US Flag Upside Down = Grounds For Arrest

For what do the constitutionalists fight?

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  1. That rag isn’t fit to wipe up my garage floor. I identify all who fly it as on “the list”. Those are the ones who will do “their duty” as murkins, and inform on you, or have your home raided.

    Here are a few ways to teach the brain dead flag wavers a lesson after the grid goes down.

  2. So… you can BURN the flag, but can’t fly it inverted… Vhat a Kahntdy!

  3. Lee Greenwood does NOT approve of the flag being flown upside down

  4. As to your question, ‘not much’ is the answer. Nothing is sacred, nothing is off limits.
    Lock and load!

  5. took down my US flag sometime ago. Not my country anymore. But I do put the US flag postage stamps upside down on the envelope. And still awaiting arrest

    • thesouthwasrght

      Me too. I’ve been mailing everything with in erred flag stamps for the last several years. So long now that it’s second nature.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Same here, all stamps go on upside down, course with some of those vomit designs, you can’t tell. And I refuse to buy those ethnic ones, they can ship those to Detroit.

  6. Clearly hes a terrorist and committed a terrorristic act and should be punished to the fullest extent lf the law as to be an example to others who seek to commit such anti-greenwoodistani acts.

  7. I guess he’s lucky that they didn’t shoot him…Should put to rest any silly notion that they wont do exactly what they are told too and probably go above and beyond that because “Respect My Authority” mentality…

  8. Chumpy Wayne

    But in full disclosure, the man was exonerated and the judge called on the state legislature to remove the obviously unconstitutional law from the books.

    • Virgil Kane

      Those cops should be waiting in line at the unemployment office.

    • But he was still kidnapped and forced to pay for legal council to represent him. That’s extortion, unless his lawyer did it pro boner.

  9. ALCON,

    There you go….the linked story tells of the badged thugs arresting said property owner. I can hear/read the copsuckers now: “They were only doing their JOBBBBBZZ !

    There are no good cops.

    On another note….@ 1710 hrs, 18 AUG 16, Drudge Report has headline story in bold, red, letters: OBAMA ADMIN ADMITS: IRAN CASH RANSON

    And what will the the U.S. Congress do ? Nothing. NADA. Zip. The illegal soetoro-obama fucks the Amerikan people AGAIN. Get ready for the piece of garbage to execute an action where the o ly recourse will be to go to guns or go to slavery. It is coming.

  10. I’da shot the bastards. Plain and simple.

    • Keith,

      No you wouldn’t have. You would just bend over and grab your ankles.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Let’s all go to Keith’s house and help him run up the flag, I wanna see this……….

      • you have no idea what Keith Park would do. Still smarting from that smackdown you got from Weaponsman, arnt’cha

      • I would not have shot them over that, because I’d have known that I’d be out of jail very shortly and even before this story, I never would have assumed any charges would stick on something like that. But I absolutely would not have gone willingly. I’d have told them “big off” and turned to walk back inside, at which point I expect they’d tackle me down or taze me or whatever. At that point, I’d still expect to have any charges dropped and be out the next day. There is great Constitutional-minded defense attorney in my area and he is affordable. So I’d have no reason to shoot them, but with that said, I’m way past the point of respecting any unjust laws or any cops.

  11. In my birthplace there is a local ordinance that makes it illegal to herd ducks thru town. Must work, nobody has seen any ducks on main street for nearly a century.

  12. Question for Peter or other smart guy:
    Being that the Constitution only grants certain powers to the feds and reiterates a few things that it can’t do via the BoR –> where does this leave the states? As much as I hate to say this —> was the BoR written to hold ONLY the FEDS in check? Or the states as well? Because It seems to me that the founders were only trying to control the feds. After all most states have their own separate BoR’s.

    So where does the US constitution end and the states begin? The US Constitutions BoR says “Congress shall make no law …” In the First amendment, but the second through ninth there is no mention of the US congress or even the states. They appear to be general declarations. In the US BoR’s preeamble it mentions:

    ….THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.”

    This only makes reference to the US Constitition. So has the entire population including history experts been leading us astray? If not I see no reason why any state has to bow to a BoR written with express intention to control the government created by the newly adopted US Constitution.

    Sad yes, but I see nothing to the contrary. Woe is me….

    • You’re kidding right?

    • Not the smartest guy, but essentially, the guidelines for the
      contract/charter = Constitution, is on The Federalist Papers,
      mostly written by James Madison, but Jay and Hamilton worked
      on it too.
      The thing is, as Federalist 51 mentions, anything written in
      parchment, wont hold as times passes.
      By the way, the majority of the people back then, did not want
      to contract, therefore, “We The People” was them referring to
      themselves. You know…”A Republic – If you can keep it.”
      The book – Common Sense, will reflect the Anti-Federalist
      (majority back then) point of view.

      “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

    • The BoR and Constitution stop nor punish violations of the aforementioned. Take soetoro-obama for instance….his 400 milion + gift to his Muslim brothers in Iran. Why isn’t Barry hanging from a lamp post in District of Columbia ?

      The Constitution is dead.

    • NightWatcher

      Sadly, the 14th Amendment resolved that that possibility.

  13. Indeed, the Constitution makes every state a minion or do my eyes and ears lie to me? How many states have nullified or defied laws in the last sixty years? They make the noises but I yet to read of one Federal coproach being arrested by his badged inferiors for peddling Federal poison on state soil.

    “Congress shall make no law.”

    Full stop. Hey, there’s the extent of the Constitution I would have signed.

    “The Constitution, as currently interpreted, now resembles what
    the Founding Lawyers truly desired in their aristocratic heart
    of hearts. Two centuries of history have lifted the veil from
    that picture of Dorian Gray, leaving us with the Hag of

    “The federalists delayed ratification of the Bill of Rights for over two
    years while they organized the new federal courts and armed the judges
    with powers to counter individual rights”

    Kenneth W. Royce (Hologram of Liberty)

    Some leisure reading:

    Bill Buppert

  14. TM,
    Please read the preamble to the Bill or Rights, it expressly states that it is constraint on the All other natural rights belong to the people (9th Amend) or the States (10 Amend).

    Having read several state Constitutions, they are “based” on the U.S. Constitution so most reiterate the BoR in some form or another and also setup how the state govt is to be run and most use a bicameral system though I think Nebraska in unicameral.

    Not sure if that answers your question, but it is the way “the system” is setup.

    As to the cops arresting a man who flies the U.S. flag upside down… obviously the cops can’t read or even understand the meaning of the law, let alone the meaning of flying it upside down. It’s been so long since I’ve flown that piece of shit flag I don’t remember EXACTLY the last time I flew it…. the best I can recall, it’s been well over a DECADE.

    Grey Ghost

  15. The Bill of Rights explicitly only restricts what the Federal Government can do through the words “Congress shall make no law”, not the State governments. However, from the late 19th century on, the Supreme Court gradually adopted, on a case by case basis, the theory that some amendments were also intended to be binding on the individual States. For example, Heller decided that the 2d Amendment was intended to safeguard individual gun rights against the Federal Government. In a later decision, involving Chicago, SCOTUS incorporated those 2d Amendment rights as binding on the States and smaller political entities….In theory, it’s a question of historical intent….In practice, most of the Bill of Rights has been held to apply to all government entities through the doctrine of incorporation…

  16. Tortus. Latin for twisted. No torture should be out of bounds for this flag abuser. it is the most pressing and urgent problem I am dealing with. The status of a symbol.
    The Gubmint has taken a shit on top of our heads. How does it feel to know you are considered obsolete and disposable soylent?
    Try to be more like the Clintons. Dispose of all obstacles in your path. Attend the… Clinton Camp for Wayward Wanderers. Have fun. Invite your friends.Build a bunker utilizing the corpses.
    We are witnessing blatant and wanton disregard for any resemblance of sane behavior. Behold the death of a fine idea. The USA.

  17. Gee, when SCOTUS issues a new ruling watering down, say, the 4th Amendment, cops are swift in adopting the new lower standards…

    This Iowa ‘law’ was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge in 2014, and the clowns in blue are still ‘enforcing’ it?

    And the Iowa legislature can’t be bothered to repeal the nonsense?

    And we the peasants are still expected to respect governmental authority?

  18. Tallulah Bankhead

    The BoR was originally seen as applying only to the FedGov, but starting in the 1930s the Supreme Court began “incorporating” the rights into applying to the states as well; ie neither the national or state government can require a license to publish a newspaper.

  19. Just a reminder that police will follow dead laws from dead legislators.

    Feel like you’re in the Soviet Union yet?

  20. I don’t fly it anymore, either.

    That said, this man has a fine opportunity to play the system against itself and land himself a nice little payday.