Reform, Run, or Regicide: Dealing With Tyrants In Your Tribe

Circular Firing Squad red rosettes

Essential reading.

Especially given the general lack of both an agreed-upon end state and a near-utter lack of resources needed to get anywhere rational beyond (maybe) holding a small perimeter.

For some undetermined period of time.

Got staff?

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9 responses to “Reform, Run, or Regicide: Dealing With Tyrants In Your Tribe

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Like with any group, the majority are just sheep looking for a herder. When Faux News goes off the air, those folks are gonna be looking for another Hannity or O’Reilly to follow. Some of them deserve another Jim Jones. Too lazy or stupid to engage their own brain housing group, they are always looking for another self proclaimed ‘expert’ to lead them. Narcissists exist everywhere, and they are oh so charming.

    Good survival tip; Don’t be anywhere near them.

  2. Likely the irony of calling others idiots is lost on a person who doesn’t know the difference between “site” and “sight.”

  3. once the dust settles, Emperor Haxo IV will make sure that truth, justice, and morality prevail. Right now he’s leaning toward behavioral control via explosive neck-torcs

    • Hacko, take the $ you got from your Found On Road Dead POS and get a proof reader… Sentences are begun with capitol letters.
      “once the dust settles…”

      I thought (s)cabbies knew proper sentence structure. Sheeesh.

  4. Good essay. I am currently in a tribe of exactly 1. I know no one beyond my immediate blood relations that I trust. Where in the actual hell have all the men gone? I am currently behind enemy lines in Maryland.

    • Dude. Tru$t NO ONE.

      It’s still winnowing time.

    • They are hiding in plain sight; arguably, the measure of the “outwardness” of a particular person is relative to their Collectivism Index (conservative = low, liberal = high).

      An ultra-low Collectivism Index and quiet confidence are 2 traits of a serious soldier of the Republic IMO; it would not be their nature to spotlight, converge, converse, cohabitate, or collaborate unless when (and as much as) necessary.

      There is a MICE to RASCLS pdf on recruitment that is floating in the cloud; read it, use RASCLS to develop your own contacts. We sometimes dont even know when we are being tested, vetted, etc. 😉

      “Wait and See” is a good cliché to describe the mentality of recruiters; think of what occurs in a singles bar between the hours of 2000-0200…. watch the recruitment (usually M.I.C.E. gets low-value targets), the pitch, the consideration, and the rejections/acceptances. Going home alone is not the worst option. The higher value targets will require the RASCLS technique.

      It can (should) take years to develop a trusted relationship; “potentials” must be vetted; pass a series of gates before allowing them into the next level of trust. Start with small tests of trust, if they pull 1 fucking “Blue Falcon”, they should be thinking that you fell off the face of the earth.

      Nobody gets 100% trust unless the situation demands it.

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