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    • Junkie removal is not a bad thing.

      Harsh as that sounds….

      Your DEA is on the case, however:


      From a ‘veteran’ of that debacle, never forget that before the War on Terror A Tactic, there was the War on Some Drugs.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Of course, people are becoming junkies – at least in some cases – precisely because they have nothing to live for. Take away someone’s future, and a good percentage of them will find opiates.

        • Jimmy,

          “….because they have nothing to live for.” Really ?

          That’s not what HR Klinton says


          barry hussein barack soetoro-obama says


          Schumer says


          Pelosi says


          Feinstein says


          Mitchell says


          Romney says


          Bush the 3rd says


          T. Ridge says


          GOPe says


          Democrat/Communist Party says


          ….well, you get the message.

          Never give up your guns.

    • This is true one of the dead my neighbor 23yo

  1. Buppert screwed up on #3. The ability to memorize relevant facts is a key factor to success in many fields. Those who do not must constantly look up references and are not operating at peak efficiency. Do you want to be in a foxhole with the guy who has to look at the field manual every time to strip down his weapon?

  2. They missed one: Public school taught me how to sleep with my eyes open.

  3. “What does the school really teach?”

    1. Obedience to authority over everything else.

    2. Truth is what we say it is. 2+2=5

    3. A complete brainwashing of the mind regarding the winners history of the world and if you don’t believe it you are a conspiracy theorist, anarchist or worse.

    Grey Ghost