Officer Safety Went Home At The End Of His Shift


UK Daily Mail: North Carolina state trooper shoots dead an unarmed deaf mute father who was trying to communicate via sign language after being pulled over for a speeding violation


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • Hey Alfred…..nobody reads that POS where you steal others effort’s and re-post it. “Creativity” is a word not in your limited vocabulary, is it ?

      • Hey Danny boy, you’re not very positive lately. Or helpful.

        Does anyone have a clue as to how dash cam video is transmitted or is it saved in a black box in the trunk?

        • MichiganJim

          Dan keeps busy yapping about everyone else. He enjoys it so much that sometimes he just makes stuff up. My hunch is it’s because he hasn’t the courage to take a long hard look at himself.

          • This, exactly. He’s the original “intrawebz tough guy” and he loathes people he feels have stolen his schtick.

            • I’m tired of your shit asshole. Get a real job loser, I’m tired of supporting you and your family with taxes that are stolen from me. Learn a trade or something…

            • Hey LoL No….seems to me that if there are any pussy keyboard warriors here, tapping out the ingcognito tough guy trash, it is you. Now Spartacus, how about you being specific with your declaration of my being the original “intrawebz tough guy” ?

              Of course you could always post a couple of your drivers license along with a copy of your SS Card just to prove how truly tough YOU are. I’ll wait.

          • Jim Klein/MichiganJim,

            “….he just makes stuff up.” Citations Jimbo, citations PLEASE.


            “My hunch is it’s because he hasn’t the courage to take a long hard look at himself.”

            Klein, you remain the constant hypocrite. I give you credit though. After YOU took a long, hard look at “Jim Klein” and the constant beatings you took here at WRSA with that screen name, you decided to tuck your tail between your legs, grab your mangina and change your screen name to “MichiganJim”. “MichiganJim”, hoping your “individual” rally chants of the weasel “Jim Klein” would be left in the dustbin of the Internet.

            Good to see you back spouting meaningless rhetoric now as “MichiganJim” (Not very original screen name. Then again “Detroit” is taken). It makes for some humor.

            Oh, and before I close….your hypocrisy is truly amazing. Specifically, you commence your diatribe telling the losers who care, how I am “busy yapping about everyone else.” Yet, here you are doing to me exactly what you accuse me of doing. Hahahahaha…..what a loser you are Jimmy.

            Now grab your mangina and confess to your cowardly screen name change and tell everyone here you going back to “Jim Klein”. Might garner yourself some respect. But, I doubt it.

        • DAOF,

          I’m not very positive ? I beg to differ….I’m absolutely, POSITIVELY certain that this reblogging clown “Alfred E. Neuman” has not a lick of creativity in his entire being ! Don’t believe me ? Click on his screen name.

          Here, let me be helpful….dashcams or bodycams do not transmit. They record. They’re like today’s cameras which use memory cards to record images. Dashcams use a small SD memory card, usually a Micro SD memory card. The memory card is right in the device. It is the size of your thumbnail. I suggest you visit if you’re interested in buying or learning about one. $70 bucks + shipping will get you a decent one to try out.

          The only thing I carry in the black box in my trunk is an ARmalite.

  2. {{{Jermaine Saunders}}}

    but they’re “uncertain of the trooper’s race”.

    another White man murdered by a black thug. Because in Jew-ruled ‘Murka, Whites lives do not matter. Right now, for every ‘groid killed by a White – uniformed or not – ‘groids kill 10 Whites. By 2030, absent PonziCollapse, the open-borders Judeo-globalists will move Whites from merely harassed majority to actively persecuted minority…facing a hostile majority amalgam of Blacks, Browns, Slants, and Muslims led by genocidal Jews

    • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed,

      “….facing a hostile majority….of….Muslims….”

      Practicing your hatred and some Taqiyya I see. Get some rest….morning prayers start bright and early.

  3. Steve Kristmann

    Link didn’t work; have found alternate site about this:

    ” Daniel’s hearing impairment is no excuse for what happened. While his family is correct — police should absolutely be better trained, and license plates could and should provide smarter alerts to first responders — this case boils down to the “shoot first, ask questions later” training police are receiving all over the country. Virtually any other option the officer could’ve considered was better than what he chose in this case, but here we are with another avoidable casualty of police violence.

    Daniel Harris should be alive with a speeding ticket, but instead his family is raising funds for his cremation.”

    No, he should be alive and the scum sucking ‘kings agent’ that assaulted him should have been left on the ground bleeding out after being shot down by Daniel’s neighbors and friends when the gang member in the overpriced Halloween costume attempted to commit murder!

    Fuck cops and their enablers…they’re nothing more than the dirty arm of the political parasites who steal anything they can, whether from ‘speeding tickets’ or ‘taxation’!

    Fuck them in the eye with a rusty length of rebar!!

    “cops?!…we don need no stinkin cops here!!”

    (If you believe this and go about your day without initiating force
    on other people, you’re an anarchist/voluntarist in action).

    (if you believe that gov/authority has any legitimacy and that you are
    obligated to obey, let alone respect it and it’s agents or parasitical masters you are a statist and worshipper in the cult of the most dangerous superstition!).

    Free or slave…your choice
    And no, cops and the rest of the beehive of politics aren’t authorized to do jack shit!

    Yours In Liberty w/o any ‘state sanctioned approval, permits or license!
    NorthGunner III

  4. I’m speechless….

  5. Deaf guy probably made some sign language that looked like a finger pistol. Can’t be too careful.

  6. Executed for driving while deaf & mute. You won’t see “Deaf Mute Lives Matter” fanatics burning down commercial districts and engaging in rampant hooliganism.
    Isn’t there some sort of minimum IQ to be a police officer? (as in, must have this level of cognitive capacity at a MINIMUM to play this game?)

  7. Still haven’t seen the gopro video from the black copper in Milwaukee that shot in the chest and killed the black kid (supposedly waving a gun around… uhuh… I still want to see the vid as I don’t believe a word the guy said) Where the fuck is it? I’m betting there is no vid so it will never be released.

    As to this copper in NC… well, an unarmed deaf mute man waving his hands around trying to talk to his 4yr old son is DEFINITELY a reason to kill him, I’m sure that shit looks dangerous and is very frightening to coppers everywhere. I’m sure the cop was in fear of his life what with all the hand waving and shit. I’ll bet the Blue Lives Matter gang will call it a good shoot because the perp didn’t stay in his car and did not do what the officer ORDERED! Regardless of the fact he could not hear a word the officer was screaming at him. No need to even ask for a gopro we already know he was unarmed and a deaf mute. The cop is guilty of manslaughter pure and simple. And they still wonder why people are trying to kill them. Worse than the movie Idiocracy.

    It’s official, there are no good cops anymore. NONE of them seem to understand the ramifications of their actions. I have no reason to believe they will ever try to fix this behavior as they only try to excuse it no matter where it happens. I say this because I’m betting that the NC copper gets to remain on “the force” after a short absence with pay and a possible trial in which he will be exonerated by a jury of Trumpsters who do nothing but bootlick and worship cops no matter what they do and will look for any excuse to find him not guilty.

    Grey Ghost

    • GG,

      Thanks for your comments to me the other day. Comments closed before I could reply to you.

  8. Make a list of all the people who love this man enough and have balls enough to see justice done rather than thump their pathetic chests in the media.

    When that list is at least one person strong then you will see something worth seeing.

  9. Being unable to beg a 75 IQ cop for your life verbally is now punishable by death? Do we have pictures of the cop?

  10. Officer Safety Squeeze: Hayyyyy Bayybeee how’d it go today?
    Officer Safety: Gooood. Good. Had to blow away some fool that got out his car after I ran him down.
    Squeeze: Really?
    Officer Safety: Yeah. What’s for supper baby…..cause I’m tired and now need to clean my Glock.

  11. Time for dead pigs. And dead pig whores.

    • terribletroy

      Definitely the whores…… dont forget the whores….DONT EVER FORGET THE WHORE!!…

      • They are the key to convincing the Praetorian Guard they chose the wrong profession. Let’s look at the score:

        Five dead pigs in Dallas. What’s their response? As far as I can tell, double down. Now what do you think the Dallas situation would be if, instead of five dead pigs, it was five dead pig whores? My bet is that right now Dallas would not be able to find enough Only Ones to guard the donuts in the HQ break room. YMMV, but that’s the way the smart money bets.

        • Don’t bother trying. Teh St00pit is strong with this one. These helpless brainwashed bastards can’t figure out the key to everyone’s Freedom is ridding ourselves of the parasitic loser pigs. Why, what ever would they do if they couldn’t pick up a phone and dial 911 for help? The only thing terrible about troy is his dick breath.

  12. So, it is now ok to kill the handicapped???

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Look at world history and tell me when it’s not ok for the government to kill the handicapped. Other than maybe very young children, no other group lives at the sufferance of others as much as the handicapped do.

  13. Got these involuntary tears on my cheek.
    Partly sorrow and a shitload of rage.

  14. “They also plan to set up a foundation in his name to ‘educate and provide law enforcement [with] proper training on how to confront deaf people.”

    You save the money for that foundation and give it to his kid to go to school. I will now conduct the training for police directly in this post.

    Three rules

    Understand if you do not accept these three rules and attempt to act in a manner that suggest that you reject them, then you will be treated as the criminal that you are and dealt with accordingly.

    • Play by the same ROE – Target their families.


      • Why not start with the people actually DOING the evil not their families or people pushing paper in an office?
        See what effect that has first.

        • That was tried in Dallas. Five dead pigs in one day. What’s the result that YOU see?

  15. Make up your minds.
    Do you hate the jackboot
    murderous police state,
    with every fiber of your being?
    Or will you continue to cuck-suck
    oathkeepers (breakers), while
    sending flowers, Hallmark wishes,
    and pizzas to treasonous badgers?
    You cannot have it both ways.
    Uhh, my mistake.
    Obviously, you schizophrenic posers
    can and do.

    • Do you even read this site brah?
      There are plenty of folks here who more than make their opinion of cops known.

    • info ap,

      Get some time in at this blog before you start flappin’ your keyboard.

      The bulk of folks here have no use for the tyrants who call themselves LEOs today. Gone are the days of 15-50 years ago when there were actually MEN who carried a badge and served the public. Those men were proud to call themselves Peace Officers. There are one or two of these righteous, now retired, former Peace Officers who comment here regularly. Their insight is invaluable.

      Spend some time here and read. You’ll find many here to be assholes and proud of it.

  16. The Police are a GANG. A protection racket. Run buy the assholes that run everything else. They have the power not only to murder, but to rape, steal , lie, plant evidence, and anything else that pops up in their evil little brains. You on the other hand are the property of the state. You MUST obey any order or die. You have NO rights that the overseers are bound to respect because you are a slave. You, your wife or your child can be killed for any reason. Or no reason at all. They can steal all that you have at any time just because they want too and it will all be done by someone who knows that they will NEVER be punished or reprimanded. You are a slave that will not even TRY to make the abuse stop. The most that the bulk of the meat puppets will ever do is bitch on the internet or stage some ridiculous and useless protest.( ,Bundy ranch , federal F&W fiasco) But most will NEVER fight to be free of the chains. AND THE COPS KNOW IT. The “system” is in place to oppress you and protect them. Think I’m fill of shit? Just say NO! the next time a cop tells you to do something and watch his cowardly little hand go to the gun. Watch how fast YOU pay the bill. And NONE of this will change until mass graves start filling with black uniforms , shinny badges and the assholes that send them. But I don’t think a “rebellion to restore Liberty” will ever happen. If y’all were gonna fight , you would have filled the Anaconda mine pit with body’s by now.

  17. The deaf man was shot for “Failure to Grovel”.

    Any action other than whimper/grovel/render obeisance is, and will be, seen as an OFFENSIVE act, a threat to the policeman’s life, and worthy of the use of lethal force. Get it?

    The Gang is in charge.

    There are no Free men. There are only sheep and sheepdogs. Let us get this strait and dispel the fantasy. A sheepdog’s job is to herd sheep. He uses force, and the threat of force, to move the herd at the direction of the Master. The sheep exist to be perennially sheered and ultimately slaughtered. Yes, the sheepdog protects. He protects the Master’s interest, his property, his investment, his profit.

    That is all.

  18. Eventually, the Poli-Ticks made an example of Bill:

    Hope to see him again one day.

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  19. All cops, their families, and cop lovers must be targeted. I wish it weren’t so… but they insist. Haven’t you all had enough of their bullshit? Do you hate them enough yet? if not, are you that fucking STUPID? It’s time to force feed them what they have been dishing out for so very long. Their thinking is, that by executing a few, the hundreds of millions will be intimidated… It’s much like the blacks that believe they can kill whites without any blow back. The extermination of the criminal class will be magnificent.

  20. In the entirety of
    our Republic, there are
    zero Patriot leaders.
    Own it.

    • terribletroy

      You could always follow tfa, mark & haxo. They’re willing to lead. Maybe you could get together, demonstrate for the “sheeple” how things are done (patriotic and leadership wise)

  21. This is how the US military would put down an armed rebellion

    “…Combat units will begin show of force operations against militiamen to remind the rebels they’re now dealing with the actual United States military. Army and Marine Corps units will begin capturing and dismantling the checkpoints and roadblocks held by the militia members…”

    Heh. “they’re now dealing with the actual US military…” LOL

    I’m soooo skeered.

    Yeah. Like how they showed those 3rd world goat herders?
    Oh Wait… The us military got their ass handed to them – again…

  22. Here’s a different take on things:

    Daniel Kevin Harris was deaf, not blind.

    “But Daniel Harris didn’t stop in I-485 near N. Tryon Road when he noticed Trooper Saunders was following him. He instead led Saunders on chase that went for approximately 7.5 miles down I-485, down the off ramp onto Rocky River Road, and the went another mile before Daniel Harris finally stopped on Seven Oaks Drive.
    Daniel Harris clearly knew he was being pursued, and the extensive damage on his vehicle suggests that he was desperate to keep going as long as he could to get home. He never got there, being shot and killed with a single shot in the middle of the street near his home.”

    Now, i am not a huge fan of LE in general, have a major distrust and verify attitude/approach, and if this Trooper did in fact smoke this dude for no reason, then he should fry, however, if the facts come out via audio/video, that the trooper was justified, well, play stupid games, win stupid prizes….

    • Any indication that the dead guy was armed?

      • Bob Owens is a cop sucker. So is psyop the douche bag, probably related to bob the “field grade dick head”. I didn’t read anything about a high speed chase endangering lives. This victim didn’t trust the rotten trigger happy pigs, he knew he was to be murdered on the side of the road where no one would even know his name. That’s what the badges do. Murder innocent people.


      Sad situation. It sounds very similar to the execution of Miriam Carey by the DC Police a few years ago. For what it is worth, motorists can and do panic sometimes when you light them up. I have had it happen to me when I was a Deputy Sheriff more than once or twice. They will drive in a very erratic manner, and commit all kinds of moving violations until they finally yield and pull over. Unless I was in an actual pursuit of a known stolen vehicle, I never displayed my revolver when the car stopped. My holster was unsnapped and my hand was on the butt. That was it.
      I am no hero or expert. I know what I know because thoughtful, mature, and experienced peace officers trained me the right way. But, that was 1975. Amerika was another country back then. We crossed the Rubicon a long time ago. It is now them versus us and the “thems” are winning.