Attorney General Kane guilty of perjury, obstruction, all other charges


Shithead with big badge gets convicted.

Is still Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Any questions?

23 responses to “Up Yours, Statist Pig: PA Attorney General Kane guilty of perjury, obstruction, all other charges

  1. They’re all rotten to the core. From the president all the way down to the street cop. At least this was a ‘feel good’ report with a happy ending. 🙂


  2. Quo Warranto

    Glory be to God.

    Now its time to do a similar favor for His Majesty’s Bench the Dishonorable John E Jones 3rd he of Quear Marriage imposed on the king’s subjects in Penn’s Woods and elsewhere.

  3. Damn! She had to surrender her passport!

  4. Is it because all these bitches are so damned ugly,or the reverse?

    • Damned itchy trigger finger… I wasn’t even through……………………

      See, that’s why Hugh Hefner waged a campaign in the fifties to convince American He Men to concern themselves with female orgasm. Yet again, we failed… er, some of you did.

      This poor darling is depraved on accounta she was deprived! (h/t Officer Krupke)

      The upside is, guys, make love for Liberty! Even ugly people need sex! (ht Eddie Murphy)

      OK, she’s fifty and it’s too late for her… some of that “above and beyond the call” truly is asking too much.

      In the current parlance, fuck her, in the eye, with rusty rebar.


        oughtsix: She will find plenty of sex in prison. Maybe it will not be the type or quality she bargained for, but sex, nonetheless.

  5. this communist bitch will do a year or two…if that…then she’ll be out and running for Governor

  6. The top (formerly) “LEO” of Penn’s Woods. Her being the ultimate example of Democrat corruption. Certainly she will appeal the verdict. But, that won’t keep her out of the state pen. She’ll be incarcerated in either SCI Muncy or SCI Cambridge Springs. Hopefully, they put her in Cambridge Springs as it is on the other side of the state from her friends and family.

    Kane was and is EXTREMELY anti-Right To Bear Arms. One more example why we need to be vigilant. “Going to Guns” will be a very possible reality should Klinton be annointed POTUS. The antics of Kane are just a lower level version of Klinton.

    Them bitchez in the state jail system won’t take kindly to having a former PA attorney general as a fellow inmate. They can be as ruthless and violent as their male counterparts.

    Kane’s conviction….SWEET !

  7. Here’s to hope that the no-good bitch will have some self-respect and do a Bud Dwyer.

    • Quo Warranto

      Dan, I wouldn’t put it past Kandy Kane to pull an attention-whoring stunt like overdosing or slitting her wrists. She is a solid example of malignant narcissism now deprived of her narcissistic supply. Who knows what she is capable of doing?

      On a related note, to the not-Pennsylvanians, the cynicism (from others) about the sentence to be imposed on her is understandable but also unlikely. Pennsylvania, and the feds amazingly, have recently been sweeping up corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and “TBTF” local celebrities, like Sandusky, and they are indeed doing time, real time. In fact, this is nothing really new as Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania-based federal prisons are chock full of former commonwealth big shots, D and R alike. Granted, it’s almost certain the prosecutions are motivated by the need to settle private scores but does that matter in the end? The crooks keep themselves honest in this way!

      Kane is an officer of the court as they like to style themselves and her felonies were against the court itself: perjury, violation of grand jury secrecy, and such. Moreover, her crimes were against other officers of the court, members of her own party! That’s why Fast Eddie, idiot Tom Wolf, and Philly DA Seth Williams turned on her. Her tinglz were bad enough with the Queen of Hearts routine but directing her fury on fellow Dems?

      (Her crusade against Philly DA Seth Williams was just stupid. Despite his recent shaming over undeclared payoffs, umm gifts, Seth was probably the most honest and dedicated DA Philly’s had since Dilworth stole the mayor’s office. Hell, we were contemporaries as undergrads and had friends in common and so far as I have seen, Williams made good calls, prosecuted cases as they came to him, and did not play favorites no matter if they were fellow Ds, union bosses/muscle, mobsters or dindus. I’m sorry to saw the payoff fiasco may be his undoing. That it came to light this week is no doubt Kane’s machination.)

      Anyway, I think it’s entirely possible but not likely Kane will have the book thrown at her and do the full seven years for her two felonies, to be served concurrently. She did serious damage to the Democrat party and imperiled a number of party favorites … for nothing. Even her crusade against “Republican old boys” said to protect Paterno and Sandusky came to naught.

      Kane is going down for the last time and we all know she’s gone down a lot. (Fast Eddie loves his girls.)

  8. Camacho2016!

    She could always go R. Budd Dwyer…


  9. Again to little to late. The elite are treated differently then the common man we see again. She will be taken care of with a new job some place else where she will continue her revenge. she is a scorned woman!!!!

    The ship is listing now and is about to go under. Are we, (on this and other sites like this), not calling for the life boats? But there are none provided for us as the sinking was planned by the captain so we are scurrying like rats to make our own life rafts.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The elite are treated differently then the common man we see again. She will be taken care of with a new job some place else”

      FUMU = Fuck up, move up.

  10. Wasn’t she just in the news complaining about the “overzealous” prosecution of disgusting diseased old faggot and toddler-fucking pedophile, Jerry Sandusky?

  11. Given that her law licensed was suspended previously, she won’t be AG long. I am thinking maybe noon Eastern today if the Legislature can drag themselves to the office?

  12. R Bud Dwyer was not available for comment. RIP Bud.

  13. HHH Old Vet.

    It is Not like they convicted her of anything, can not even call it a slap on the wrist, hillary Jr.there.
    Shows exactly what the courts are Worth– Nothing.

  14. It’s just one rogue AG. One bad apple. There aren’t any more, anywhere in any state. Trust me.

  15. “If the bar is to state quite honestly the measure of its
    participation in public life, it must admit that law-trained
    persons maintain a complete monopoly over one branch
    of government, and considerable effective control over
    the other two.”
    – Esther Lucile Brown

    “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”
    – Lord Acton

    “There are many gods”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  16. Lawyers

    Law… could still be as simple as the Ten,
    set down in stone away back when.
    Trial… could still be a simple chain of events,
    of un-embellished testimony and evidence.

    Alas… simple Laws didn’t provide enough bread,
    to keep the old time Barrister’s fed.

    So… somewhere back in the mists of olden times,
    proto lawyers decided, “We can rake in more dimes!”
    “If we write the Laws in such a way,
    “The fools will have to pay our exorbitant fee,
    if they want any chance of staying… Free!”

    Thus began our contorted Legal System,
    ending any semblence of common sence or reason.
    ‘Lawyers’ (attorn-ers) … had come upon the Earhtly scene,
    and from that day on… ‘LAW’has become obscene.

    Lawyers … are really a totally useless group.
    Their only function… to invent and dispense Bull poop.
    Spewing out reams of blarney and hocus pocus,
    to ensure ‘Truth and Justice’stay just out of focus.

    When Lawyers can’t make enough in the Court,
    they seek out the ‘Employer of Last Resort’.
    They’ll troll about for ANY political offers,
    too more lavishly swill from the Public coffers!

    Then… to repay those who have financed their foray,
    they enact whatever Laws… their benefactors say.
    And to ensure employment for the next Lawyer crop,
    they enact… yet another pile of Legislative Bull plop.

    Our whole Legal/Political system has gone out of control.
    It has become overpaid people… on Government dole.
    “They” are given the rare opportunity to do some good,
    and make the World better… if only they would!

    Heck… remember Paul Harvey’s article – “Vermin”

    “The slothful will fall under tribute”

    The Good news – The Way:
    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. PeaceableGuy

    Lastest update is that PA attorney general Kane turned in her resignation, effective Wednesday.


    Not that it changes anything.