Buppert: Village Praxis Series – Non-Discreet Body Armor


For review and action.

Tempus fugit.

16 responses to “Buppert: Village Praxis Series – Non-Discreet Body Armor

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    “When you need extra protection, you insert metal or ceramic plates into the pockets. When you don’t need as much protection, you can wear the vest as ordinary soft armor.”
    Uh, like you know beforehand what you’re going to get hit with???? Gee Bill, I’ll take the 9mm hit for $100 please…..

    And on that serious note, some of you can put your plate carrier on over a soft vest, especially for those of you working on the cheap. A $50 surplus Flecktarn vest will still offer some form of extra handgun protection and soften the blow of a hit to your plate. It’s just a matter of how much bulk and weight are you willing to deal with before it negates it’s value as armor.

    • SF, 0321,

      Duly noted, a passage that certainly needs revision since we never know when we’re going to have that head-on collision or fire.

      Bill Buppert

    • If you are kicking in a door, you probably need the plates. If your sitting in a shell scrape, probably not.

  2. I bet the two guys on the left outrank the guy on the right. Who’s in?

  3. Do ya suppose the dude on the right said to himself “This will save me” as he removed it from the bullet-riddled corpse of the previous owner? Optimism, he gots it.

    • I suspect he instead said “This will save me if I don’t pose for the machine gun.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. stopped cold at William Jennings Bryan and “the cause of humanity”

    SMOD, a mere pebble, and Cthulu – a minnow by comparison – have no chance against Hiligula and her owners. She’s currently a guest at the (((Rothschild))) manse on Cape Cod, collecting her marching orders

  6. My own is Level III plate in a condor carrier. Stops up to 7.62 at 2800 FPS. I bought is a year ago, wear it on occasion around the palace and never outside. The day is near when the politipukes will make ownership of passive PPE illegal for us…..us……bitter clingers.

    • Max Alexander

      How do you justify the purchase and use of cheap and poor quality Chinese made gear such as Condor?

      How about you support America and some of the quality US made gear companies (yes, MVT included)?

      How about help Make America Great Again?

      • It was neither cheap nor poor quality. The carrier is hard as nails and very durable. High price does not equal high quality. I’ll use the difference on ammo and such.
        Buy what YOU want with my blessing.

        Semper Paratus

      • Virgil Kane

        Why is Condor good enough for a battle belt, but not a plate carrier?

        • Max Alexander

          Is that directed at me? I have no condor equipment, including my battle belt.

          As for S Johnson, who appears to know nothing about gear quality and construction, that in itself is not the point. Even if the gear was at the same standard as quality gear made in the USA (which it isn’t) why do you support Chinese slave labor, which is the only way you get the prices you do for your China Mart shite. It basically tells me that you have no principles, you are all about a buck at any cost, and you will not support fellow Americans.

          Basically, you support communism. Fuck you.

  7. Well excuse me! Now that I’ve taken a few seconds and actually ‘looked’ at the picture above, clearly they are demonstrating an advancement in armor capabilities from the thin, perforated one on the right to the dented on the left. Kinda what this article is about, right?

  8. Virgil Kane

    What about their Death Star helmets?