Australia Submits

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Vlad Tepes has the details.

UN Resolution 16/18 text

Speech is the whole game.

Have the range and firing solution for anyone who tries to restrict it.

Islam delenda est.

Along with its allies and co-conspirators.

19 responses to “Australia Submits

  1. Stealth Spaniel

    To all of my friends who moved to Aussie land, thinking that they would be free-er……….um no. You moved to a country that willingly gave up their rights by giving up their guns. The 2nd protects everything else. The insanity will continue until The Festivities start. Everywhere. Submission gets you killed.
    Aussies-Git Yer Guns!!

  2. Crocodile Dundee, we hardly knew ye…..

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • All I know is this joker won’t let me read the article because I have ad block and cookie prohibiting turned on. Meh, your problem, living in an area where YOU turned your f***!#g guns. I’ve got mine. Come and get ’em.

  4. A million people in CT & NY said FU to the regime. Aussies, grow some balls.

    • It is a good start.

      Let’s see how it holds once the raids begin.

      • Exactly right. CA, you are obviously remembering your Solzhenitzen. California has now sold over 1 million firearms recently… so you could easily put Cali in that category too.

        Oz was lost many years ago when the “men” gave up their guns to defend against their 1984 masters.

        Grey Ghost

      • In the words of Admiral Jimmy’s son “Five to one baby, ine in five. No one here gets out alive…”.

  5. This would be fatiguing if I cared. Like computer programming, elegance in man-made law governing society is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

  6. First the guns. Then free speech. Always forward, never back.

  7. This is us soon. know your AOR

  8. The Usual Suspect

    What do you expect, they bent over for the gun
    confiscation anal exam, if you take it up the ass
    just one time,well you know!

  9. A country can’t lovingly clutch plague-infested rats to its chest for decades and not get the disease.
    The quislings running their show have done the math, and Indonesia is far closer to their shores than Washington D.C. or London is (neither of which is particularly perspicacious on this point either).
    Sucking up to the problem is merely a doomed attempt to feed your neighbors’ children to the crocodiles, in the foolish hope that they’ll therefore eat you last.
    Australia has now reached the point where they either go all Crusade to the hilt, or disappear into flaming irrelevancy.

    Overall, I give it 8:1 odds against sanity breaking out there in my lifetime, and suspect they are thus irretrievably doomed. They are spring-loaded to become the Afrikaaners of the 21st century.

  10. Steady Steve

    Hilarious that Muslims introduced that UN resolution. The most repressive “religion” of them all.

    • MaryfromMarin

      It’s an interesting example of circular…something. 16/18 “reaffirms” everyone’s right to their choice of religion and the practice thereof–while at the same time “strongly deploring” acts of violence against persons based on their religion.

      In re: Muslims vs. Christians or Jews, I guess “reaffirming” beats out “strongly deploring”. Language matters, yes?

  11. Abbott was replaced by a Goldman-Sachs alumnus. All else follows

  12. “…incitement to violence…”

    That’s rich.