What Will You Do When The Lights Go Out? The Inevitable Failure Of The US Grid



You thought a country in the midst of disemboweling itself along racial and political lines would not use grid outages as part of its suicide?

Get real.

(H/t MB)

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  1. Texas talk tough, would like to see how tough it talks after a week with no electricity in august.
    There are so many ways to control people that when it comes time to make the masses knuckleunder, it’s going to look like a waterfall.

    • The Texas Interconnect is a DC tie….not sure you would get this chain of events, it could just be shut down…


    Why use nukes or germ warfare when you can just hack into the power grid and shut it down? it will be great entertainment for whoever does this. The Sheeple will implode.

  3. Any electronic savvy men/women here?

    • Over-unity power generation is a scam, like E-Cat.

      • Listen, I have fiddled around with PV’s, inverters, batteries, and
        still do, but the quanta magnetics stuff I linked is different,
        I mean knowing of Johnson’s (Howard?) prior and others past,
        but this guy IS ON.
        No, I am not a client nor the president , nor any $$ interest, but
        attempting to share with any of you guys who might be lead
        to gain good tech/info.

      • FrozenPatriot

        Ditto pdxr13. Thermodynamics 101…

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    Subsidiarity folks. Think how you’re gonna take care of your immediate family first and foremost. Think “Amish” or Mennonite=battery to begin with, K-1 lamps, candles, solar, and the like. It will prolly begin with rolling brown out, then proceed apace to blackouts.

    Think of it this way–a “Katrina”: event, without all the rain, wind, and, for openers, initial destruction. Stats and past events show that the criminal element ramps up in just a few hours. Quicker during the night season.Stay away from “high vale” targets, like stores with booze, butts, and firearms, usually the first items “liberated” by the dindus.

    To all those in Northern climes, consider your options to heat the homestead absent Ready Kilowatt. DO IT NOW. That squirrel cage blower in your furnace goes on strike when there’s no juice and your wall thermostat controlling all needs at least 12-24 DCV to give commands to your gas valve.

    I live about 10km from the tree-branch-what-fell-on-the-transmission line-that-caused-the-last-regional-power-outage. Guess what? All the multi-billion dollar power companies here have spent millions clearing line ROW. Even got a passel of guys dangling from choppers slashing away at offending branches with chain saws 100 feet up. Good start. We named it “The Saw in the Sky.”

    But nothing–zero-nada-for increased and/or protected CAPACITY. Nothing. Not one single extra line of copper line laid at all. BUT-those fancy-pants execs at the power companies got their fat bonuses each year–yep.

    • Thats right, it begins with each of us.
      Nobody is coming to save you.
      That is a good thing, the sooner and the more of us act on that truth the better for us many things will become.

  5. I remember trying to get home during the 2003 blackout that paraylized the north east. Its amazing how we take air conditioning and street lights and refridgerators and power sockets for granted.

    give it two days and people will be slaughtering each other.

  6. The Omega Man – It’s Almost Dark:

    Darkness is the absence of Light:

    • Another “I know that’s what the scripture says, but that’s not what it means” explanation. Sad but all too common.

      • Free will grace county pastor… free will. Not forcing you
        or others. Just simply casting bread upon the waters, for
        those that hear and see.

        • It is good to cast bread, just make sure it’s not moldy. There is a universe of difference in believing what scripture simply says and believing what men interpret it to mean. Does God NOT say what He means? Does He NOT mean what He says?

          Isaiah 45:5-7… “I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me: That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”

          Clearly, it is God speaking. Clearly He says that He forms the light and creates darkness, makes peace and creates evil. As He is the LORD God, clearly He has His reasons for so doing. Yet, you point us to where some man tells us this is not the case. That God didn’t really mean that… as if this man somehow (perhaps with supernaturally imposed knowledge understood only by him – sounds all too familiar) knows better. Such is the problem with religion as opposed to Bible belief. Perhaps you should study to find out why God does what He does instead of believing someone else who exalts his own explanations and interpretations over the words of scripture itself.

          Examine the sorry state of “christianity” in the world. It is this way because people cast off simple belief in Gods Word. Thank you, but I will believe God over your man. You should too speaking of seeing and hearing; but, free will indeed.

          grace and peace Paulo…

          • grace country pastor, I have and continue to hear/read many many
            men, women etc. out there; problably tens even hundreds a day.
            You are just one short bleep on the screen, as I think of me as well,
            but, it is the message through my reasoning, hoping it is from that
            still and quiet voice, which I hope leads to righteousness.

            I listen to messages and their heartfelt meaning and character,
            not men/women.

            Our Father has many Mansions my friend.

      • Good thing it’s not that hyper-dispensationalism stuff or we could be in trouble. A ?

  7. Alaska Paul

    In Alaska, those of us responsible for our own welfare have always planned for our basic needs. The grocery stores have a 5 day supply of goods in Anchorage and Fairbanks, due to the genius of just in time supply chain economics and twice a week container shipping from Seattle. Design margin a bit thin, IMHO. The welfare people in Anchorage don’t give it a thought.

    No matter where you live, you need a goodly supply of food, basic living supplies, backup light, heat, water, shelter, etc. Do you want to stay with a bunch of clowns in a shelter or be self sufficient for a time?

    There has been much written about the grid going down. Large centralized power plants, major distribution grids are very vulnerable, and a grid going down will be devastating to our civilization. Everyone knows that, even the feral government, but they do nothing about it. So YOU better do something about it for you and your family.

    Concerning the Delta computer server crash: I do not know much about it. What they say seems hard to believe. Power outages, and backups failing. First, for a big system like that, you have UPS systems designed to stand alone. For a big system like that, you need distributed backups, not eggs in one basket. I may be going out on a limb here on pure speculation, but the Delta server failure could have been a hack. Another lesson about putting all your eggs in one basket.

    • “… the Delta server failure could have been a hack.”
      Yep. GA. Power is pretty upset they got blamed for it.

  8. Resistance, and survival, regardless of the statist quo begins with the moral and primal imperative of self determination. The reality involves the truth Nobody is going to save you but what you and yours do to assure you are as disconnected from political and economic Armageddon as possible. There is no other options but the long option. Why not join the honorable resistance. The closer to the dirt you live the less the disruption and fail of the state and it’s construct will effect you.
    Agrarian living and thinking is self sufficiency and self determination on a natural and provincial scale.
    Do not heed the chicken littles, they are legion and a foregone conclusion, dead already but can not see it, for the immediate gratification of that kind of self imposed misery loves company, willing participants in their own demise, let not others fears be your fears, others fear mongering rule your soul.
    The lights always go out throughout civilization, it is the ebb and flow of consequence the dark side of the human race verses the sunlight of all that is good in this world. You can do little to effect that, but you can do everything to effect the liberty and happiness below your feet. Yet that little effect is cumulative power of the dirt people who choose, choose to self determine, and who have ever changed this world for the better, always will be. It is the basis of why the Christian West and all it has created. History and traditions of the West is replete with self determination as consent in action, the withdrawal of it, the most powerful weapon ever devised. It is what this war being waged by the human extinction movement is based upon. Self determination against the slavery of tyranny, the state and its actors. Tyranny can not thrive as long as people refuse to consent to it, people who self determine essentially give the state the finger. What better gift than the gift of illegitimacy.

    “The fundamental political question is why do people obey a government. The answer is that they tend to enslave themselves, to let themselves be governed by tyrants. Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve. Tyrants fall when the people withdraw their support.” -Murry Rothbard

    Of course guns and the primal right of defending consent and withdrawal of it are inseparable components of self determination. It begins with each of us and blossoms from that precept. And that precept is inseparable from will and it’s action.
    Guns because force and application of violence is the only power tyranny has to to coerce those who refuse to submit. Tyranny is coercion.
    Guns because tyrants do not own a monopoly on power, the power of freedom does indeed grow also from the barrel of our guns, just as it does for tyrants.
    It is a two way street. It is the beauty of it. It is the monopoly of power tyrants want, because without that monopoly they only have the power to create fear.
    A shovel to till the ground of self determination, a gun to defend that ground. It is all we have, it is all we really ever had when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it all, it is the basis of liberty, from that precept everything follows.
    Resistance is never futile, if for no other reason, and Brother the reasons are many, because if our guns and our will and our self determination was not far far more powerful than tyrants, they would not be pulling out the stops to deny and destroy the truth of the power of us, our will our self determination, and our guns.
    It is the truth they don’t want you to know and act upon.
    And that is a two way weapon also.

      • Your arrogant and selfish in your thinking it is about you and your opinions that mean more than the people around you and the survival of their freedom. You ignore and do injustice to those who are recently beginning a steep learning curve.
        We are all in this together tfA-t.
        If your concerned with the truth, you should begin to help others who are searching for it and in need of discovering what matters most to surviving whats coming down the pike.
        You took that Oath right?
        Isn’t that what that Oath is about?
        Selfless honor?

        • It’s “you’re” arrogant and selfish…

          As an employer during the late 80s, 90’s, and half of the 2000s, I’ve come to the realization that the 99% deserve exactly what they have – very little or nothing. We all had the same opportunities and same chances. It’s all about choices, and most keep making the same wrong ones. I sure as hell am not sharing my fortune with those who fucked, vacationed, and partied while I sacrificed. Funny how that works. 🙂


          Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

          Working a job and expecting to get rich is insanity.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Yo! well-said, mtnforge!

  9. MichiganJim

    “disemboweling itself”

    Oh, is that the right word; nice job. But let’s watch the grammar, eh? They’re disemboweling themselves.

    • No, Jim.

      They are not disemboweling themselves.

      They are in complete control of the country’s political, military/LE, and economic machines.

      They are in the end stages of destroying what each was, to be followed by using each on dissidents who oppose the madness.

      Hence, the country (leaders and led) is disemboweling itself.

      The Elites will do just fine.

      • MichiganJim

        Oh, sorry—I meant the peeps! Looters can’t distinguish between disemboweling and its opposite in the first place. It’s just, “Do evil” for them.

        Elites won’t do so fine anyway. Not only do they figure to be dead, they figure to achieve that–ha, for themselves–quickly.

        Sorry about that; I meant it was we who are disemboweling ourselves. Don’t know a better way to put it, since we’re doing it with awareness of what is and what must be.

      • When exactly does oligarch season begin, and what is the bag limit?


  10. You’re dreaming if you think Red Team hasn’t prepared for this situation.

    You may not be prepared, but they are.

    • Agree.

      And they have the will to act.

      Dreamtime is over.

    • MichiganJim

      Big deal; “they’re prepared” doesn’t amount to all that much. It’s mighty big alright, but it’s still just one thing. Better that than if they had sense, right?

      Also optimistically maybe, it’s something just this side of “will” that they have. Everything’s a choice duh, but their choices aren’t built of much. I’d rather fight a bot over a person any day. Even better would be neither.

      The founding fact in any social context is this—we each can choose for only one person. What someone else chooses is beyond our control, no matter how easily we can physically control his body. Consent is what distinguishes liberty from tyranny.

      In Rand’s “metaphysical / man-made” distinction, what others choose falls into the metaphysical class.

  11. About the third day of dark would be a good time to start on The List. I’m thinks by here of being sure, real sure, that it’s all chips in before jumping with both feet.

    I have a Russian made nvrs gen 1 on top of a plr 16. Yes tfAg they’re both cheap, as befits my dirty little grub-like existence. They are however better than none and with a 50 meter zero are downright nasty to the limits of the optic. Just stay passive, keep the ir illuminator off and you’re better off than most.

    • Mr. Mayor,

      I agree that SOME night vision is better than none. I just wish I could afford some thermal. That’s the ticket. Both.

      FWIW….I guess you’ll never let up on the tfA-t remarks. You do yourself a disservice with your regularly dispensed attacks on the commenter tfA-t. You take away from your messages such as your some-NVG-better-than-no-NVG advice.

  12. Uncle Larry

    Don’t forget NVG. Even the cheapest hand held night vision device is better than nothing. Recon by fire has its limits.

    • Not too sure about those cheap ones Larry. We had a $99 one, had a hard time finding two white draft horse’s in a two wooded acre pasture.. I recommend just spending the money for a decent set as I know they work. I agree they are important to the kit.

  13. The best thing that can happen is a prolonged power outage. 100-200 million fat ignorant slobs who bought booze n smokes instead of food, generators, wood stoves, fuel, batteries, and ammo will die-off most riki tik. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • MichiganJim

      Lol…they’ll be happy for 3 days, smokin’ hot for 3 more and it’ll all be over within a couple weeks. Hell, maybe one deer WILL be enough! Think I’ll treat it like the camping trip of a lifetime—pitch a tent for a couple weeks and then go home after the collectivists have killed themselves all off. Easy peasy, but worth having a Plan B.

      • This is correct. 3 days is the upper limit on civil, just know that the first 48 that I saw in a mid sized NE city saw lots of mayhem none of which got reported. I know as I was almost part of said mayhem. An old timer cop of said city told me that they could keep it contained for 3 days tops, then it would spill out.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s a slate-wiper for North America at the very least. The pandemics and such that would follow 100-200 million dead (no way to dispose of that many) would take care of most of the survivors, and the rest would simply be exterminated by whoever decided to seize the now-depopulated continent.

      • Helluva dog/coyote/wolf/interbreed problem to boot.

      • Only 600 or so on my island. We have everything we need – fresh water, medical facility, cattle, deer, moose, livestock, fish, crops, timber, and an equal amount of skilled healthy strong men/women. Beauty of it all is the fast flowing COLD St Marys River and Lake Huron separating us from the murkin zombies.

    • When the festivities start, I think it’ll take maybe five days to get wound up real good. You’ll have maybe 3 days to get to where you want to be if you’re not already there. On day 6 when the dindus and commie-libs realize that .gov is not going to save them, the ‘tfA-t’ die-off (TDO ?) will begin in earnest. With all the city morlocs (243 million ‘Muricans live in cities) killing each other for a cigarette or the last can of beets, the druggies killing for the last hit (not counting the ones that OD’d on the liberated free-stuff) and all the unhealthy only kept going by modern meds, there won’t be much to mop up.
      Make sure to give ’em room to die on their own.

  14. “One Second After” – it’s a prophecy, not a fantasy.

  15. Had our power go out after a wet snow storm, 21 days. I’d say even more important than the generator was the wood stove. Cook, melt snow for dish’s and to flush the toilet. Our roads were impassable for 5 days. Here’s a tip for some… Always keep a chainsaw with an empty gas tank, some gas and 2stroke oil un-mixed until you need it. We all have 4x4s up here, still couldn’t move for days, downed trees like every 50 feet.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Good tip, Hillbilly, keeping the old chainsaw fuel tank M-T until needed. That ethanol in today’s gasoline is like acid to cheap seals and o-rings for the alum 2-strokes internal vitals. Keep some Sta-Bil in that stored gas (I go to the local marina and get 100% gasoline–nothing added, to avoid the ethanol-induced goo of seals ‘n o rings. sure, it costs a bit much–worth avoiding a “no start” saw.) P.S. yep-4×4 rule! ‘Another tip–if your DOT uses salt/brine on the roads, coat your undercarriage fuel and brake lines with tranny oil on reg basis. don’t ask how I learned this the hard way. a 4×4 WarWagon w/o brakes or fuel ain’t much good.)

  16. YES! Let the grid go down for a month. Imagine, the EBT and gadget-addicted Millennial morons in such a scenario. Maybe, just maybe some parents of young children might wake up. Or maybe they are just too stupid…

    • Exactly. One MONTH or more will be needed before it gets “spicy”. The longer the grid is down the more people will realize that NO ONE will be coming to save them for the long term. No food, water, gasoline, etc.

      Water, food and shelter are needed immediately or a way to “acquire” them quickly. Guns, well, if you don’t have them by now you don’t have much time remaining. A good RELIABLE semi auto rifle and pistol are minimum.

      You don’t have enough ammo.

      Grey Ghost

  17. Stealth Spaniel

    The article was interesting, but didn’t tell most of us what we don’t already know. I think sabotage was far more likely at Delta; we all remember the Cali Experience of the power substation-shoot but don’t loot, right? Just worldly types getting practice in for The Festivities. Electricity has done more to lift the world out of poverty than most anything else that I can think of. It has saved more lives in the past 2 centuries than all of the medical progress for the 2000 years before. (The ability to make drugs & insulin; the iron lung; the clean rooms in pharmacuetical manufacturing; lights in the surgery room; etc.) So, things will get real-very quickly.
    On the survival note, mtnforge is correct. People have lived a long time with the basics of lighting, cooking, cleaning, etc. Everyone needs to remember to practice-because it does make perfect. Don’t wait til the chaos sets in to wonder how to cook a defrosting freezer full of goodies. Pick one day a week and make it Old School Day. Turn off the lights, the tv, the cookstove, even the heat or air. If it is hard for 24 hours, realize how tough forever will be.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Hadenoughalready

    As for me, I will celebrate! Let it all fail and let those who can’t adapt, starve in the cold and dark!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hell of a recruiting pitch: Come join Team Liberty – we want you to fucking die while we march back to the glorious 17th century or earlier. Small wonder folks aren’t exactly flocking to join up.

  20. Marlo Stanfield

    AG Lynch Announces Global Police Force Partnership With UN

    | | | | | |


    | | | | AG Lynch Announces Global Police Force Partnership With UN During her speech at the United Nations, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the Department of Justice… | |



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  21. I suggest reading Ted Koppels outstanding book, “Lights Out,” https://www.amazon.com/Lights-Out-Cyberattack-Unprepared-Surviving/dp/055341996X for a thorough and downright frightening analysis of the state of our grid, and it’s vulnerabilities….

    I have no doubt that within hours, the dindus, orks and various hoodrats of all races, will be out en mass to take advantage of the outage…Add in massive truck stoppages as a result, disruptions in our “just in time,” delivery of everything and it is a major disaster in the making….

    India suffered a massive outage in 2012 too, http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/01/world/asia/power-outages-hit-600-million-in-india.html?_r=0

    Of course we have various regionalized outages and after effects here in CONUS to look at for the reactions of folks…

    It will get ugly, fast….I seriously doubt moist folks have given this any or much thought, and they will be overwhelmed, and in shock and by the time they do a get a grip, if at all, the bad guys will have already gotten inside their OODA loop and taken advantage of things, or worse.

    Look at the socialist utopia of Venezuela and Argentina as examples of societal collapse….

    Semper Paratus….

  22. May I suggest the readers and their families have a “no power weekend” like ours did three years ago. The scenario for us was, we woke up Saturday morning and there was no power. The power wasn’t coming back on anytime soon and we had to make it with what we had on hand. We did this in September, the high temp on Saturday that weekend was 98, and 94 on Sunday (Central Texas).

    Keep a note pad handy to write down things you realize you need, or what works very well, what works but needs improvement, etc….

    I realize this was just for two days, but it was educational for us, and we are much better prepared today, versus that September weekend three years ago.

    All the best.