Are you ready for Hillary?


8 responses to “Banzai!

  1. these off-color, outrageous attacks on Murka’s next (and hopefully last) Prez make me even more determined to be “in” for Hillary

  2. Be neat to do a cartoon with Bill and Hillary, as:
    Zico & Zica and people spraying them with a can
    of Whupass 🙂

    “Ye are all kings”

  3. I am. Let the social Darwinism begin, everyone’s an evolutionist until they’re the ones no longer ‘fit’ in the survival of the fittest paradigm. I hope she sweeps in to rousing applause and nationwide pogroms. We MIGHT fight if there’s nothing left to lose, like those pesky jobs, bills and a home to go to.

  4. Pete, damnit, you’re starting to make me ill!

  5. Please stop putting any sexual images of Hillary on your site. If I start becoming attracted to her because of the repetition, I’m going to have to hold you responsible. (Or you could put some up of Anrdrea Tantaros to counter it.)

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. A couple of lifetimes ago when I was in college (early ’70s) we had a Vets Club rather than being in a fraternity because we were so distanced from our peers. We had a house where some lived, everybody could sleep it off, and every Friday night there was a “Pig Party”. The following week we would take a vote as to who had bought the ugliest date to the party and he’d win the $20 door prize. (20 bucks could have bought you 15 ounces of silver in ’70 so it was a nice prize for no work involved).
    Anyway, wish I could have brought Hillary just so I could have said:
    “I’m with her”.