Weaponized Rhetoric Of Jihad

Via Vlad Tepes.

Beware an enemy who has the moral confidence in his position to tell his intentions in advance to those he plans to conquer.

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    not accepting #islam is a crime

  2. Steve Kristmann

    Excellent info CA!

    Here’s more for us to share with others:

    John Guandolo: Civilization Jihad in America – Are You Prepared?

    The Jihadist Next Door

    Radical Islamic Recruitment Inside US Prisons

    (only thing I take issue with is the idea of ‘radical’…there
    isn’t any such thing as ‘radical’ or ‘moderate islam’..there
    is only fundamentalist/devout islam in existence)

    ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (couple this in your mind with the
    above video of islam being aggressively promoted in prisons!)

    The Muslim Agenda – Full Documentary – Banned in some countries

    If one doesn’t understand anything else about islam, understand
    this, it’s adherents, and enablers want to invade, conquer and
    destroy you, your family, your friends and your civilization.

    There is only one response:

    Where islam and the situation is currently here in America, I have
    only one thing to say,

    “Broken Arrow!!…I say again, Broken Arrow!!!”

    Prepare for it..it’s coming very soon!!

    Yours In Liberty to NEVER bow to islam or any form of tyranny!!
    NorthGunner III

  3. Steve Kristmann

    And don’t think that this is just taught in the UK…

    Islamic “education” in Muslim UK school

    This is what is preached by the imam at the local mosques
    (enemy forts) throughout America.

    Yours In Liberty w/o bowing to islam!!
    NorthGunner III

  4. invasive Islam will conquer nothing. The sandniggers are mere tools. The globalist Ashkenaz use them like they use the other invasives: Blacks and Browns. Then, when/if the Whites and their civilization have been liquidated, the Ashkenaz – and their Chinese friends – will dispose of the sandniggers. As well as the Blacks and Browns

  5. Well what do you know! It depends of what the meaning of ‘is’, is.

    Get this deeply rooted in your brain folks. Islam is not a religion. It IS a violent political movement and social engineering project like the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia which resulted in the murder of millions of ‘innocent’ Cambodians.

    Know this too: Any adherent to the tenets of Islam is by basic definition a psychopath and inherently lethally dangerous to Western values.

    So, whatcha gonna do?

    Semper Paratus.

  6. Boss, do mean like der Fuehrer did, in Mein Kampf? Because if you do, it means that the most effective means of slaughtering your enemies, (the blatant telegraphing of your intentions before the slaughter begins) is upon us, vis a vis the moslem assholes.

    The intended victims, (a) don’t think it’s possible, (b) believe themselves to be safe,(c) figure the “authoritahs” will do something before it comes to fruition, (d) do not accept it at face value as being a real threat, and (e) it can’t happen here. Women especially believe that all this is something that can be talked out and a peaceful resolution found. Women almost always think that men believe the worst, and it’s true, men believe the worst. But that’s how you get an independent nation, and tribe. With the rise of women, and their view, we are set upon by the absolute worst scum of the earth, and told to “be reasonable”. I would like to point out is that we in the West, with our “womans rights” are beset front and back by a bunch that has no such concept of rule. I don’t think women should be treated any at all like the moslems do, but I also believe that listening to them, and being led by them in any manner has been an invitation to disaster. Ponder this. Would our country be having the problems we are having if it were politically at the point it was in 1900? This is an unequal struggle, waged by us with one arm tied behind our backs. A civilized man cannot fight a savage on civilized terms.