The Winter War: This Isn’t The Fabian Strategy You Are Looking For


It is fairly easy to start a war.

Winning it is another issue.

24 responses to “The Winter War: This Isn’t The Fabian Strategy You Are Looking For

  1. Patrick Welch

    I love the Finns, they killed more communists than cancer. Too bad they still lost land, but they made the Soviet pay dearly for it.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. The Usual Suspect

    Yes the Finns were courageous and tenacious.
    The Russians were stupid and unprepared.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      And yet the Finns still lost. Important lesson there. Courage and tenacity are good traits, but against overwhelming numbers and a relentless foe, they can only take you so far.

      • quite far, in this case. Stalin’s initial objective was to seize all of Finland (a former Czarist province) and re-imperialize it. Stung by the Finns, and finally warned off by Hitler, he settled for much less

        • Jimmy the Saint

          The USSR still ended up with Finland as a de facto satellite state, and got the Petsamo region outright.

  4. The “White Death” sniper killed so many communists, in and out of uniform, that the EU wanted to prosecute him 60 years later…

  5. Two years ago to this day, the Nazi-Maidan Ukrainian army was incircled and crushed at Ilovaisk by an out gunned, out manned group of rebels led by a failed car wash attendant, Motorola. This brilliant defensive move both saved and created a new country, Novorussia. Obama thought he could ‘ manage’ a small ‘revolution’ in the Ukraine. He thought he could lead NATO to taking the Russian naval base in the Crimea by proxy. They nearly won the war, the rebels being on their last legs. Russia was probably hours away from intervening which almost certainly would have led to an armed exchange with NATO. But Motorola, along with Givi ( a grocery store security guard) may have saved the world from a possible WW3 by performing a military miracle in the Donbass. Instead of a war with Russia, we got a dirty little civil war in place no one cares about, saving Obama’s and Putin’s ass. All because of a couple of nobody’s, Givi and Motorola, who might have well just walked off the set of the movie, ” The Seven Samurai”.
    Who says little people and nobody’s can’t change the world.

  6. Key lesson: skis rule for winter war in deep snow.

  7. The US military have been pawns of the globalists for 40 years. They have started (false flag events etc.) a lot of wars and won jack shit.

  8. “You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – The most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia”

    I think adjacent to that phrase it should include in-parentheses:
    “Or invade Finland in Wintertime.”

    With a rifle in their hands, the Finns are the last people on the planet you ever want to mess with if you trespass into their woods with bad intentions.
    Better have your life insurance paid up.

  9. The commies are all here now and the “patriots” are busy begging them not ot take away the remaining scraps of their “gun rights”.

    The newest generations have embraced that which is responsible for the lives of millions.

  10. A SHTF event in the winter is one of my fears.
    Gotz preps ?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      My m39 (a 1967 rebuilt 1895 Chaterault mixmaster) is like new, have a few cases of ammo for it, and when all else fails, it will probably be the last thing functioning at -40’F here in the Rockies. Or my .375 H&H.
      Lots of cold weather gear, extreme cold bags and snowshoes too. That’s normal for late elk hunting season anyway.
      An old Marine friend told me they shitcanned their M-1 carbines in Korean winters, they wouldn’t function in the extreme cold, and every single man used an M-1 rifle, lubed with Vitalis hair oil. Something to be learned here about ice and weak cartridges.
      Yeah, winter sucks, especially for fighting outdoors, but that might be the only thing that saves you, the wisdom to let the winter defeat your ignorant enemy, especially the exceptional ones.

  11. Kuolema kommunismin!!!

    Kuoleman islamiin!!!

    Kuolema Imperium!!!

    Eläköön vapaus!

  12. Stealth Spaniel

    The Finns did what you are supposed to do in a war: shoot to kill the MFs. Anything else is simply silly.

  13. Unquestionably the best soldiers, The Finns, I have ever served with! 2003 on a SFOR rotation in North East Bosnia. oh the stories!

  14. The Usual Suspect

    Walter Mitty’s Second Amendment
    Google it

  15. Personally, I like the pictures you see of dead Russian soldiers, propped up by the Finns to mock and terrorize the remaining rooskies. Now THAT is a field expedient example of psyche warfare.

  16. Centurion_Cornelius

    make sure that both you, your rifle and sidearm function and operate in winter climes; pay special attention to your lubes and optics. what works for you at 75*F may not at -25*F.

  17. During WW2, the Russians and the Germans took to mixing their gun oil with gasoline, and it kept their guns from freezing up. I’ve tried it myself, it works, up to a point, and diesel makes an excellent solvent for cleaning rifles. Yeah, I know, Walter Mittys’ Second Amendment, n’ all that. Oh the burn! Trouble is, cake-fuck, me, and a lot of other old motherfuckers like me, ain’t fucking Walter Mitty. But you just go ahead and talk your shit.