Schindler: NSA ‘Shadow Brokers’ Hack Shows SpyWar With Kremlin Is Turning Hot


A pro-NSA perspective.

Help me to remember: Did NSA accurately predict

– the North Korean invasion of South Korea?
– the Tet offensive?
– the fall of the Berlin Wall?
– the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait?
– the 9/11 attacks?

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  1. One may ponder just who and what interests the NSA actually serves. Google “James Bamford” is but one… buy and read some of his stuff. Schindler is not apparently a fan of him, but Bamford has not had some of Schindler’s recent “issues”. YMMMV, but read about the NSA where you can. Understanding is better than ignorance. Also understand that NSA has a budget at least 10x that of the CIA.

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  3. Not to pick a nit here, but NSA didn’t even exist until 1952, 2 years after the invasion by North Korea. But yes, the point is still valid, we did have a pre-NSA SIGINT capability and it did not predict the invasion.

  4. The “revelation” that a small group of hackers couldn’t possibly hack into NSA is part of their wider problem. Intelligence gathering, dissemination, and use requires viable and working counter-intelligence operations that not only protect secrets, but provide actionable results that keep the other guy off balance, and in the dark. Every single avenue that could possibly work to this end should be explored. The NSA fails constantly because they believe what they do works, and they are surprised when it doesn’t. Kind of a “We’re the best!” sort of attitude. I think they look around at their organization, their budget, their people, their buildings, and convince themselves they couldn’t possibly fail, or be failing. Their attitude should be a lot more, “Where are the holes and the moles?” and more about analysis of their own programs, than what they are now. Theirs is a plug it in, turn it on type of system, and over reliant on past glories. It’s an organization that won’t face its failings, and doesn’t know what the truth is anymore. At least the Russians have purges once in a while, and a lot of the dead wood leaves. In the US, it’s the same old shit, every day.

  5. Help me to remember: Did NSA accurately predict
    – the N Korean invasion of S Korea?
    – the Tet offensive?
    – the fall of the Berlin Wall?
    – the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait?
    – the 9/11 attacks?
    In all fairness, CA, predicting that shit is not their job.

    Violating the F out of the 4th amendment? THAT’S their job.

  6. If the NSA was shut down, by say, Donald Trump, would anyone notice?

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    Just another 3 letter agency, keeping us safe. Or maybe not. Can any of the yahoos in Washington DC actually figure out any.simple.thing??? I’d take any farmer over Jeh Johnson or John Kerry. At least a farmer knows that water is wet, gravity does work, and 2+12 does not equal 4,956,780. We could save so much money if we simply sent 4H groups every 6 months to man the battle stations.

  8. Can anyone cite ONE SINGLE INSTANCE of “intel” useful to the ‘murkan people? Useful as in preventative of conflict, preservative of freedom and liberty. And in either the 21st or 20th century.

  9. Nice propaganda piece. Follow the Links, article says the links say one thing, and that is their ‘proof’, yet reading the source material, it says differently.


    You can have all of the “Intell” you want. intelligence is just information gathering. What you have to have are smart people who can EVALUATE the information gathered. You have to have reliable, vetted, sober-minded, experienced, and educated people who are not susceptible to arrogance and other flaws of prejudice and superiority.
    One only has to look at the fiasco of our Korean “Police Action” to see how TPTB blundered into a quagmire. Read THIS KIND OF WAR-A STUDY IN UNPREPAREDNESS by T.R. FEHRENBACH. The storm warnings were all there, but arrogant, clueless intelligence analysts refused to give any credence to them. MacArthur should not have merely been fired, he should have been court- martialed for his arrogance and stupidity. Don’t even get me started about Viet Nam.

  11. So I am supposed to believe Schindler, a so-called “former” NSA analyst who also worked CI? Fuck him. I wouldn’t believe a damn word the guy writes or says, he’s CI and would say and do anything to aid in catching the “moles” to include propaganda and lies. “Former” my ass.

    I once worked for a “former” NSA guy. When “Eschelon” first broke into the far corners of the internet (which I was monitoring), he did stupid stuff in his office to make you think it was all a lie. Cover for an NSA “program” writ large.

    Who here actually believes NSA is not copying internet data of U.S. citizens, in direct violation of their legal mandate? Snowden says they are and I believe him. I’ll believe Snowden was a Russian plant/agent when I hear it from his mouth, otherwise Schindler and the Russians are liars for their own different reasons. Snowden did give the moles cover and you can bet the Russian moles took advantage of it.

    “The Shadow Brokers” appear to be Russian Intel but who knows, it may be an elaborate mole hunt. A “hacking group” (NSA) thought by most everyone to be Russian Intel releases info that is “Top Secret” (and could easily be in the suspected unreleased docs by Snowden or “setup” TS/SCI info) in order to narrow down a compartment in TAO wherein the suspected mole(s) live.

    NO way a former NSA analyst and CI would ever lie in public… he is from the and would never lie. In a pig’s fucking eye.

    Grey Ghost