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AP: Knife attack by ‘mentally confused’ perpetrator on Austrian train wounds 2

Agree there are ‘mentally confused’ players on stage.

Sure glad we have none of those here in FUSA.

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    So we have gone from work place violence to mentally confused?
    Certainly not an #islamic #muslim #terrorist attack
    that would be far reaching
    VIENNA (AP) — A knife-wielding man attacked passengers early Tuesday on a train in western Austria, seriously wounding two, police said. The suspect was arrested.

    The assault occurred near the village of Sulz, in westernmost Vorarlberg province. A police statement said that a 19-year old man suffered wounds to the stomach and back. The other victim, a 17-year old male, had a throat injury. Both were hospitalized.

    The assault came three days after a man attacked passengers on a crowded Swiss train with a knife and burning liquid Saturday, in an assault that left him and one of his victims dead. In Austria, Vorarlberg police spokeswoman Elisabeth Engelhardt said police were searching for a motive as they questioned the man but “at this point there is no knowledge” of a copycat attack.

    “We assume that the perpetrator is mentally confused,” she said in an email.

  2. Right. ‘Mentally confused.’ Sure he was. Dipshits.

  3. Perhaps the next round of imported refugees should be institutionalized mental patients.

  4. SemperFi, 0321

    Yeah, strange is how they’re not related, at least according to the media. The same media who keeps US so well informed?
    The attack in Bavaria was in Reutlingen, outside Stuttgart, and north of the Swiss border, then the one outside St. Gallen, CH is just a few miles from the newest attack in Austria, but they’re not related or copycat attacks???? All 3 attacks in a close proximity to another. That’s like having 3 separate attacks in Boston, Providence, and Hartford.
    I suppose the next attack will be in Lichtenstein.
    Sounds to me like someone is abusing their meds again……..with help from a handler.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. It’s self-abuse by reading the Islamic texts and trying to be like the “ideal Man” Mo’.

  7. Ein Schweizer , sieben Muslims?

    When the first Mosque burns to the ground, don’t say we didn’t warn ya Islamonazis. How long do you think people are gonna turn a blind eye to this shit before someone over there sets your world alight. Aloha Snackbar.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Ein Schweizer , sieben Muslims?”

      Given European birth rates vs. Islamic birthrates, the Swiss will lose that war of attrition.