SLL: The Choice, Part I – The Technology


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  1. Suspense……………………………………………

  2. Incredibly interesting, thanks. Will be watching for follow-up. (Pondering why I immediately thought of targeted chemical-agent dispersion without unwanted collateral drift.) The non-lethal uses, however, are staggering. Curious to see if subsequent installments address my question of, basically, we’re assuming that the target surface is grounded (or is it only that the potential needs to be different).

  3. Build a better flamethrower and the world will beat a path to your door.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    Q: “How many Generals/Admirals have asked for a demo to weaponize this technique in thermobaric bombs?”

    …just askin….

  5. Future markets in personal degaussing?

    Another thought: Stun guns, and even spark plug wires work on some snakebites by causing polarity swap. Could they be used for something to counter this

  6. Badger, think of a BIOLOGICAL agent dispersion without the unwanted collateral drift. Like dynamite and the machine gun, this method will probably be weaponized far beyond the originators ken, and millions would die from its application. Theoretically, you could use this in a plutonium fission gun, and have Buck Rodgers’ ray gun in a horrific way only seen in comic books. Lasers? Once this genie gets out of the bottle, no aircraft or missile or rocket, or drone would be immune in the air. Think radar directed laser with unlimited range.

    • Yeah, true both came to mind – too many years spent thinking like the bad guys. Evolution of the KGB’s Bulgarian umbrella.
      And the UN’s “we deplore” statement coming in 3… 2…
      Pretty cool stuff though.

  7. Geez combustibles being atomized and dispersed in a manner which has them clinging to the surface of the sprayee sounds downright sporty.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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