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  1. Hadenoughalready

    Sadly, many youths don’t want jobs. It’s much more fun for them to live off the state and raise hell protesting and looting at the drop of a hat.
    Giving them jobs is like telling kids they can’t play and have to clean their rooms or take out the garbage.
    Having no responsibilities ingrained in their early years leaves them at a loss and they’ll reject it as totalitarianism rather than opportunism.

    • “Sadly, many youths don’t want jobs”.

      Been that way since the 90’s. The blue hair, piercings, and tattoos was the ‘tell’. I had young ‘men’ beg me to hire them only to prove they weren’t worth a bucket of warm piss as workers. It was always the same routine, show-up all week, get paid, and I wouldn’t hear from them until they ran out of $ a week later. Then, they were stunned when I informed them they no longer had a job. I believe everyone of them were from single-parent (as in raised by mom) homes.. The happiest day of my life was when I fired the last remaining employees, retired at 40, and headed north.

      • Hadenoughalready

        At least a bucket of warm piss can be dried to make gunpowder…jus’ sayin’.

    • Your comment is indeed correct. And those votes will undoubtedly go to Ms. Rodham-Clinton, probably many times over.

      However, there are SOME Blacks, youth and otherwise, who DO want a better life, and are willing to work to get it. THOSE are the voters that Mr. Trump is courting. And if any significant number of them DO vote his way, that will be a MASSIVE change from the Black voting pattern for the last half century.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        That’s the thing about captive votes that one side takes for granted: if they other side can siphon off some of them, the results can be devastating.

      • Important thing is for them to pull themselves out I to distinct tribes from the moochers and CHUDs before the fun starts to ease IFF. They are not the enemy, but good luck with that without that separation.

      • Trump – and you- grasp at straws. Over the last decade, more than $2,000,000,000,000 of White tax money has been dumped on the “Inner Cities”, there to disappear w/o a trace; see: Black Undertow. The ‘groids will vote for more of same, as dispensed by their Jew masters. Incidentally, as the post-nomination Trump has mounted appeal after futile appeal to Jews, Blacks, and sodomites, his White support has begun to wane. He may well get no more than 35% of the vote. And deservedly so. The only way Mrs. Clinton is not ‘Murka’s last Prez: she drops dead before the election

        • You may indeed be right. But the candidates the GOP has run over the past 20 years have been Rove Republican swill, which are nothing more than Rockefeller Republican swill, dusted off and repainted by the GDS Shrubs.

          Polls are polls. Votes are votes. There is not much correlation between the two, especially when the polls are run by those with a dog in the fight. The most likely situation is MASSIVE voting fraud, perpetrated by both the Democrats and the Rove Republicans, to deny Trump the election. And since they alone are the official major parties, if neither of them complains about the results, this country’s “Legal” system is quite willing to deny standing to anyone else to challenge. That might be when pig hunting season officially opens.

  2. Virgil Kane

    I’m confused. TINVOWOOT or vote Trump? If everybody here believes it’s all rigged and our votes mean shit, why do we bother discussing Clinton’s brain damage or Trump’s popularity?

    • a) TINVOWOOT strategically; anti-HRC operationally and tactically

      b) Freakshow

      c) Happy to post any rational link you send on other topics

      • yes on b, no on a. Trump, a competent corporate-socialist, will throw a wet blanket over FreeFor. Mrs. Clinton, an incompetent, corrupt, murderous corporate-socialist, is made to order for us. She’ll set this shack on fire

    • That is the salient question.
      Think of TINVOWOOT this way:
      Voting in a constitutional republic was never intended as a form of redress to vote our way as dirt people out of anything. It was an ordered sanctioned system of using the consent and will of the governed to keep from having to vote our way out of anything to begin with.

      To the most relative aspect of your question, whether there is a hope we can vote our way out of anything today, remains to be seen. Who can say really, but what does it matter if we can or not vote our way out of this, because the equation isn’t about voting, it is about our character as a people. Do we find it within ourselves to rise up and remain Freemen, or continue down the path of serfdom and slavery to cultural marxism and vassals and Kulaks of the administrative tyranny of the State?

      Is voting a remedy which lasts?
      Personally I think not. It is only our consent, combined with withdrawal of our consent, our guns, and our will to refuse to comply with the imposition of the state of affairs, our resistance and defiance no matter what it costs us now, to gain something greater and better later, and in a sense, that is voting that really counts, and it still only counts if and only it is leavened with diligence long after the voting is over.

      So yes and no, TINVOWOOT.
      Voting now, if it is a plurality that rejects the status quo, if voting now is of such a plurality that it leaves no doubt the shenanigans and corruption we are subject to, Now, in combination with unrelenting, unending adherence to what our consent, our vote represents is followed through on.
      Just going to our polling places, and going home, leaving our fates as dirt people to the whims of a few, regardless we voted for them or not, absolutely does not a republic make.
      Our republic isn’t a body of rules of law our symbols, or political offices, it isn’t the power or not a government, large and small, national or local, a republic is her people, first, last, and everything. Nothing matters more than us dirt people. And we have lost our sense of that and what we are. If discovering what we are again begins with trying the reverse TINVOWOOT, well by all means lets go for it. It is a start. But in no uncertain terms it is not the final and singular remedy to the pickle we are in.
      The funny thing that really proves TINVOWOOT, is not the sonofabitches trying to destroy this republic, it is the resistance is futile chicken littles. They are the most useful dupes that exist. BLM, SJW’s don’t even come close to how destructive to the those cultural and political useful dupes are. The resistance is futile, it will never work because we are a nation of cowards crybabies are the great enablers of resistance is futile to begin with etc etc. You see them all the time. They have already chickened out. The hypocrisy of their cries of run the sky is falling is manifest in misery loves company. They are people who want to fail and are afraid to stand up first and speak out for something better, only for something worse. Funny how that works. You have to believe in something, have faith in something greater and better before you can vote your way out of anything and stay out of it.
      Because in simplest terms, if you never try, you will never be free.
      So there is nothing to loose by trying. And everything to gain.
      TINVOWOOT is a zeitgeist really. Because groking TINVOWOOT is acceptance of a reality that is germane to why TINVOWOOT to begin with, it isn’t voting is futile, it is voting is not simply going to save us alone in and of it’s self. To save ourselves from the harsh reality of TINVOWOOT begins with each of us. All freedoms begins with each of us. No voting, no laws, no constitution is a substitute for what each of us do to protect our primal liberty.

    • Trump is the flotation device you want when dumped in the middle of the ocean even tho’ you know you are gonna die anyway.
      Anything for a little bit longer.
      TINVOWOOT but there does not mean we can’t vote some extra time.
      I’ll take Trump even if only to gain a few more prep days.

      • As you say, with the kind of shit going down, you need every edge and advantage you can get.

        In some fashion Trump isn’t a presidential candidate as much as he represents many traditional values, and dynamics of our organic culture trying to find a way to balance and correct itself. It’s why he has both such a populist support and is so utterly despised by the dispicable.

        In one way he is obama, his opposite, and Trump will soon be untouchable, like obama was, a third rail, assassinating Trump or some other method of denying him the presidency will cause far more problems than not. But for far different reasons. Problems that are virtually and in absolute terms as existential as it gets for those who oppose him and what he represents. It has already begun, but the point of no return for those running things is at hand. So maybe in that sense, TINVOWOOT when it comes to Trump is like you say gains not just a few more days, but it has fundamental unforeseen beneficial effects on the dynamics of TINVOWOOT.
        You watch, Trump is on the threshold of becoming larger than all the corruption and power of insider cronyism influence combined. He is about to become unstoppable. Those of the political class who oppose him because of their ulterior reasons, are like the amazing shrinking man, loosing revelance like a screen door in a submarine, they loose a piece of the fig leaf of legitimacy they wear with every effort to depose him, to keep the dirt people from having a political captain. And that is forbotten’ more than dirt people having guns or truing the vote.

        But it is delightful watching the 3 ring circus. It’s going to get sporty. Lines are solidifying, there is reservoirs, an ocean of cold anger out there. All the wore out and whored out old marxist tricks are failing. The rise of the dirt people is coming.

    • Virgil,
      The same reason that people watch WWE knowing full well its rigged too. Political Sport.

  3. Donald Trump’s message is a brave one, but it really is their only option if they want to do something other than what they have going on.

    • It is brave but it’s very likely too late, he should have hit stuff like this on his convention speech. Trump’s only chance now is a large muzzie attack in the usa imo.

    • Leadership is about messaging, good leadership leaves what it’s message is to those who can run with it. “Make America Great Again”?, Donald Trump can’t make America great again, sure you need leaders sometimes who inspire people, but that can only come from each of us together who want to make America great again too.

      It is why he and us dirt people are despised by the despicable. They can’t survive a plurality of the inspired who believe in something great again.
      They are terrified we are going to win.

    • Most dont. Living off the white man is easier and frankly now a cultural thing.

  4. Mr. Trumps message didn’t go far enough! What should be said is this:
    ‘The democrat party put you all back on the slave plantation but this time it’s not cotton and corn. It’s poverty, depression, ignorance and inner city ghetto slums. Please tell me what you have to lose!’

    • Well that’s just it Steve, the same long line of Fabian’s have created one set after another of slave plantations. Ruling souls is a really useful thing, you can do things you normally couldn’t do.
      That the current slave classes can’t see it makes it easier to manipulate. They come in a true form of diversity, every skin pigment, every social group there is. Some even are willing. But most share one thing in common that they simply can’t or are scared shitless to wrap their brains around the fact collectively their resistance to resisting and defying their slave masters is their own epitaph of their own doing, (and undoing), and the hope of dragging as many with them gives them a warm fuzzy.
      So it begs the question, just who are the real slave masters in all this, those they submit to… our themselves?
      It’s an outlier, but it isn’t far from the truth.
      Even on here and other blogs there is no lack of the classic trolls, oh it’s hopeless, there’s too many who don’t give a rats ass, the free shit army will always win, it is preordained the world is going down the crapper so what’s the use, there is too many of them and not enough of us, the end is nigh!, blah blah blah, because really that is the secret desire under all the bullshit, to fail.
      You get the freedom and liberty you choose. Just as you get the slavery you work at enabling, passively, aggressively, and both.
      The thing is, tyrants and tyranny is impossible without the totalitarians among us, not that liberty is impossible, the 3% can not be defeated or denied, just be a lot easier to win if the resistance is futile crowd would stop pointing their fingers at everyone else and practice what they breach by putting a boolit in their own heads. But even that will never happen, their cowards to begin with, and they need the company of others to wallow in misery with.

  5. Trumps message is basically the opportunity for them “to pull themselves up by they bootstraps”. Unfortunately they aint no bootstraps on Air Jordans an never will be. They aint called “dindu” for nuffin you see.

  6. Plantation niggers don’t want fucking jobs, they want reparations for slavery they were never forced to endure. Welfare, free healthcare, free housing and equal opportunity laws don’t count. You OWE them……. Me? I believe they best quiet down and stop drawing attention to themselves lest people start paying the dane geld they demand. Lead IS a semi-precious metal, correct?…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      As I keep mentioning, “14% of the population” is lost on these arithmetic challenged ghetto monkeys. They have no idea how outnumbered they are, but in their own simplemindedness, they think they’re gonna kick our white asses.
      I’ve listened for yrs now to the upper class blacks complaining how they want reparations and more money for all their worthless kin, just like Oprah plays white soccer moms for every last drop of emotion. These blacks want only one thing from us…..they want us dead. You could give every single one of them a million $, and after they pissed it all away, they would still want your head on a stick. There is no middle ground, all you apologists can stop fooling yourselves, just like the national debt, there is no easy way out but straight into the fire. Bribery and negotiating do nothing but delay the same outcome.

  7. ” What do you have to lose”?…What and Give up the EBT card? free housing, hanging out at the local gas-n-sip, run the streets unopposed,.. rioting and looting without consequences…Give up all that free shit for what?.. responsibility? a job?, just so you can be forced to pay your way in life?… You will never convince someone that the handouts they get are bad..

  8. colddeadhandsdays

    They are too fucking stupid and stuck on the urban plantation, enslaved to get it.