Vin Suprynowicz: On Tolerance


Ms. Wolfe links to an old favorite.

Tolerance is a lie – plain and simple.

“The diversity” is being used to demoralize and destroy (at least politically) the enemies of transnational socialism.

And the Tranzis have bet that the stupefied traditional peoples across the West will not resist successfully, or indeed, in any material way.

Pretty good bet to date – notwithstanding all of the tough talk emitting from the keyboards of old white guys.

Food for thought and course-correction.

zoomie resist

15 responses to “Vin Suprynowicz: On Tolerance

  1. Short of disbanding the poLICE, nothing WILL be done. Just try and do something. I double dog dare you.

    The cops are the real enemy.

  2. The name Vin Suprynowicz is worth remembering. He wrote a great series about the Bundy Ranch and federal ‘ownership’ of land in the West for Range magazine.

  3. That’s the thing, it’s not the old White guys that can/will solve the problem. The old right-wing men think diversity works because “they know a good one”

    The younger right-wing men know diversity doesn’t work, has never worked and will never work because of basic human nature. Kinda reminds you of Socialism itself. It makes sweet sounding promises about improving society, but is really just opening the gates of hell.

    Diversity is a social/biological weapon used to destroy healthy, homogeneous, White Christian societies.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. “Diversity” is code for White Genocide.

    Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.

    • destroy your Islamic red-herring all you want. The Judeo-globalists will soon be herding a billion or more Black Africans into the borderless White nations; + Asians & Mestizos. And it wasn’t Islam that took down the borders

  6. For some reason Vin’s site did not open. But remember him from
    back in the 90’s. Too, remember hearing some audio archive with
    him and Colonel Hackworth.
    Coincidentally, after seeing the video of the Trump rally in Serbia
    a few days ago, Vin came to mind. Some bad ass angels are
    doing some remote viewing 🙂

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”
    “There is no greater love…” Return to your “First Love”

  7. The kind of tolerance the left tries to shove down our throats is like trying pick up a turd by the clean end.

  8. Deadeye Dic

    Great article.
    The Mooslims must go.

  9. Give the mehicans &
    muslims panzers, stuka’s, K98s and some of these morons may figure out what is happening.
    Invasion on the cheap is still invasion.
    Illegal aliens still manage to kill 25 US citizens per day according to the US Sheriffs Association.
    No one other than a US citizen has a “right” to occupy US turf.
    Anyone who insists otherwise has a date with a traitor’s or invader’s rope.
    That tends to end invasions quickly.

    • Hillary is a CITIZEN, not to mention many others, here and abroad 😉
      Point being, it is what is in the hearts and minds of folks.
      All else is but a show.

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  10. ALCON,

    Those who voted for, funded, continue to support the occupant of the West Wing, the scoundrel who occupies the position of President of the United States, the respect of referring to the Taqiyya-practicing Muslim barry hussein barack soetoro-obama as “President” are Freedom-loving American’s enemies or fools of the highest sort.

    soetoro-obama is constitutionally illegitimate. To pay the nation-destroying scoundrel respect by referring to him as “president” only helps to legitimize his illegality and his attack on Freedom and Liberty. He is a usurper of the highest degree. A life sentence to incarceration in Leavenworth would only be too good for this scoundrel.

    Soetoro-obama is not MY president.

  11. ALCON,

    Understand there are NO good Muslims. None. NADA. They are no different than today’s scum that are referred to as LEOs. That includes EVERY badged thug and assistant district attorney and their enabler the district attorney himself. Look at the SS guards protecting Klinton. Why ? Because they love the paycheck and the power.

    Local. County/Parish/. State. US government. They are ALL enemies of Freedom and Liberty.

    Muslims. They all support the teachings of the Koran. Moderate Muslims are still enemies of God-fearing Christians and Jews.

    They ALL deserve a hemp necktie. Lead is only too good for the Constitutional traitors and the Taqiyya-practioners like the Muslim Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl !

    Awaken !

    Never Give Up Your Guns !

  12. “Tolerance is a lie – plain and simple.”

    It depends on what you mean by the word. In the traditional usage, it is the sort of thing that makes society more livable. It has no connotation of approval. In fact, it implies disapproval. If you say, “I will tolerate you”, you are not being friendly.

    Unfortunately the word has been ruined by the usual suspects, so people have no clue what it really means.