MVT: VERSA 5.56/7.62 Chest Rig Demo

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Live hard.

Die free.

7 responses to “MVT: VERSA 5.56/7.62 Chest Rig Demo

  1. Jeeze. I had my volume on 100% and still couldn’t hear him.
    What a sweet whispering boy. 🙂

  2. Looks like a good rig to save for. A surplus vest with condor pouches are serviceable until then.

  3. Good looking chest rig and the demo seems to be a reasonable example of a technical/surgical gun battle; the ability to access the mags without exposing the body to observation/fire or having to look away from the threat, is a definite plus for chest rigs; if not paramount.

    The mags being stored on the upper torso helps to keep them dryer or out of the mud and other debris while in nearly every posture/movement except low crawl.

    The Cold War issue LBV was a huge step up from the mags being carried in pouches; on the belt. Chest rigs seem to be a step up from the LBVs.

    The only decision to make would be a similarly-equipped “tactical” (MOLLE) body armor or a chest rig; the mission should dictate that.

    Good job Max.

  4. I bought the Versa rig a few weeks ago. With adjustments, it fits me 6’3″/250 lbs and my wife 5’7″/135.

    I loaded up the .308 (5-25 rd mags) insert by itself and attached it to the loop Velcro portion of my plate carrier. Running around and jumping up and down didn’t dislodge it even a little. It held fast. I guess it’s two rigs in one.

    It’s worth the money to me.

    • Max Alexander

      Interesting, we hadn’t thought of that one. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Mr. Max,

        I was glad to read your rigs are made USA by Americans. It seems the only industry that is primarily USA manufactured any more is the firearms industry.

        Thanks for manufacturing here and not importing ChiCom crap made at slave labor wages.

    • Solid demo. Can ak mags fit in the 308 or 556 insert and still be secure?