Clear And Concise

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  1. As Ann Barnhardt always says, you don’t have enough ammo….

  2. Steve Kristmann

    Definitely on target Pete!!

    Here’s more to go along with it to help us show others why islam
    and it’s enablers absolutely don’t belong here in America, let alone
    anywhere else in the world.

    Three Stages of Jihad (David Wood)

    Four Stages of Islamic Treachery: Islamist Tactics Towards Non-Islamic Societies

    (this goes for any other currently non-islamic country as well!!)

    Can Muslim’s Be Good American’s?

    Killing for a Cause: Sharia Law & Civilization Jihad – BANNED BY YOUTUBE (MIRROR)

    Bill Warner PhD: Migration and Sharia

    Bill Warner PhD: Migration as Jihad

    Bill Warner, PhD: The Many Jihads

    Yours In Liberty – We don’t need no stink’n islam/sharia here!!
    NorthGunner III

  3. Steve Kristmann

    And the ‘protecting the rapefugees’ garbage is ongoing in Twin Falls!!

    Twin Falls City Official Attacks, Libels Family of 5-Year-Old Muslim Migrant RAPE VICTIM on Facebook @gltwin3013

    Where the hell are the MEN of Twin Falls to deal with the rapefugees and
    their putrid enablers?!?!

    Yours in Liberty w/o any fucking chobani or pissslam!! – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!!
    NorthGunner III

  4. Islam is not alone in teaching such things.

  5. the sandniggers are no more or less dangerous than any of the other invasive Armies of Extermination – Blacks, Browns, and Yellows – that the Judeo-globalists and their debt-bombed-into-submission political class are currently deploying against the White Nations. It’s fortunate that each of these Armies detests the other and that, in America in particular, Whites remain armed and equally dangerous. How dangerous will shortly become apparent

  6. Typical group mentality, Mob Rule.

  7. I might not have ENOUGH ammo, but I can make dent in the sonsabitches.

  8. Death to islam.

  9. “Taqiwaya” is mainly used by Shia muslims to protect themselves from the Sunni. Sunni consider them to be Heretics.

  10. Uncle Larry

    Women won’t be allowed to drive or go to school? Queers will be executed? Arabs hate blacks and killed many after Libya fell? Muslims hate Jews? I can have sex with a goat? Tell me more. Humor.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Steve Kristmann

    Not at all surprised that ‘smakso’ the pisslam loving degenerate
    clown has shown up again to tipple his keyboard from shitlandia.
    He and his mentally dinged remoras can climb back into his crappy
    stuka and attempt to fly back to stormfront if they trust him at the stick
    (that is if he doesn’t ground loop it upon take much for ‘stuckup
    pilot’..the worst pilot in the Daftwaffe!!).
    Ann B. would kick his worthless keister in a heartbeat (and I’d put my
    $$$ on her and make popcorn to enjoy while I watch.
    Take a hike moke..your one balled syphilitic sodomite gigolo daddy adolph is
    calling you home!!

    Yours In Liberty while happily kicking pisslam enablers where it counts!
    NorthGunner III

  13. Steve Kristmann

    Looks like things have been getting interesting in Kansas…

    Muslim Brotherhood terror-linked leader tells Muslims to change Sioux Falls, convert non-Muslims

    They’re here and they’re active..along with their enablers.
    Know what’s happening in your AO and be ready to defend
    and protect you and yours. Pick up a copy of “Day of Wrath”
    to understand what ‘team mo’ has planned for you.

    DAY OF WRATH by William R. Forstchen

    Yours In Liberty! – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

  14. Steve Kristmann

    My mistake..that was in South Dakota.
    jihadi’s and their enablers in “America’s Switzerland”….
    wonderful…fricken wonderful!!
    At least they haven’t a large presence in Wyoming yet..hope
    it stays that way!!

    Yours in Liberty!-Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III