TL Davis: The Screaming Of The Barbarians

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TL’s latest.

Quote of the Month:

…Since the answer is a coordinated strategy to destabilize the United States and prepare it for one final revelation, skip to that conclusion and avoid the brain damage…


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. [This question assumes that people who answer the question below actually read the article referred to above by “Quote of the Month.” Yes, it is a huge assumption.]

    Who is this amorphous “they” TL dances around ?



      SFC: The “they” that he is dancing around are the COMMIE-LIBERAL-JEW-COSMIC-WHITE-COLLECTIVIST college professors who have been infecting the secular higher learning establishments of Amerika for many years. It started with Mario Savio and the FREE SPEECH MOVEMENT at UC Berkeley in the mid-sixties. Savio was a useful idiot for card-carrying Communists Herbert Aptheker(sp?) and his daughter Bettina. I heard it with my own ears, saw it with my own eyes, and lived through it as a student at UC Irvine, Cal-Sate Northridge, and Cal-Sate Long Beach.
      There is an old saying: “Satan never sleeps”. Ted Flynn, in his book: HOPE OF THE WICKED, documents that Karl Marx(another Jew) was a Satanist.He also does a frightening expose of Albert Pike. Now look at the twisted, demonic visage of that butt-ugly Jewess in the photo above. As we would say in Ancient Rome: RES IPSA LOQUITUR.

    • MichiganJim

      Amorphous??? Damn, you could put ’em on a scale and weigh out the tonnage…with a big enough scale. Seems to me your main concern should be whether you belong on that scale or not. But hey, that’s just my opinion; I’m busy enough taking care of myself and mine.

  3. “The screaming of the barbarians”? I prefer something more appropriate. How ’bout we go with “The march of the perpetually offended”?…. Led by that saint Our lady of the perpetually offended….. Easily identifiable by her hysterical screeching about whatever ludicrous cause has captured her attention momentarily. A screech which, by the way, has the capability to sterilize cats at a hundred yards and make grown men want to club babies with live seals…..

  4. ALCON,

    Mr. Davis is expressing the simple question in the minds of the inquiring, concerned folks such as most of those who frequent WRSA:

    “Why ?”

    I ask the same regularly, almost daily.

    In the meantime, make effort to do some:

    1. Push-ups.
    2. Put rounds downrange this weekend/day off.

    Never give up your guns.

    • Why?

      “They” hate us.

      Very simple.


      • Jim Klein/ MichiganJim,

        “I’m busy enough taking care of myself….”

        You can’t be that busy seeing how you have time to come to WRSA and provide unasked for advice. Courtesy of your opinion.

      • Barry,

        Aaaahhh….but there is that vagueness you challenged in the word “they”. Also include the vague “us”. One must make specific definition of words rather than the scattergun technique so often employed by many folks.

        Define who “they” are. Define who “us” are.




        And while we’re at it….let’s consider this word courtesy of Bill Clinton:

        “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” Bubba had a point.

        Words have meaning and we often disregard their specifics.

  5. “They are getting closer and closer so the only rational reaction is to sharpen the blades and load the rifles and wait to see the whites of their eyes.”

    Like all thugs and despots, the only thing the leadership on the other side (Clinton, Obama, Soros et al) understand is what comes out the barrel of a gun. They have millions of pieces of 70 IQ cannon fodder. The leadership is the head of the snake. Cut off the head, the body dies.

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  7. The Man of Lawlessness
    …10and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, 12in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.…

    • Greetings!

      It did not show up on your posting that you were referring to the verses of 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2.

      The prophecy referred to in verses 10-12 is speaking, as Scripture always does, of a spiritual matter, not of a political matter or of a political person.

      In 2nd Thessalonians 2, the Holy Spirit, using the apostle Paul as his writer, informs the congregation in Thessalonica that in the future there will be a great “falling away.” The subject would be the Christian church. The object would be the true Christian faith.

      This “falling away” would occur before the public exposure of the Antichrist took place, who is described in this place as “the man of sin” and the “son of perdition,” because he is full of sin, and because he is destined for damnation. Indeed, the appropriateness of these names would be demonstrated by his behavior.

      For example, he would “oppose and exalt himself above all” God-ordained authority, such as, the civil government, parental prerogative, the local congregation – the Supreme Court in the church, and the public ministry, even to the ambitious extent of putting himself on a plane with God, claiming authority, honor, and power which only Heaven claims. Hence he would be the ultimate in rebellion, pride, and power-seeking: installing himself as the master in the visible Christian church.

      Though for a while this incredibly brazen usurpation by the “lawless one” would be checked by something and someone (“what…[and] he… restrains,” verses 6-7), namely, the Roman Empire and the Roman emperors, this person, nevertheless, still would come by the working of Satan, with all lying power, signs, and miracles, boasting that these miracles are divine and, hence, prove his legitimacy, using “unrighteous deception” on those who did not love the truth and were a part of that great falling away from the gospel. Thus a generation of Christians would arise that had no love for the old apostolic gospel, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      On account of this, God would punish them. He would do it by using evil to punish evil. He personally would send them a power that produces delusion for the ultimate purpose that they all might be damned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness (verse 12).

      While the names which Paul gave: “the man of sin” and the “son of perdition” did not stick in the minds of the church, the name “Antichrist” did.
      Who is this “man of sin,” the “son of perdition,” or “the Antichrist”? It is none other than the Roman papacy. The “falling away” refers to the members of the Roman Catholic Church.

      For further information, go to my website, click on the book tab, and go to my online book about the Antichrist!

      With kind regards,

      Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

    • Sorry, but that guy ranks just below Jim Bakker during the PTL days. No thanks. Ken

      • Ken,

        “PTL” days of Jim & Tammy Bakker. What a racket those two had going….

        PTL = Pass The Loot !

  8. LaGrandeGuy

    Gramsci/Dutsschke’s “Long March Through the Institutions” is complete. Small red nuclei of very hard-core Stalinism have germinated and metastasized into what formerly were the major organs of our society: mainline churches, government, academia, medicine, police and military. All while we slept in front of our fucking Tee Vees like fat oafs…All while the borders were intentionally left wide open and our rural communities were flooded with heroin and millions of third world peasants. VERY evil and VERY deliberate. They are playing for keeps and they are very very serious. It really may be too late…..

    • ‘All while we slept in front of our fucking Tee Vees like fat oafs…”

      Speak for yourself.

      I’m certainly not fat by any stretch of the imagination and I DO NOT even own a Tee Vee, let alone sleep in front of it. But if the shoe fits, then wear it with pride, you’ve earned it. Ignorance indeed breeds poverty.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It wasn’t that people weren’t paying attention – they were. The Statists were very well organized and had a plan. The general public wasn’t and didn’t. The Statists were cohesive; the general public wasn’t – everyone was just milling about on their own, unsure of what to do, or who to do it with/against.

  9. Curiously, anyone have a twenty on that fucking cunt?

    Gotta keep lists current.

  10. Click, Melissa A.
    Phone: (573) 884-4694
    Address: 115 Switzler Hall
    City: Columbia
    State: MO

    Apparently lives in the area, though I wasn’t willing to dump $25 on an internet detective service for that.

    FYI, it is “Click” and not “Glick.”

  11. Once these useful idiots have served their purpose, they will be mowed down like grass by the very hands they kissed. Fodder for the first big die off. I laugh at them now, and even more so when I consider the calamity that’s heading their way like a freight train. 😀