Canada Continues To Submit

poncey trudeau wants to be a peg boy

CBC: Poncey Trudeau says rights must be balanced with security in battling terrorism

Sure glad these chaps aren’t like our next-door neighbors, eh?

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  1. Another country lead by an impotent metrosexual.

  2. It’s not like Trudeau is some kind of treasonous marxist or anything….

  3. Trudeau is a fool, as is Obama and Clinton …and as are all those who vote for them. All three, are ignorant and unknowing, harbingers of The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse.

    On Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 1:08 PM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” CBC: Poncey Trudeau says rights must be > balanced with security in battling terrorism Sure glad these chaps aren’t > like our next-door neighbors, eh?” >

    • Those who would trade freedom for safety deserve neither, real-soon-now?

    • Bfrduke,

      Trudeau is no fool. The citizens who ELECTED him are the fools ! And your name-calling soetoro-obama and the Klintons as fools ? Wrong again. They’re the smart ones playing one’s fellow citizens as the true fools.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. He’s been oozing around like a slimey weasel looking for sn excuse for more gun control. This is an entry for that nonsense.


      robins111: I take offense to that! My kind are not slimy. I and my kind perform a public service of ridding the world of rats, mice, and other vermin and parasites.Yes, we do like chickens and their eggs. But, that is beside the point! A slimey lamprey would have been a better simile.

  6. Today, in the Western world, balancing rights and security means the rights of Muslims to practice a false, murdering, dictatorial religion must be protected while Christians must relinquish their rights to various freedoms in the name of “security”.

  7. Here’s the treason you got to be concerned with.
    Take note of the reference to “proxies” at the top of the document. Proxies are how you pogrom your existential enemies and adversaries you need to liquidate.
    Adversaries on American soil, mmmm…? Now just who might be adversaries of the regime posing as our government you might ask yourself.
    And who would make a right dandy proxy in servitude of implementing that pogrom?
    And how best to orchestrate the organization of that proxy, and it’s subsequent transfer to another theater of operations in your system of proxy war against your existential enemy?

    If you read this document, it is only a matter of changing the geographic locations noted, and replacing those historical mid east geographical and political/cultural strategic leverage points within American.
    Plug in a islamic mercenary army secreted into America under the guise of “refugee’s”, and you have a “civilian police force” just as well equipped and supported as the military, as somebody whom is directly behind the importation of that Salifist proxy, once threatened he would implement.


  8. Sniveling shitbag commie. FU Justin, thank God muricans have never elected the son of a former…..oh wait….

  9. And don’t kid yourself…America is submitting.

    Yes, yyou’ll bloviating about how you would t submit, but numerically you are insignificant.

    • Detroit,
      WRONG again oil breath, you only need a small determined minority to change things. One day you will get it but likely not…

      I’m still hoping you are all in with stocks in the stock market… October is just around the corner. Then your portfolio will look like your namesake city… a pile of shit.

      Grey Ghost

  10. He means the rights of foreigners to immigrate into Canada, correct?
    Oh, never mind then.

  11. Crossing into Canada over the International, Blue water, and Ambassador Bridges, is like going from black to white. Talk all the shit you want about that Country, it still beats murka hands-down in it’s standard of living. Most here at this site have never even been there. It’s like some beer drinking blue-collar hillbilly trying understand Albert Einsteins theory of relativity, quantum physics, or the greatly more advanced string theory.

    Ain’t happening…

    But they know the difference between a 12 oz and a 40 oz brewski.

    Fucking peasants.

  12. I’ve been to Canada more than 30 times, and found the people very decent but pretty naive. Very few minorities when I went there regularly….I have to think that vote fraud in Quebec got this moron elected, but in any event, they are looking at Allende here, but don’t have a Pinochet….

    • Pyrrhus,

      Guess you haven’t been to Canada lately, At least not Toronto, eh ? (I speak Canadian). Toronto is filled with so many Pakistanis, Afghanis, and various other brownies of Muslim persuasion one would think they’re in Kabul or Islamabad !

  13. The very good news….Canada has virtually zero military, and the Mounties can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Just in case Canadians ever become men again….

    • pyrrus,

      Ever hear of Canadian Corporal Rob Furlong ? He held for 7 years the longest combat sniper shot. Nearly 1.5 miles !

      Seems to me there are ample Canadian men. With some of the ridiculous remarks I read of yours you’d best worry about that mangina between YOUR legs.

  14. Well.
    First, our military is still trained to shoot, since we don’t have the budget to spray-and-pray. There’s not many of them, though, and their efforts will be concentrated in the major cities.
    Second, Canada is a wonderful place to live, but it is apparently going to be very difficult to keep it that way. I will be really unimpressed the first time I get awakened by some moron screaming through a loudspeaker to call the faithful to prayer.
    Third, say what you will about Justin, it’ll all be worth it in the end to get pot legalised, right? Amirite?
    Fourth, not nearly everyone in Canada is a naive lefty. We leave that to the cities to be inclusive and tolerant. That said, we also see no reason to be loud about our disagreement. It is apparent when the city people come north from Toronto…..

    The True North, Strong and, well, watchful anyways…

  15. Somehow this didn’t get picked up in the NPR schnews:
    “Driver was under a peace bond for communicating with what the RCMP called well-known ISIS supporters in the U.K. and the U.S.

    The RCMP said Driver had made a “martyrdom video” and was planning an attack in an urban centre during morning or afternoon rush hour.”

  16. Uncle Larry

    Vancouver has Asians. Montreal has Haitians. Anybody fly to Seattle or San Jose lately? I thought I landed in Hong Kong and Mumbai, respectively.