Reuters: U.S. Army Fudged Its Accounts By Trillions Of Dollars, Auditor Finds

U.S. army soldiers are seen marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York, March 16, 2013. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Nothing to see here.

Thank you for your service.

Now move along, filthy peasants.

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23 responses to “Reuters: U.S. Army Fudged Its Accounts By Trillions Of Dollars, Auditor Finds


    Scary. When it all collapses(or, should I say if), we will see Bandenkrieg in spades(no pun intended). Keep in mind the largest, most well-armed, and most dangerous gangs out there wear ACU or badges. Keep prepping.

  2. “Congress set a September 30, 2017 deadline for the department to be prepared to undergo an audit”

    Sooo. Don’t be around the Pent O Gram on Sept 29th…

  3. The military has become a money laundering scheme. Just go look in any budget office… look in the Congressional Budget Justification. A billion here, a billion there… pretty soon you have to have the Treasury print up $400 million and send it to the Iranians. Wonder what line item THAT fell under. Discretionary spending?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Wonder what line item THAT fell under. Discretionary spending?”

      $400 million isn’t even a rounding error to the Feds. It’s less than couch-change.

  4. Not accounting for 6.5 trillion dollars is equivalent to losing track of the money to build 6,500 Dallas Cowboy stadiums(which was estimated to cost 1 billion dollars to build) to put things in perspective.
    And this story is routine of the government losing taxpayers money. It really amazes me that anyone who gets a paycheck that has taxes taken out, even if they get it all back; believes government at some point is gong to be accountable and responsible.
    Argument one was the usa is doomed is decades of illegal and legal immigrants changing the country, argument two is enabling the government to be unaccountable.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Per the military being used as pawns by globalist leaders, this was just posted at Red Ice. Apparently, guys are starting to think about who’s on the other side of their Oath:

  7. Shinmen Takezo

    A trillion dollars here, a trillion dollars there…. pretty soon it adds up to real money.

  8. Army doesn’t know where the oney is going. Kinda like tne VA, eh ?

    Or my recent favorite…..$400,000,000.00 to barry’s felllow Muslims in Iran. The question I have is WHERE did $400,000,000.00 come from for soetoro-obama to send ANY fedgov, fiat dollars anywhere ?

    Does the Executive Branch have access to ANY amount of currency it wants ? If so, what budget does this $400M come from ?

    Timè for hemp draws ecer nearer.

    • I think it was foreign currency but the question still remains.
      Where did it come from ?
      And now that it is found to have been illegal to give the muslims that money, when do the U.S. Marshals arrest Obama ?

  9. I worked in Iraq for over 2 years and saw a lot of waste when I was there.

  10. The Clinger/Cohen Act was supposed to fix all accounting errors with IT……., instead, it gave birth to the Federal Enterprise Archetecture Program (FEAP); aka “the govt. always wins”, with the help from IBM’s Zachman, and his EA grids.

  11. The article barely makes sense. 2.7 trillion adjustments but their books say they have 200 billion? Then saying that defense is half the budget when it is not even close vs welfare, social security etc…

    • that’s right. annual Pentagram spending, including black budget, is c. 800 billion. Welfare/illfare and the like is c. 3.2 trillion. Actual annual revenue: c. 3 trillion, with a real ongoing deficit of more than 1 trillion. All the numbers put out by the CBO, the BLS, and all the other sodom-on-the-potomac bureaucracies are at this point sheer invention. They’re running a stupendous Ponzi, and lying to sustain it

  12. ALCON

    52% of all Amerikans draw their paycheck from some form of .gov. Many posting here are on the .gov tit. At what point in time do folks stop being government whores and start killing their “Johns” ?

    Time will tell.

  13. Stealth Spaniel

    Well, Ass Carter has to fund transgenderism, homo weddings, and touchy feely indoctrination somehow. I’m surprised it isn’t more.
    Is there anything that Obama touches that doesn’t turn into shXX????