Z Man: On Being Revolting In The Modern Age

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One modern-age example:

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More to come on this topic.

As advance work, consider deeply the following:

What if the dog caught the car?

by any means necessary

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  1. If a smart dog caught the car, he’d reach out to those with the smarts and means to burn up that car. To Millie the Molotov wielder or to another dog capable of helping him win his fight.

  2. Here are a few excellent sources of our founding that may help others, as they helped me in my own journey of liberty and self determination. It is a never ending path, but one well traveled by the great and the small.
    Knowledge is power, the truth really does set you free.

    The True History of the American Revolution


    .99 cents on kindle.
    This is a gritty dirt person perspective of the years leading up to 1776, which in almost all respects, are the most crucial to understanding what the fight for freedom is about. A diamond in the rough. It will blow your mind how you have been misled. I’d say it is the one source of our founding you must read if no other.

    Ben Comee – A Tale of Rogers’s Rangers, 1758-59


    Free on kindle
    This is essentially the dirt people nuts and bolts down and dirty birth of Liberty in colonial America, while it is an invaluable intimate look into small unit infantry tactics in it’s purest form, it is a tale about insurgency and guerrilla tactics, and the awakening of the primal rights of Freemen in America years before the war of independence. Most of the effective and grass roots personalities who went on to figure prominently later in the revolutionary war cut their teeth, bled and learned how to fight, but even more important, why you fight during the French Indian War. Splendid first hand accounting of fighting in the frontier and wilds of colonial America. If you want to know what being a guerrilla is, this history will enlighten you like no other source except first hand combat. Some things never change, and small unit infantry is the essence of combat. It’s in here.
    Another history that will blow your mind. Told by a truly free man who did it.

    David E. Vandercoy
    Valparaiso Univ. Law Review


    Open source on the web
    There is nothing that compares to this succinct and sublime essay. A short and lets say brutal expose on the 2nd Amendment. To the point, no holds barred piece that defines in unmistakable terms the means and primal rights to self defense, the long long historical precedence behind it, and why it is absolutely critical in no uncertain terms it is more so today than ever before in human history.
    As Mike Vanderboegh was fond of reminding us through the years, those who ignore the past, take the dirt nap first, and, when democracy turns to tyranny the armed citizen still gets to vote.
    Well this treasure trove of logic and reason defines, proves Mike’s many axioms are the truth.
    Remember, guns are property, that is the first thing.
    Superbly composed, by a classically educated thinking man.
    It is a ten minute read that may well change everything you thought about arms and the primal rights to them.

    And Then There Were None
    Eric Frank Russell

    Open source on the Web.

    Eric Frank Russell’s masterpiece on consent, the power of withdrawal of it, pluralities and self determination. A great entertaining yarn in a short story. Definitely told in a wonderful tongue in cheek style. I read this 36 years ago as a young man, it has only improved with age. In this story is the “greatest weapon ever devised”, and it’s nothing you would ever imagine.
    Russell also wrote WASP, a tale of what one determined indomitable spirited man does to an entire tyrannical government. Some terrifying and hilarious escapades are presented in a wonderful story of never say die. You won’t put it down, guarantee it.

    also open sourced @: https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2015/09/02/wasp/

    Henry Dampier’s sleeper masterpiece:
    About The Corporate Slave Class

    There are not words to adequately describe Mr. Dampeir’s insights into what some refer to as the Amerikan Nomenklaturer class, the totalitarian’s among us, who are in many ways Lenin’s most sophisticated of useful dupes. If you read this you will recognize this class of American’s, and come away with fresh insights into why, if for no other reason, the fall of this republic has transpired. Others I have recommended this essay to are left as speechless as I was. A to the point no fluff short read.

    Al Benson Jr is another lesser known reasoned thinker and writer who deserves much praise for selflessness in the cause of Liberty, and secession.

    Benson’s introduction to Gary North’s outlier ‘Conspiracy In Philadelphia’ is frank and brief, but it is about a bombshell of thinking outside the box, which is what North does in his masterpiece.
    The premis, if I have it right, is the US Constitution was cunningly crafted as an instrument of administrative tyranny. That not once, in it’s history from the moment the USC was signed and ratified, has it ever created or protected one erg of liberty. That it was a downhill slide from 1778 to this moment into tyranny. Sound crazy? Read for yourself. It stomps on every sacred cow imaginable. Regardless of it’s veracity, in fact in spite of veracity, it is a game changer if for no there reason than there are so many truths revealed it changes everything. There is nothing radical about it, that is why it is considered by many to be radical. In a time of universal deceit shoved down our throats and crammed up our arses, the truth is revolutionary.

    If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?
    Al Benson Jr.

    Here is another outstanding piece by Henry Dampier:

    Kill the Kulaks

    If you don’t know who and what the Kulak’s where, you better, because just logging onto WRSA makes you one.
    And they are really out to kill us if they can get around our rifles and self determination. (Molan Labe Bitchez!)
    It is the only way they can destroy what America and Liberty is.
    Remember about dirt naps?

    William Lind is a foremost intellectual and professor on 4th generation war, but more important Lind is a disciple of Colonel Byodd, small unit infantry tactics, insurgency, and fighting cultural marxism in all its putrid forms:

    His blog “Traditional Right is a most worthy read.
    Lind wrote a spectacular novel called “Victoria”. Victoria takes place in the present time, in NewEngland, it begin’s with a Marine captain, the State of Maine, and a cast of wonderful characters, and how Maine and NewHampshire secede from the federal government. It is about bitter clingers, us dirt people, how not only hope springs eternal but virtue and principles, and traditions, prevail when people choose, and choose is the key word, to become self determining regardless of the perils and tribulations. It is about the true and everlasting Christian west. it is a tale of crusade, for faith, liberty, happiness, and prosperity. A seriously heart warming inspiring story about winning.
    The first half of the novel is free open source, it can be had on kindle for a small cost.

    This next essay is a gold mine of 4th generation war against the tyranny of the State. It is a most cautionary tale, the foes involved and their ideology’s notwithstanding.
    It could be mandatory reading for any student of insurgency warfare and the timeless resistance to tyranny.
    I doubt the author intended for it to be such, it is a more technical essay on the waging of 1st generation war against a stone age insurgency. You will recognize the parallels to the the Neocon’s and their warmongering around the globe, the ruling political class of the federal government, and the corrupt nature of tyrannical states.
    As Westermann opens his essay with this most cognitive quote:
    “The power to hurt – the sheer unacquisitive, unproductive power to destroy things that somebody treasures, to inflict pain and grief—is a kind of bargaining power, not easy to use but used often”
    -from Thomas C. Schelling, ‘Arms and Influence’


    by Edward B. Westermann

    As one outstanding commentor on WRSA stated:
    “What if the only viable option is a long-term “stay-behind” operation, with the primary goal being multi-generational cultural preservation?”

    Indeed, Liberty can only succeed through action, as true liberty is the action of acting free. But you got to know the “truth of us” first I believe.
    I truly hope somebody will find something of value or it is found enlightening in these above, even if it is a fraction of what I have gained, it would be a wonderful thing.

    Habitas Libertatem Aut Mori

    • Doug,

      Thanks for posting the links and a synopsis. Good job !

      • Oh it’s hardly nothing, but your most warmly welcome. I hope you get something out of them.
        Maybe it sounds corny, but it really is helpful to understand the scope of what your fighting for.
        We been lied to and mislead deliberately on a stupefying scale via revised history. The truth is where you find it, and no history is free of the author’s own perspective and interpretation, ideology what have you, but I’ve found these particular pieces listed to have a quantity of veracity that lends themselves to a level of trustworthiness and important kernels of truth. Like anything of this nature, you got to read between the lines and compare contexts to relative events and form your own picture, most of all be flexible and keep an open mind as much as possible.
        Some fascinating and well written reading in any case.

    • This collection sure provides a lot studying opportunity. And ‘study’ is the correct word. Always preparing. Semper Paratus.

  3. Great essay.

    Within the realm of the likely/possible, the following is the money graf:

    “Certainly voting for Trump sends a message, but messages need a sender and a receiver. If the people on the other end refuse to acknowledge the message being sent, then it’s not really a message. The Olive Branch Petition was the last ditch effort by the Colonist to avoid a breach with the mother country, but the King’s refusal turned it from a message to him into a message from him. That message was clear to the colonials. They could either submit unconditionally or prepare for war. A Trump win followed by a unified refusal by the political class to cooperate would also be clear message.”

    “Apres moi, le deluge.”

    • 0-6, Check out The True History Of The American Revolution, there is a much in it about the Tories, verses the Whigs. It is really interesting how much their infighting had to do with the conduct of rebellion by the Patriots in regards to your comment.

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