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A reader sends the following link:

ZH: Shocking Report Finds U.S. Military Consistently “Distorted, Suppressed, Or Substantially Altered” ISIS-Related Intel

with the endorsement:

And with that, the full conversion of our military to a political entity is complete. Be safe, America.


See also this story.

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  1. I hope all the greenwoodistani’s who think the military would never carry out illegal orders read this one.

  2. This is what we get when our psychopathic man-child P-BO Soetoro sacked all the stone balls warriors in the military and replaced them with pussified yes men, dikes, queers and trannys.

  3. Chew on this for awhile: Female Marine drops
    out of Infantry course.

  4. “CENTCOM leaders “distorted, suppressed, or substantially altered analytic products”

    The plain-English translation is “they lied on orders from Obama.”

  5. Propaganda keeps the regime of a lying dictatorship alive for a little while longer, by using it’s soldiers like tools, not for victory, but for self preservation. An unfortunate side effect is utter devastation for the population when accounts are called, and the piper has to be paid. Russia and Germany are examples. Obongo and Hilldog both believe they can skirt around the edges of the volcano, and not get burned, because they both believe that everyone else lacks any integrity like they do. Not so. It’s something lying scumbags like them only learn too late. Failure kills dictatorships, but it’s always the lack of integrity that gets them there. Nations, too.

  6. The US military is a pawn of globalists. I give Vietnam vets a pass. But after that awakening, American soldiers had the duty to KNOW the evil they were supporting.

    • Right. Because privates run the army.
      Said no one ever, at any time in world history.

      So I have to ask: For how many years have you paid income taxes to support the very globalist pawns you so casually damn, and how long did you serve in any part of the military in question?

      If the answers are all your adult life and never, before you so simplistically decry the people at the bottom end of a totem pole you likely never experienced, maybe get your own house in order, and stop rhetorically spitting on those who served any time in the last 40 years and calling them baby-killers, in your trite little cosmosgony.

      Such naked virtue-signaling cuts no ice, informs no one in the greater debate (except about you), and is rightfully lumped in with shaking a baby rattle. It also irritates the hell out of people who’ve been places and done things you know not of, no small number of whom contribute here regularly.

      • Aesop,

        Diane Dina is not far off the mark regarding her observation that today’s fUSA military are globalist pawns. As Amerika has not had an attack on it’s soil in more than 70 years nor been embroiled in a conflict declared by Congress as war, what ARE those wearing the uniform today if not pawns ? They’re certainly not draftees.

        Today, as in the last 30 years, Amerikan youth graduating from high school have NO chance of finding a family-sustaining wage job as their grandfathers could and maybe their fathers did. Instead, the recruiters of today’s volunteer military prey on our youth with offers of alleged training for their “future”, a monthly wage during their contract they can’t earn anywhere else, and the promise of taxpayer-funded “college money” after they ETS so they can pursue a college education. A college education that offers little promise of anything today except lifetime debt !

        Instead of chastising commenter D. Dina for her accurate description of the Amerikan military as nothing but globalist, and I add imperialist, pawns, you may want to consider the similar thoughts of Major General Smedley Butler, USMC. In his 1935 book, War Is A Racket, he details the same “globalist” observations that Dina does in her above remark. And General Butler’s observation were from 80+ years ago ! Do you think General Butler and Dina may both be correct ? Perhaps you’d care to challenge two time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley Butler’s credentials as you did Dina’s ?

        As an aside Aesop, maybe it is time you look in a mirror and question that self-righteousness of yours. You’re not the grand prize you think you are.

        Oh, and yes. Like you, I am “still around”.

        • Dan,
          Your critiques have more to do with the freefall devaluation of a h.s. diploma than with any knock on the military anytime in the last 40 years.

          Smedley Butler, OTOH, pissing and moaning long after being passed over for command of the very Marine Corps he served for 33 years without so much as peep of prior protest about its “globalist” underpinnings, makes himself a bigger fraud on the topic of the military motives than Ron (Born On The Fourth Of July) Kovic.
          No one held a gun to Butler’s head to stay in during his decades in the Corps and rise to the rank of major general, at a time than which no higher rank in the Marines existed. While his combat record is beyond reproach, it is wholly irrelevant to the subsequent discussion.

          His sour grapes pandering diatribe after his service are nothing but the sorry spectacle of someone whining after being passed over for the position of Commandant, owing largely to a career-long penchant for mouthiness that never sits well with one’s superiors, going back only as far as the dawn of recorded history.

          His bitterness at that outcome, after serving the interests he decried only after they left him at the side of the road, was such that he swung clear to the extreme left wing in politics, and supported an open socialist for the presidency in 1936 against FDR’s lest-strident version. His diatribes were purely and entirely an attempt to stick his thumb in the establishment’s eye, and simultaneously earn whatever profits he could after being too old to bark for his former minders, and were originally published by Common Sense, a socialist rag of the time, far to the left of even the useful idiots of the mainstream east coast press.

          If you can believe someone drew a paycheck from the U.S. Navy Department for over three decades, and commanded half the Marine Corps, before suddenly and wholly unexpectedly(!) discovering four years later that the entire effort of his complete adult life was for mercantile interests, then I have a bridge to sell you, along with genuine artifacts from alien spacecraft, and plaster casts of the bigfoot species.

          The remarks, like most of the other post-military antics of Butler, are best seen as political grandstanding and early-onset senility, and regarded as about as authoritative. Beware the accuracy of any accusations of a general scorned, as they are worth about as much as the testimony of an ex-spouse in a divorce trial: caveat emptor. At worst, they are simply someone lying for a paycheck from his new overlords, in this case his new socialist masters from the commie-romancing US of the 1930s.

          And of course, those guys, then nor now, never had any globalist interests or agendas whatsoever, did they?

          Butler was thus nothing but the 1930s version of John Kerry and the Winter Soldier hearings. It only proves people in the US of 1935 were less gullible than people here in 1969, let alone 2016.

          You don’t have to trust me on this, as all the facts I laid out have been independently verifiable public record for decades. That’s why people only trot out Butler’s childish rants when it serves their prejudices, and why the USMC demurs from tarnishing a bona fide combat hero by dragging his name in the compost-laden reality of such post-military service foolishness. The best thing Butler did was expire quietly shortly afterwards, on the cusp of global war, so that his remarks could be given the short shrift they so richly deserve, and before he could make an even bigger ass of himself. (cf. Charles Lindbergh’s speedy and lifelong transition from national hero to lifelong national jackass in the exact same era.)

          Call me when you have someone who walks out in the middle of a promising career rather than after they’re all washed up, fights as hard against the military as they did while serving inside it, and does it all absolutely gratis and pro patria, and we can talk about the merits of their critiques. Anything or anyone less than that is purely a snake-oil salesman looking for the next handy sucker, whether or not they possess a helpfully self-identifying gypsy wagon.

          Next batter.

    • DD,

      “I give Vietnam Vets a pass.”

      Why ?

      Do you mean to say that Korea was excusable ? After the misery of the Chosin Reservoir and the Pusan Perimeter and Heartbreak Ridge Americans didn’t understand the folly of American imperialism ? That a decade later we could march onto ANOTHER Asian peninsula to intervene in ANOTHER civil war ?

      Perhaps there is some excuse for those who fought Korea and Vietnam. Those men were draftees. They were not children of privilege like Bill Ayers and Bill Clinton who could avoid service with college deferments. Those draftees went where they were drafted to go or else. The reward for many of those young men were to never come home again except in a body bag.

      Vietnam veterans and Vietnam-era veterans are directly responsible for the debacle of liberal politics, open borders and free trade that begat the destruction of the most prosperous nation the world has ever known. The Vietnam vet are the men who shaped this country into the bed of liberalism it is today, spawning the likes of scum such as the Klintons and soetoro-obama. The military veterans of the Vietnam era gave us nation-building and unending war. They gave us loss of national sovereignty and pride that may never again exist.

      I do NOT give Vietnan Era veterans, in or out of country, a “pass”, an excuse. They, more than any other generation, have given us a nation that is a shell of it’s former self.

  7. I fled that plantation. Not going back. Think of how many “analysts” go through the motions for a paycheck (aka alfalfa pellet in the rat cage of NoVA) and have lost their soul. To the denizens of “the stacks” and the less visible places, take a look in the mirror. You KNOW what question to ask yourselves.

    Go walk past the SCUD, wander out to the pond. Figure out what you are going to do with your life, such as it is.