New Woodpile’s Here!



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  1. Looks like the photographer was ahead of the firing line! Mon dieu!

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Why do folks always have to post pictures of Churchill as if he was some sort of patriot? He and his cousin FDR were 2 of the worst communist war criminals the west has ever seen.
    But they sure made some stirring speeches……..

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Being good with a quip can take you a long way in the world. Being born to nobility will take you even farther.

  3. The pols, cops, and the military will do whatever it takes to maintain their illegitimate authority over The People- as all tyrants do. The good news is, they are financially embarrassed, weak cowards and their ranks are swelled with low IQ fat drunken homosexual, lesbian, bi, and transgendered slobs. History has proven they cannot win a war, even against 3rd world goat farmers. It will be up to the People to relieve them of their weapons and equipment. Show them no mercy.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis


    The first part of the report has a blurb on the allegations of the Hildabeest’s poor health. I have no knowledge one way or another except for what I read on the Internet Blogs. I will say this in observation: With the Clinton money and the Soros money behind her, TPTB will employ the best physicians, the latest drugs and treatments, and extensive media tricks and subterfuge to keep that demonic witch alive. She will be our next POTUS. Deal with it.

  5. Good report as usual; particularly the ham radio link and also the suburban defense link on organic prepper.

    Two comments:

    The benefit of the Boateng radios (outweighs the faults I.M.O.) is their “out of the box” ability to (questionably) utilize GMRS frequencies; where some ham radios like the $320.00 Yaesu VX7R require some internal (questionable) mods with a soldering gun to open a shunted circuit.

    The Organic Prepper’s target audience needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Simple dust masks and pepper spray grenades should be added to any purse, trunk, or EDC; for those who do not already have an M40, M17, or M10, and tear gas. Masks with tear gas or pepper spray grenades are a huge…huge multiplier! Tough guys (or gals) with beards will have to improvise.

    Ne Desit Virtus !

  6. I notice General Eisenhower, in the background, has a better stance than Churchill, Churchill’s gun has a vertical grip attached below the issue horizontal fore-grip; the gun is in recoil, ejecting a spent case which explains Winston’s squint and slightly off balance stance. Considering the slow speeds of film emulsions in those days this is an excellent photo in technical terms. Visual imagery is loaded with data points to those who care to look.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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