WaPo: Election Already Decided – HRC Begins WH Staff Work

hillary don't make me drop my bikini bottom

You ready for Hillary?

151 days.


22 responses to “WaPo: Election Already Decided – HRC Begins WH Staff Work

  1. Some Guy in the NW

    This is one reason I am volunteering with my local GOP and the Trump campaign to act as an election observer. Do I think that he is our hero who will fix everything via our voting? No, but he is a useful tool who is a patriotic nationalist. It serves my ideological goals. Rousing the rabble and organizing with winners… it may make a difference for us in the future. Maybe. At least it’s worth a try.

  2. The one certainty from this election is that WaPo and her ilk have fallen below the National Enquirer for credibility.

  3. ALCON,

    Another story and “poll” by that leftist rag the Washington Post. Lots of validity in that.

  4. this is scary….. sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    HRC new national flag done via Royal Decree/ExO:

  6. Bullshit. It’s all lies and obfuscation with these psychopaths. All their words and actions are designed to paint a picture. I’m not going to read the article. Anyone who fails to vote TRUMP is THE ENEMY!!

    • I think people don’t realize that not voting is what is actually wanted. In this election it leads to an increase in power that will be far harder to overcome. The army against us becomes much more powerful. Just watch. The brain washing was a hell of move. Good job I say.

  7. The Walkin' Dude

    Speaking of being ready for Hitlery…anyone have an AKM, and try the Detroit Ammo 7.62×39 Subsonic Soft Points, and if so, how did they perform?

  8. ALL HALE HILLIARY The GREAT! All hale the patroness of the hearth, the fire and the forge!! Through the fire we must go, we must go! The heat it sears, the feet will burn, we must go, we must go! Out O’ the forge a tempered MAN, we must go, we must go!…

  9. Truth Corps


    Smashing cultural Marxism and the lie of diversity is gonna be Yuuuge!

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  11. Stealth Spaniel

    You can take the boys and girls out of Africa….but they never reset their minds.

  12. Tallulah Bankhead

    At this point I believe the best we can hope for, something I think Ryan and the GOPers have been angling for is an election which gets tossed into the House and the (then) very real possibility an entirely different candidate could emerge as the winner.

  13. European American

    Don’t worry, people, her health will decline so quickly between now and then, her chances of being on the ballot box are mathematically impossible. Those aren’t seizures. It’s myoclonus and hyperekplexia from having SCJD. Tongue biopsy is 1 of the 8 tests listed on the Creutzfeldt-Jakob confidential communicable disease report that the doctor has to send in to the CDC. She had a tongue biopsy. Myoclonus, hyperekplexia, hallucinations, bowel incontinence, rage, fits of laughter at the wrong times, vision, slurred or slow speech, sore throat, insomnia (that cant be helped with meds). Of course they’ll blame everything they can and keep running test after test. There’s no single test they can give her to prove it’s CJD. They have to wait until death and do an autopsy. So, they’ll put off diagnosis until the symptoms become so noticeable they can no longer deny the fact that it’s CJD. That’s why they are not allowing her to be interviewed, and they keep reporters away from her. So it doesn’t trigger her myoclonus and hyperekplexia. They know giving her that diagnosis is a death sentence no matter when they tell her, so, they are buying time, IF she has it . It’s always 100% fatal.
    13% of all Alzheimer’s patients that undergo autopsy end up being confirmed SCJD. 5.2 million Americans have Alzheimer’s and another is being diagnosed every 69 seconds. So, SCJD isn’t as uncommon as we are lead to believe.
    CJD, is like ALS,PARKINSON, DEMENTIA AND ALZHEIMERS on steroids. My guess is that she’s so pumped up on Parkinson meds for the myoclonus and hyperekplexia that she can’t help her speech being slow.

  14. European American

    The “Polls” are total BullShit. Anyone who thinks Hillary has a chance to win is still asleep. Donald will win in the largest landslide in the history of presidential elections. It will be epic.