Thoughts On Z-Blog’s “On Being Revolting In The Modern Age”

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H/t to TSM for this link.

It’s short and precise.


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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    I agree with both conclusions: first the Civil War, then The Revolution. We will be going back to the future for real. The Civil War will be hardest to survive. I still say, it will not turn out like the Elites think it will. You can only get to that sweet, peaceful farm in New Zealand if the plane can take off. And it will not be taking off from a major airport that they live near. I think our Islam “visitors” have airports, major medical facilities, police stations, and utility providers all blueprinted, scheduled, and ready for action. They will be vanished quickly. So the whole mess is going to be bloody, terrifying, and rather long. Get ready.

    • There likely are unanticipated potential failure modes in the Elite’s bugout scenarios, but this ain’t one of ’em. If those “Islam visitors” so much as look sideways at their sponsors, they’ll get vaporized before they even know what hit them.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Why do you and so many others keep looking to Islam as the enemy? Islam is merely a symptom of a western globalist disease.
      The enemy resides in Washington DC and on Wall St, in European castles and banking houses. They are the ones fanning the flames, sending money and equipt, importing the dark soldiers, and yet the American people keep turning a blind eye to those they themselves elected, and point the finger elsewhere, as far from the actual source as possible.
      And then we wonder what the fuck is wrong in our country.
      I can’t think of a more efficient way to commit national suicide than thru denial of one’s own actions and achievements. As our society crumbles apart, the masses clamor for more of their self induced death wish.

      • One good reason is to see Team Mo as the shock troops of the elites you mention.

        It is very hard for many to believe that their “leaders” want to rob them, enslave them, and ultimately, kill them.

  2. “A moment passed that felt colder and more unsettling than the usual “they’ve fucked us again” situation.”

    Damn straight sir and well said/written. Thank you!

    That was red team putting on a show to say, “We’re ready to kick you hard, hope you plebes enjoy it”. The good news is, evil weakens itself from inside and they have not yet been punched in the mouth. Everything changes then.

    Stay positive, keep prepping.

  3. His great insights into why revolution aside, I think the salient observation by Zman about the elites not being able to police their ranks and control the clinton crime syndicate is one of the most important things he wrote about.
    This illegitimacy of the elites and political class is a crisis all it’s own. The dynamics of that are what we are witnessing in this election. It is not Trump they must survive, it is the great fuck you they are gonna get if they don’t cut the crap and leave us dirt people alone.
    But the weird thing is, they fail to see just how pissed off people are. Sure they do everything to control the “message”, but these bums are so accustomed to having their own way, all of them, i don’t think they truly appreciate the gravity of the situation.
    They are truly ignorant, the kind of stupid can’t be fixed, but it can be hanged and shot.
    Shit is gonna hit the fan in a way that ain’t gonna be what everyone thinks it is.

  4. When you have that clip positioned to push into the magazine, don’t use (abuse and hurt) your hand or fingers. If you’re in the field, use the knife edge of your M4, AR15, etc., stock, as a hard edge, and push the magazine against the cartridges on the clip, in a continuous motion firmly, in one motion. You may have to finish with fingers, but you’ll cut down on the wear and tear of your hands and fingers that way. Fucking up hands and fingers in the bush is bad thing, ask me how I know. You can use the edges of tables, chairs, benches, whatever, when not in the field. Regarding Z-blog, good post, but not quite the finish line. The finish line is what Gregory Peck said in The Guns of Navaronne, while standing in the wheelhouse of a doomed fishing smack. In effect,”We’re going to have to be just as nasty as the enemy in order to defeat him”. It’s history, logic, and reason, all rolled into one. Believing or doing anything else is stupidity.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ”We’re going to have to be just as nasty as the enemy in order to defeat him”.

      Now, now, perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything.
      – Prof. Hubert Farnsworth

      To win, you have to be nastier, or at least more effective in the application of your nastiness.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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