Jim Sinclair’s Mineset: Q&A From Readers – 14 August

I’m sure the USG and the global central bankers have everything under control.

Towards themselves.

11 responses to “Jim Sinclair’s Mineset: Q&A From Readers – 14 August

  1. If gold is reset the government will force everyone to turn in their gold before the reset as happened during great depression.

    • nobody can force you to do anything while you are still alive

    • Well, yes and no, the government will **tell** everyone to turn in their gold, as happened during the great depression, but things might not go as swimmingly for them this time. However much trust the public of the 1930s had in the government’s competence and integrity, it’s been frittered away.

  2. Fuck all of you worthless shits.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. nothing to see here its just games… go about you business…..


  5. No.

    Fuck all you worthless shit cops. Fixed it for you.

    All cops are scum… how they can look at themselves in the mirror, or how anyone can support them, I just can’t understand.

    Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, August 18, 2016:

    Update: Kingston, New York: (First reported 03-16-16): An officer pled guilty to misdemeanor DUI for a rollover crash and possession of stolen property. The car he flipped wasn’t his and he was driving it without permission, but he was allowed to plea to a lesser charge than grand theft auto. He was giving a 30-day suspended sentence and was allowed to keep his job. ow.ly/VQ1y303kf2n

    Update: Garner, North Carolina (First reported 07-13-16): An officer who was arrested for domestic violence in July has been fired. ow.ly/7Qth303kfkl

    Mesa, Arizona: A lieutenant retired before his termination paperwork could be completed after his DUI guilty plea. He had been charged with aggravated DUI because his BAC tested at four times the legal limit. In his letter of departure, he listed a number of current officers who had been arrested for DUI but allowed to remain on the force. ow.ly/3XfG303m5qT

    Lafayette, Louisiana: The City Marshal was indicted on charges of misusing public funds and perjury. ow.ly/J3yn303m6IO

    Berkeley County, South Carolina: A now-former deputy was sentenced to one year and a day for selling firearms to a person he knew was under felony indictment. ow.ly/eflp303mdZa

    Dillon, South Carolina: An officer was arrested for DUI. ow.ly/AlQo303mfhJ

    Nashville, Tennessee: An officer was charged with assault. She allegedly slapped a drug suspect after the officer pricked her finger on a used syringe during a body search. ow.ly/DAGk303mfEv

    Update: Albany, New York (First reported 08-15-16): An officer was arrested for slamming a teen girl to the ground at a group home. There is video of the incident but it has not yet been released. He was previously suspended and his partner is on desk duty. ow.ly/bwOf303mhbM

    Amarillo, Texas: An officer was arrested for child pornography possession. ow.ly/AuIn303mhOy