An Awakening?


The money editor at Ms. Wolfe’s new place looks at the Fed’s recent attempt at social media outreach.

And scoffs.

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  1. From TL Davis:
    The Screaming of the Barbarians
    “Yes, they are evil and devious enough to foment a race war to destabilize American society. Yes, they are evil and devious enough to expose our children to pedophiles lurking in bathrooms, pretending to be sexually indeterminate. Yes, they are evil and devious enough to import terrorists under the guise of humanitarianism to randomly commit acts of terror to frighten and disrupt society. Yes, they are evil and devious enough to encourage racial animosity on the southern border for all of the reasons above.

    It does no good to spend valuable time and energy trying to expose these acts. They are doing it, they know what they are doing and those remaining on their side of the argument are anxious to see them succeed. Time and energy would much better be spent preparing to defend oneself and their kin from the final revelation. Your outrage is useless unless it is turned inward and used to bolster resolve. Stop fighting every skirmish and prepare for the war.”


    Man, TL has wrote some great things over the years.

    Like this …
    It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them.
    Let them restore it to find refuge from us.
    – TL Davis

    and this…
    Of course, there is a risk, but only from a tyrannical and oppressive government bent on the absolute destruction of a free society. -TL Davis

    But what TL said at the top is right, it is like a philosophical clue bat.

    Tom Baugh wrote one of the best shore narrative hooks going…
    “We not only have to teach people how to fish, we have to teach them that such a thing is even possible…” – Tom Baugh

    Take it another level…”It’s not about holding ground. It’s not even about winning for the G. It’s about the perception of not losing.” – John Mosby, Nous Defions

    Because this…
    “Irregulars usually defeat regulars, providing they have the will. Such fighting is horrible to contemplate, but will continue to dominate brute strength.” – Jeff Cooper

    Because this…”I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” – Gen. Yamamoto

    Because those who awaken end up being indomitable…
    “Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.”-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free
    …because John Mosby like TL know what a clue bat is…


    The fundamental human right to self-defense and its tools does not stem from any piece of parchment or other act of man.

    It is much more elemental than that.

    I have more principled reasons for my stand on owning firearms, and I don’t care one whit in the world for the Second Amendment. It means nothing to me. My rights have nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution, and when it dawns on people that it has finally been erased — the principal danger of all political premises posed as “social contracts” — my rights will still validly exist, even if I die defending them. I own firearms because I have a right to private property. That is the First Thing.

    …As the Regime takes off the gloves, every day it creates tens of thousands more American Patriots who realize yes, it really probably is going to get that bad, so really, they may not have that much to lose after all.

    So why not stop being afraid and stand up to the Regime?

    Join the honorable Resistance, or make your own. Garden, cook at home, teach your children, and get right with the Lord. Cut expenses, avoid taxes, learn new skills, and build savings of tangible real assets. Train, stockpile, recruit, prepare, guard, protect, and defend.

    Make this your finest hour.”

    As Max Velocity put it:

    “Because Fuck You Thats Why”

    • Mtnforge,

      I’m going to start cut’n & pasting your stuff and keeping it in a binder !


      • John Mosby wrote “Remember”, meant to attribute it to him.

        Hey that’s what I’ve done, save everything, got years of stuff, it is like a time capsule, especially as things accelerate out of control. Pretty wild looking back through everything.
        Be delighted to share it all. I also have about 9 years of reverse agitprop in pics and political cartoons.
        It’s mind-blowing looking at it, a virtual snapshot of how truly fucking pissed off people are, the scope of the creativeness and expression of that cold anger blows you away. That’s no shit friend. You have to see it for yourself.
        To me it looks like the unquestionable beginnings of revolution 21st century style. It you where to go ahead a hundred years and look back on what I’ve saved it would leave no doubt it was the revolution before the boolits started flying.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Well-put and well-said, mtnforge!

      Bottom line: I “saw the light” when I sashayed down to my local bank where I wanted to “withdraw” some of what I thought was “my money” on deposit.

      Suffice to say me and Mr. Bank Mgr. almost came to blows over “bank rules and regs” I totally forgot about and agreed to when I opened said deposit account. I was merely yet another “unsecured creditor” of the bank and had to play by their rules–no large withdrawals, thank you very much, without prior notice to them.

      After tempers cooled, the Mr. Bank Mgr. confided to me that his resistance was based upon the bank’s ability to (get this) “loan out $10 for every $1 they had on deposit.” My withdrawal would really put a crimp in their borrowing ability.

      DANG! Pretty damn good racket, methinks. 10:1 income stream coming in, mostly with secured interest in a home, car, or whatever. And with the inter-bank loan rates from yon Fed near zero feeding your bank, you’d have to be a certifiable moron not to make a zillion bucks with this scam.

      Hell, even The Mob can’t play this game and they get shot at.

      Lucky the bankers aren’t shot at…or hung from the nearest lamp post….yet.

      Hypothetically speaking, of course…..

      • It should be called Debt-tize The Money, they are fiatizing the fiat, and you are invited…to be a sucker.

        Hey man, they are after the seed corn of an entire nations intrinsic wealth is what is going on. That money you got stashed in that bank is used as a hook to get others to make a loan, the 1-10 ratio is for the appearance of legitimacy, because the bank and the fed is a front of a ponzu scheme, what they are really doing is taking non existent fiat, zero’s and one’s on a computer algorithm, determined by some pretty cunning fuckers, in collusion with some seriously fucked up psychopaths, and “lending” those zero’s and one’s to another poor sucker, as soon as he signs on the dotted line, presto bingo! those ones and zero’s become tangible and it goes to the skim.
        See, what is beneath it all is some sonofabitches who make nothing now take what somebody else makes, the fruit of somebody’s labor, and magically transforms it into fiat, then with no labor involved either, they take a huge cut of what somebody else actually does without a drop of sweat.

        The only way you or I can keep those fuckers from skimming us of our prosperity’s is to as John Mosby, and Thomas Jefferson said, invest in the dirt below your feet, because that really is the only true wealth that exists, the rest is make believe, a system of make believe. It is agrarianism.
        Most people are horrified at the idea of agrarianism, they think wealth is a house made of particle board and plastic pipe set on a piece of infertile land you spray roundup on and win the neighborhood prize for best looking yard.
        But give it a good think, that house, is part of the ponzu scheme, because to have that house you got to go to the bank and play the ponzi shell game, they got you, hook line and sinker. And every penny you make has to go through them and along the way they skim off that penny.

        When you get down to the bedrock of it all, it’s all about two things and two things only. Follow the money, and guns.

        And what is accelerating is basically the scope of the lawless disregard for The Rule of Law expanding exponentially by the day by the very nature of corruption of the elites lust to retain absolute power. The inversion point is everything they do now involves surviving that illegitimacy.
        Lets not beat around the bush here. This All about guns. Don’t kid yourself. Everything these fucking scumbags do revolves around and ultimately involves guns. It is guns that give these pieces of shit their power. It is guns that they fear. It is guns that they must have if they are to take over my country in order to rule with an iron fist. It is guns that they must take from the populous in order obtain that absolute power. It is guns they understand like none other are the only real power behind anything. It is guns this system of government now lives by. It is guns ultimately that they use to enforce everything.
        And it is guns in the hands of We The People that they fear most.
        Anything else is a cheap side show…

        And when it is all over, the only thing worth more than guns is your land, the dirt below your feet.

        Many scoff at the truth about Agrarianism, secession, but you have to ask yourself, at the end of the day, the end of this republic as we know it before our eyes, what is left worth anything? The land below your feet and your other intrinsically valuable property, your weapons.
        You will need both to do anything else as it begins to unravel as is happening.

        • Amen Brother… Just something to keep in mind though is where is your dirt at and do you have enough friends/tribe to defend that piece of dirt;) Hope your doing well Brother…

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    I live for the day that Ron Paul is given the keys to the kingdom: the doors of the Fed. Of course, Special Forces will need to be his bodyguards, with more of them entrusted to see if there actually is any gold. Don’t hold your breath. I think that the vaults are empty.

    • Spaniel,

      TPTB kept Ron Paul from ever doing his audit of the Federal Reserve. Pitiful.

      They ain’t federal and they got nothing in reserve.


  3. And yet you still have a policy or earlier posts (from your naive days) telling us we can’t name the Jew here. What do you think he meant by “money changers”?

    • there is no such “policy” here. I – and others – name the Jew whenever and wherever appropriate. The Fed – like the Bank of England, the Deutsche Bank, the French National Bank, the Belgian National Bank, and the Vatican Bank – are all (((Rothschild))) branch banks, operating as debt warehouses for the globalist Tikkun Olas and their political hirelings. The latter including both Clinton and Trump. 4 of the 7 current regional governors of the Fed are Jews, and the Fed Chmn has been a Jew going on 40 years now:

      (((Greenspan)), (((Bernanke))), (((Yellin))), and next up: ex-Bank of Israel honcho (((Stanley Fischer)))

  4. The JACKASS known as Alexander Hamilton had a wet dream of a central bank which eventually morphed into the Federal Reserve and the controlled corrupt fascist economy we have today. Thanks for nothing JACKASS. The Federal Reserve has now worked themselves into a corner and will NEVER be able to raise the interest rate… witness that they just announced another 2-4 Trillion in QE. If these banksters decide to go to a negative interest rate, all bets are off and it will be an economic “black swan” event that will send things over the edge.

    As a side note to U.S. economic history let me say fuck Abraham Lincoln and any of his bootlickers since he was the first President to DEMAND an INCOME TAX in order to pay for the burning down, killing and raping of half the country.

    Grey Ghost

    • Great posts, big +1 to Grey Ghost.

      With the internet and easily available public information (word of the day: OSINT), it’s impossible for people to continue to deny the crimes of the (((banking elite))).


      Mr. Ghost: I mean no disrespect or cynicism. Japan has been stumbling along with a negative interest rate and QE for years. Their biggest hiccup has been the natural disaster at Fukushima. Now, I know Japan is basically a society of cooperative ants, but hear me out.
      Suppose a Black Swan looms on the horizon. POTUS, with the cooperation of the lapdogs, lickspittles, and blackmailed sexual deviates in Congress and SCOTUS could: a) declare a bank holiday. b) swap greenbacks for bluebacks at $0.75 or $0.50 on the dollar. c) outlaw transactions in gold and/or silver coins. d) start a war or some other major false flag. It’s been done before, during the reign of the Fascist FDR and with the full cooperation of the MSM at the time along with Haxo’s people and their stable of useful idiot actors in Hollywood.
      It is not just the Banksters who have a vested interest in keeping the lurching Ferris Wheel turning. Most of the schmucks, mooks and sheeple are on board with the “don’t make waves” crowd. And I include every, and I mean EVERY .mil and .gov trough feeder. When Bush, Cheney, Paulson, stole $850 Billion of our money to bail out the Bankster cabal and no one said or did jack s**t, I knew it was all over. All it will take is for every one of the above mentioned parties to agree to the rules of the Monopoly Game, and the beat will go on. And I hope I am dead wrong.

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