Ms. Wolfe On V*ting


RTWT, but here’s the money quote:

…Again, this is nothing against v*ting (though I am generally against it, I understand the urge, as an member of AA understands the urge for whiskey)…


151 days.

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  1. America is not a country.

    It is a religion.

    An exceptionally bad religion.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      Very well put.
      When you look at all the Nascar racing flag waving Lee Greenwood Syndrome antics, you can’t help but notice it does resemble some strange kind of cult following.
      But maybe I’m wrong………..

  2. Adam Selene

    I like Ms. Wolfe, but the comeback and better quote is:
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

    • True but the big question is how did Mr. Burke define nothing.

      • Adam Selene

        I don’t know how he defined nothing, and I bet you don’t either, but he also said, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

  3. What a load of utter nonsense. People are going to vote and they’re going to frickin ‘mean it’. Next up: Cartridge box.
    Not voting, in this fall’s election AGAINST that lying traitorous bitch Clinton is aligning yourselves with the enemy.
    The sheep are stirring. I couldn’t read to end of that BS so maybe she actually got to the point. If she did, here’s my mea culpa.

    Semper Paratus

    • Ne Desit Virtus!

    • “Not voting, in this fall’s election AGAINST that lying traitorous bitch Clinton is aligning yourselves with the enemy.”

      You’re full of shit and you’re a coward.
      BTW, FU

      To everyone else:
      Keep your eye on people like this, they will sell you out in a nanosecond.
      They have no compunction against hiring thugs to steal your shit and kill you. I hope everyone of these retards gets viciously attacked by the very thugs they hire.

      After the collapse next year these rotten assholes will be shot on sight.

  4. I’m getting a little tired of the nihilist libertarians telling everyone not to vote. While I agree we’re in a rigged system, we should still be participating in the process not acting like spoiled children. Start locally, get involved, find good locals and elect them to office, stay on your state officials and keep them in line, no matter how good they are..

    • How has that been working for the past 40 years?

      Be honest – to yourself at least.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Th last guy who cast a vote that mattered was Oswald, and look what happened to him.

        • Budd Dwyer voted for himself. In Britain, Tommy Mair voted for Brexit. Some dude in Cologne, Germany voted in the mayoral election.
          I say more voting, not less.

    • MichiganJim

      “…we should still be participating in the process not acting like spoiled children.”

      Don’t shoot the messenger, but v*ting is acting like a spoiled child…expecting mommy and daddy to protect you and give you what you want.

      No conclusion there, but let’s at least get the facts straight.

    • I’d like to translate that thought for intelligent folks. What ned here is saying is “Just relax, help me out here, I’m only going to rape you again, a little”…… Who could find fault in participating in that?….

    • How in the hell do people get this way?
      Public school brainwashing?
      Overt gov’t/MSM exposure?

      Regardless, all of them will be eviscerated soon.

  5. Ah, but Adam Selene, you’re reflecting the very belief I decry in my post: the belief that not voting = “doing nothing.”

    On the contrary, while voting may or may not be “doing something” (that is,. something effective) millions, including people who might otherwise be taking intelligent individual action, have been lulled into believing that voting is everything.

    Voting, then just going home and figuring you’ve done your bit, is worse than “doing nothing.” Because it allows voters to live in a nice, cozy delusion as things go to hell around them.

    • +1

      The #1 feeling I have been getting from my voting over the years has been disappointment, I will be voting this year but I expect the same warm feeling soon thereafter too, most likely on election night, another thing that seems to be happening more often than not.

      I have come to the conclusion that this republic is all but over (better late to the party than not making it at all IMHO) and for myself I be focusing my efforts & resources on what will be coming next and keeping my powder dry in the mean time.

      • MichiganJim

        “(better late to the party than not making it at all IMHO)”

        Understated—that comment to that person in this context was one of the more optimistic things I’ve seen lately. Thanks!

  6. And I should also say — Thanks big time for the link, WRSA!

  7. a news story going around this weekend is that Virginia gov terry mccaulife is letting felons vote in what will supposedly be a swing state.
    if Americans had any sense left, terry mccaulife never would have made governor, he was a liar and cheat and everyone knew it and he still made governor. snoop dog and 50 cent running for office cannot be to far down the road at this point.

  8. No One You Know

    (Slightly) OT:

    Got Boyd?

    A humble admonition to the reader: This is not the “OODA Loop… got it… next slide…” Boyd of popular conception. This defines “heavy sledding.”

  9. No One You Know

    … and as to voting…

    Please don’t feed the political trolls.

    It only encourages them.

  10. Perplexing article……perhaps leaning towards hypocritical. How we think we see things or how we think we saw things…….is our problem; our wisdom or our myopia & error(s).

    If a “glass” is half full or half empty; it is the glass that is the wrong size; not the contents = false expectations. The “contents” in the “glass” represent the true realities….

    Indifference towards the voting choices and/or virtues of other people seems to be more of a Libertarian attribute, than does trying to convince other people to vote or not vote….a true Libertarian couldn’t care less if other people vote or not….or is this a false expectation too?

    When not voting against the greater evil becomes a question of one’s principals, morals, or……. integrity……..; those virtues do not “hold a light” to all those who just answered the call (throughout history) to give-up their youth, their body parts, or even their lives for the cause of their Republic (hopefully for Individual Liberty). It is/was they who have set their virtues aside and contributed the most towards our choices to vote or not.

    Minimize their “sublimity” if you wish (because/while we still can), but we can still decide to vote or not vote; that is the current reality… guilt trip required.

    So people can sit on whatever “high horse” they like because of the blood poured out; even though the horse may be a unicorn, a jackass, or a stallion.

    On a personal note; my Not Affiliated virtues will take a back seat on election day; I’m voting against the bitch. Our system has its flaws, but it’s the cards we were delt.

    • “….a true Libertarian couldn’t care less if other people vote or not…”

      Your neighbor hires thug to steal your shit and kill you, did the neighbor commit a crime?

      You hire a gov’t thug to steal your neighbors shit and kill him, did you commit a crime?

      Doesn’t anyone know how to think any more?

  11. Stealth Spaniel

    The problem with voting is not voting per se; it is the fact that EVERYONE can vote. The original colonists were not so stupid-to vote, you had to have some skin in the game. You had to be a land owner for starters. If you derive all of your wealth and pleasure from receiving taxes, why on earth wouldn’t you want more of them? If you are working 60+ hours a week for a nice retirement, a decent home, and to better your tribe, then why on earth would you want to pay taxes? And this idea of a super special elite class of bullies deciding WHO and WHERE and WHEN they will rape and plunder for (1) themselves and (2) other snowflakes is idiocy. The way voting is conducted in this country-and most others-is completely wrong.
    One man, one vote. Why? Just because you’re breathing doesn’t confer voting rights. If Shakeenah had to shove it 40 hours a week, she’d be a lot less worried about money for her weaves than money to feed her 8 kids. Reality eventually sinks in-especially if you get hungry.

  12. The re-election of Obozo was rigged & nobody seemed to really care. They got away w/ it so what or who’s stopping them ?
    To what end to Continue to use a broken & corrupt system to continue the system until what ?

    A perfect example of conscious stupidity. I say that because we are conscious of this, yet continue the behavior.

    The American people allowed them to bamboozle the country enough to empower the leadership & continue more of it. Until somebody or enough people stop the tyranny the beatings will continue until the moral improves.

  13. Ill be voting locally at minimum. As for the two running for prez, its totally rigged in her favor, no if, ands or butts.

  14. Remember the Alamo and the Barnhardt axiom,everything else is BS.We are done,get over it and get ready.