DTG: How’s Your NPT?


An excellent overview.

Useful in spinning up like-minders and potentials.

As is the question, “What do you think will happen when things get dangerous enough for the cops to stay home and protect their own families?”

If you don’t already have a red/blue/yellow analysis (or whatever color scheme pleases you) for every household within 4 km of your lace, you are far behind the power curve.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Did some drive by investigation this afternoon of some property a friend was thinking of buying in Griffin, GA. Ground Zero of FSA HQ and breeding zone.

    Lots of red tennis shoes and hoodies.
    Heavily wooded old neighborhood and wood framed shacks.
    8th and 9th street area.
    Pretty much a no go zone. Didn’t see any cops and I was the only Whitey around. Great place to Experiment.

  2. Yes, and from what I have gathered, fire watch/guard duty
    is very important. Crimes/thefts happen in minutes. Cleared
    a few houses and noticed the ransacking. Pillow cases are
    a prime method of storing their plunder/looting. Electronic
    alarms are good, with high loud (in & outside house) sirens,
    not only to spook the thieves, but alert others near by, unless
    a long string with soda cans with rocks will do 🙂
    Been “visited” here by hoodlums knocking on door a few times,
    while no car/s parked on driveway. I answer with my bluff, and
    they always get tongue-tied in their responses 😉 I think the
    Holy Spirit is prima facie evidence.
    Wish my father never had sold my old green Torino Cobra way
    back then, when I left to The Rock 😦

    Forward Observer recently posted show (#43) did a podcast related
    to this post.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

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  4. How is it? On one hand it’s sadly lacking. On the other hand, it’s better than most peoples’ in the FUSA. The glass is half full, mostly due to locale and long-lying stability of this almost-frontier-status place. A place where the current county prosecutor talked of some time back when he was teaching at the local college: “People out in ____-istan tend to solve their own problems, and I prosecute the winner of the fight.”

    The tools are abundant, although training and thereby ability, is scarce. It has surprised me how many low-income hired hand cowboy families around this big neighborhood, own AR-type rifles.

    By and large, it’s fertile ground here. The herding of the cats, though, would be enough for Jefferson Davis to have fits.

  5. “What do you think will happen when things get dangerous enough for the cops to stay home and protect their own families?”

    Heh. If the cops would stay home, we would all be much safer and there’d be less worry and less chance of being raped, robbed, and murdered by a thug- including children…

    Update: Elburn, Illinois (First reported 08-20-15): A now-former officer pled guilty to raping a child repeatedly over the course of ten years. He changed his plea to guilty during the trial after the victim had begun to testify. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison. The judge excoriated the defendant saying, “Quite frankly, I think 500 years sounds reasonable.”

    Everett, Massachusetts: An officer was charged with assaulting his pregnant wife. He allegedly struck her in the face, kicked her in her stomach, and strangled her during the incident. ow.ly/1oy7303jS6s

    Update: Gladstone, Oregon (First reported 12-15-11): A now-former officer is on trial for having his wife murdered while he was on duty in 2011. ow.ly/yl1S303jTEc

    Houston, Texas: An officer was charged with intoxication manslaughter for a fatal crash off duty. ow.ly/s0IB303kghE

    Pennsylvania State Police: A trooper was charged with drug purchase and distribution for exchanging pills for cocaine with a confidential informant. ow.ly/Mpxb303hzGZ

    Update: New York, New York (First reported 02-10-15): The City will pay the family of Akai Gurley $4,100,000 in wrongful death suit. Now-former officer Peter Liang, who fatally shot Gurley, will pay $25,000. ow.ly/GBLn303hO43

    • Anyone who supports the poLICE are statists who believe in the system as it is. get rid ogf the cops and only then can the clean=up begin. Pretty hard to rid the neighborhood of the convicted pedos, rapists, and moochers as long as they enjoy the protection from the LICE. What I’ve noticed is the types of scum who fly that murkin flag are the same ones who live off the gubmint=taxpayer and are very comfy with that situation.

  6. I almost don’t know where to start. Excellent article BTW.
    -By observing my neighbors in my 150 home cul de sac community for quite some time now I know who many of the liberals are. By definition, they are the enemy. Anyone with a Hillary bumper sticker in your AO?
    -I ‘observe’ while walking the dog! LOL. Funny how a man with a dog on a leash never gets a second glance…..’just walking the dog’. A single man walking the neighborhood WILL be noticed.
    -Observe the softer elements like number and duration of parties, vehicles, fencing, bales of straw in the back, window stickers, for example and the disposition of the attendees. We are who we hang with. Men in particular when partying and get a couple beers down tend to be boisterous , loud and stupid. Listen in….while walking the dog of course.
    -There’s a state cop in my neighborhood. His parties are out of control. He stays very much to himself and has his mom and two or three kids living with him. No female of appropriate age (mating material) ever seen. Mostly I hear grunts and ‘fuck’ a lot and guys talking over each other in very loud voices. Summary? Utter lack of discipline.
    -Field exercises can be easily carried out in large tracks of public ‘park’ land…..but get real and take the ‘patrol’ off the kindly provided trails. Blue jeans and tee shirts are best. Show up camo’d in a public park and you’re going to stand out like a bonfire. Since dudes in camo pants are common sights now…wear an innocuous tee and change into to camo once off trail if you must. Just saying there are lots of options.
    -Small game season is about to open. What? You don’t hunt? Go get a license and ‘patrol’ in camo all you want to whether you hunt or not. Anyone that see’s you won’t think about you twice. Observe all safety rules like wearing blaze orange.

    I’m long. You get the gist.

    Semper Paratus

  7. Based on the book: Failure of Civility

    copies available here at 68.00

  8. too busy watching the olympics and getting ready for football. besides, i think everyone in my neighborhood are good guys. they’d never rat out my preps, that i’m constantly telling them about, to the authorities first chance they get.

    naw, just joking. if i could still get copies of “a failure of civility”, i’d be giving them away door-to-door, and then follow up with them. all the while filling out my range cards. just cause you never know. mattis said…….have a plan.

  9. It’s like shit. Hardly a soul in my neighborhood is aware of the danger, and I doubt any are prepared, mentally and physically, for it. While I have engaged some of them, the overall level of maturity and consciousness leaves a lot to be desired. For the most part, to them, it’s a popularity and gaming contest, complete with prima donnas and strutting, preening, and trying to be the big cheeese, when all of them are bereft the basics they need to know and practice just to survive. There are even some with very nice scoped rifles, and MORE THAN 100 ROUNDS OF AMMO! But get their hands dirty doing some real training, or do some serious prepping, naw. Who knows, when it all turns to fuckanistan and they get that wide-eyed-oh-shit-look, maybe we can finally get together and have enough time to work some things out. The reason I have hope about that, is that’s all I’ve got. I got no bug out location, but I have worked out a re-position option.

  10. Meta discussion; share some thoughts or get back to work on IPB?