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Read this ZH piece.

Then this document.

And this short post.

Never forget:

The destruction of the West was a premeditated murder.

With collaborators the world over.

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  1. Jimmy the Saint

    And, for the most part, a very willing (if not eager) victim.

  2. to those who have long been tracking the anti-White, open-borders, Judeo-globalist machinations of the Wall Street billionaires – (((Soros))), (((Bloomberg))), et. al., the Las Vegas billionaires – (((Adelson))), (((Wynn))), et. al., the Hollywood/MSM billionaires – (((Spielberg))), (((Eisner))), et. al., and all the rest of the (((Central Bank)))-connected Jewish billionaires, none of these disclosures are at all remarkable. Jews do not intend to be pogrom’d, ghetto’d, holocaust’d…by Whites…Ever. Again. In addition, any number of prominent Jews – Sontag, Ignatiev, Wise, and most recently Soros himself – have publicaly stated their genocidal intentions toward Whites. What’s remarkable is how slow on the uptake the dumbass Whites are

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  4. “The destruction of the West was a premeditated murder.

    With collaborators the world over.”
    Were they all of Islam?

  5. Matt Bracken

    This is an important piece, I think. It comes about as close to a globalist master plan to foment civil disorder for the gain of the puppet masters as we are likely to ever see. Note the recent luncheons between Soros’s son and Hillary contacts.

    Social justice is to 2016 as class warfare was to 1917, updated and camouflaged for our times. Some would say bankers financed Trotsky’s and Lenin’s return to Russia, and compare them to the role Soros and his allies in Brussels and Washington (and London and New York and so on)play today. “Burning down the house in 2016” comes to mind. I’m glad these Soros documents were revealed, at least.

    • This is more about class warfare than it is about social justice. The marxists are just using SJ as their tool. There are vast numbers of murkins who wrongfully believe they were screwed out of the American Dream. Truth is, they didn’t want it bad enough to actually earn it. If you don’t really, REALLY want to a new Cadillac, you most definitely won’t have one…

  6. Why is this communist motherfucker still alive?


    So, anything else? If you go on the website for the Spokane area, the Lutheran and Catholic relief agencies are advertising for jobs involving resettling our “refugees”. Follow the money.
    But, nothing to see here, folks. NFL exhibition games are starting and we got to take the kids to Wal Mart for school clothes. I have to sign off now. The bile is rising in my throat. Time for some Gaviscon.

  8. Bill Harzia

    Very informative. However, we seem to be stuck in the equivalent of the La Brea tarpits.

    Knowledge is not action.

  9. Volunteers to comb through those e-mails and start/continue a “Lamppost List?” Anyone? Anyone?

  10. he probably wont live to see it but soros might just throw the world into more chaos than hitler did, what a disgusting individual.

  11. The US Constituiton & American citizens are the target. The Zionist’s dual Israelli citizens have been planning & scheming this COUP for years. Co-conspirators lead actors (i.e. Bush’s, Clinton’s) & various appointed & elected cohorts all provided pieces or they’re part to the decay & errosion of American ROL & Constitutional issues. Not to mention an overwatch from overreaches has been infiltrated & systemically contaminated. Way beyond mission creep & into Deep State w/ a COG sharpening their Long Swords while waiting & salivating. “IsRAHell” has a history of False Flagging & then running like cowards to the Anti-Semite – the poor persecuted Jews of WWll’cards over & over. This was setup years ago & long before “IsRAHell” became an illegal nation state in 1948. The ignorant misinformed programmed Libtardia ilk & Islamic “Shahada” believing are the Canon Fodder useless idiots Patsy’s. The paid Mercenary Terrorist
    ” ISRAHell” was setup as a Terrorist nation state by Rothschild & Rockefeller for exactly where we are now. The end game being Greater Expansion of “IsRAHell” & destruction of the concept of National Sovereignty into Globalism & NWO. So now that the cat is out of the bag & they don’t have it yet what does the planet think of this blood letting morally bankrupt coterie ?
    I suspect the US has a huge PR problem & will continue to at the expense of the Zionist / Kharzarian Mafia ruining & running the show.
    Using Obama as a “Shahada” bearing witness to DAESH – ISIS – ISIL – Al Nusra et al & continually rebranding Terrorists to kick the can down the road until societal ataxia or Cloward-Piven-Alinsky orchestrated entropy or whatever they can get. Terroists – Activists – Guerrillas – Insurgents all political labeling tools of tyrants.
    The USS Liberty – 9/11 are known “IsRAHell” false flags. That alone should be a big enough clue. Levon Affair would be another. Speaking truth to power helps to inform other’s ignorant. Nothing can be done for the consciously stupid ilk as that’s they’re choice.
    So now what that the planet for the most part all knows who’s behind the biggest conspiracy ever ?
    History tells us from past epoch’s or political Sea changes it can’t be good.
    Time is neigh & the fuse appears to be short.

  12. if this guy were to die, say from a bullet in the face, along with all his family, his, dog, and his cat. Would things really change. Na, some other ass hole will just fill his shoes.

    Change requires the selective removal of ALL these guys who enjoy playing god.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Would things change? Sure…his money would get spread around to other organizations that share his vision. But – some of it would probably get gobbled up by heirs and such; plus, he’s good at what he does – any follow on likely would be less skillful.

  13. Uncle Larry

    Evil incarnate.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. I love easily this.coubtry was destroyed.

    It really shows how weak the nation was at all levels if the promise of a few extra bucks would result in its utter destruction.

  16. Stealth Spaniel

    Those in the bar who have started their lists, please update them promptly. If you still have not started your list, tell your waitress that you need paper. We will be distributing torn paper bags shortly. The Festivities are drawing near so to save time, organize by area, then cross reference by streets. Review your supplies, and transportation ideas, as things may accelerate.

    “They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power.”
    ― Patrick Henry

    Bar service is on-please mind your spills.
    Your Serving Wench=Stealth Spaniel

  17. Soros collaborated with the Nazis and then lied to US immigration authorities. Why havent we denaturalized and deported him?

  18. Soros collaborated with the Nazis then lied to US immigration authorities about it. Why has he not been denaturalized and deported?

  19. Daniel 2:21

  20. Not news for most here. Been going on since Alexander of Macedon stomped them into the sand. They hold a grudge since. They hate us not because we are ‘free’ or ‘christian’ or any of that drivel. They hate us because we have the finest women, the mightiest warriors , the best science and the most glorious history. Until we internalize that we continue losing.
    The first rule of advertising is push your brand , not saying how much the other guy sucks. Until we offer western / white women something more than griping and whining and ‘prepping’ we continue losing. Putin’s Russia is an example of good promotion.
    Who are ‘they’ – Jews like the freak in the pic? Muslims? Masons? NWO? Vatican? etc. I won’t presume to pin it on any one group but we know who ‘they’ are. ‘They’ are a manifestation of the vacuum and crisis [ helped along by GMO foods, over the top vaccines and estrogen mimicers ] in US ‘manhood’.
    So now what? More griping or throw in with Trump , a US version of Putin. If anyone has another way I’m all ears. No , I don’t mean genocide.

  21. All he has done and yet still being the James Bond villain, so sad England did not lock his ass up when he broke the Sterling. Thanks England, way to suck.

  22. Unrealistic to think men like this fuck stick will ever be jailed,

    No killing these fuckers is frankly the only sure way of dealing with them.

    Make no mistake thy have some of the best security folks in the world, their movement is prescision, their exposure to distance is limited. Their close security is fucking high speed, awesome. Sadly.

    we speak in clips and phrases, no solutions, just They, Us, Them. Can we use bad guys real names, for clarity. Hell, I’d like addresses and pics on my white board if possible.

    VooDoo, we know each other for years now, I know your cred’s. Simple question. ” How”.


    • aerial and other shots of Soros’ Hamptons estate are on the net. In fact, he lives just down the street from Red/CFR princess Katerina Stein (alias van den Heuval). Soros/ personal security while traveling is, last I heard, about 3-5 gunsels. Probably 2X on the estate. No big problem, once the balloon goes up. It’s likely his spawn – Alexander and Daisy – will also be spoken to.