Officer Safety Is On The Job


Herschel: Father Utterly Terrified After Trooper Points Gun At His 7 Year Old

And the beat goes on…

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  1. Until the righteous start hunting down the badged thugs including the employees in the DA’s offiice….nothing will change.

    Terminate with prejudice.

  2. (((Kenneth Walton))). This is a fictional anti-white propaganda piece. Read it carefully. For Christ’s sake. Credibility rating downgraded.

    Here’s a clue: Haxo is right.

    Who wants to tell white nations they are not in control of their own people?

    Duh, dude.

  3. He is a HERO. Move along slave…err citizen.

    Fortunately, the subject in this case was compliant with the trooper and the situation ended peacefully with no one being harmed,” Flagstaff District Commander Captain Ezekiel Zesiger said in a statement.

    This dad with his kid was almost murdered and forced to crawl on his fucking knees in front of his daughter and they were both stolen/arrested. What the GODDAMNFUCK!!!?
    All I read on this site is screw obongo /hitlery and I hate the UN. Boohoo. etc. THESE monsters with badges are the problem. When will one of you old men do something about it?

    • DAOF,

      “All I read on this site is screw obongo/hitlery and I hate the UN.”

      Really ?

      You are a fucking troll ! As in keeping with the Muslim Brotherhood Haxo/Stuka Pilot/Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed your efforts at denigration and instigation are worthless. Many here MF the badged thugs regularly and often….tfA-t being the premier, badged thug hater here. And your UN reference ? That only confirms for me you are a paid stooge of Soros and or Bloomberg. The United Nations scum are seldom mentioned here. Although they are hated nontheless.

      “When will one of you old men do something about it ?” Old men and young men here alike will do such when the timing is right, not when a Muslim Brotherhood bitch like yourself dares to challenge such.

      BTW….You don’t seem to have a problem taking your money from old men like Soros and Bloomberg do you ?

      So, if you don’t like it here don’t read it. Go to the HuffPost and shill. In the meantime troll….post a copy of your drivers license/state ID, your SSCard and your EBT card here….unredacted. We’ll see just what a bad ass you are then.

      In the meantime you and your Muslim cohort Haxo/Stuka Pilot/Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed can report back to the Muslim Brotherhood.

      And for the “old men” and the rest of the WRSA nationalists here of all ages, please….

      Do your push-ups







    • All I read on this site is screw obongo /hitlery and I hate the UN.


      • This DAOF clown is a troll of Soros/Bloomberg. He’s just another Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR bitch like Haxo/Stuka Pilot/Wise Cave Owl/Mohammad.

    • If you’re feelin’ froggy, jump.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “When will one of you old men do something about it?”

      Peter Frampton called – he said “I want you to show me the way.”
      Speak no more, but be on with it. Or do you just mean “Let’s you and him fight”?

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    I always pray my dogs are never with me if a cop stops me, cuz they will shoot them just for fun. Why are sheriffs better officers than regular cops or state police? Because their boss is elected by the general populace; cop/state police are appointed by the statists. It is why Democrats only support “the police”, with their easy to manuever unions, versus county sheriffs. I certainly hope that the victim in question has retained a good lawyer. Pretty soon Arizone Public Safety will have him convicted of sabotaging the Hindenberg.

    • Very good point. In our county, we have only sheriff’s deputies, and they are non-intrusive, polite, and don’t do much road banditry. Sheriff is up for re-election this year…

  5. The Usual Suspect

    And they WONDER why everybody hates them ?
    Scared, stupid, and dangerous menace to society.

  6. “And the “BEAT” goes on.”

    Funny you say that….

    It would appear that physically and psychologically speaking… “BEAT” is the operative word.

    PS- Thank you for putting this website up. It has, quite literally, shattered my normalcy bias (wow, I still had one…) in the short time I have visited here….

  7. Too bad the name of the ossifer is not mentioned in articles such as this, no name, no AO Range card started on the ossifer…

  8. From the original article: “So far, more than 250 people have been shot and killed by police officers in the first three months of 2016, according to The Washington Post database on police shootings.”

    So far more than 62,500 people have been killed by medical mistakes in the first three months of 2016. In a system which consistently bankrupts the patients through a combination of legislation and corruption between big Med and big Pharma along with CONgress.

    No one gives a fuck about those dead people do they?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, there is recourse against doctors/hospitals/etc. who kill patients. That’s a big difference.

    • One can greatly reduce one’s chances of interacting with the medical system by eating real food, exercising, not smoking, drinking, or drugging. One cannot avoid the Just-us system. It is predatory. It will seek you out and steal your time, treasure, and dignity (if you are lucky).
      Also doctors are not above the law. Cops are. Egregious instances of medical malpractice usually result in license revocation. Malpractice insurance is paid for by the doctor. Too many claims and rates skyrocket. The market eliminates the threat. Predatory cops never (thus far) suffer for their malfeasance or misdeeds.
      Your comparison is not apples to apples.

  9. See how easy YOU are manipulated by a picture and a few words?

  10. Hope your whores are ready to enjoy the fruits of your labors under your very own Rules of Engagement, piggies. Your spawn may be spared, but even that is no longer sure due to the actions by the Dallas pigs, killing that man with the robot after you told him it was carrying a replacement cell phone since the battery on his was low. Better tell Junior not to go anywhere near toys that don’t belong to him. Sure would be a shame if he were to pick up a remote control car and end up with his arms blown off. Sure would be a shame.

  11. Father Thyme

    Folks seem to be missing one of the main reasons that cops are exuding some much “low trust:” Diversity.

    Ponder at these couple of scientific studies:

    – Social trust is negatively affected by ethnic diversity, case study in Denmark from 1979 to the present. Link.

    – Ethnic homogeneity and Protestant traditions positively impact individual and societal levels of social trust. Link.

    Diversity + Proximity = War

    It’s not Mayberry RFD anymore. Barney used to be just silly, now he’s truly frightened. That’s scary.

    • The addition of muslims to a society is a reduction in civilization.

    • Andrew Lee Scott was not “Diverse”.
      Jeremy Mardis was not “Diverse”.
      Jack Yantis was not “Diverse”.
      Erik Scott was not “Diverse”.

      Happiness is dead pigs. And dead pig whores.