Z Blog: Something Has Gone Wrong

University California Los Angeles students stage a protest rally in a show of solidarity with protesters at the University of Missouri on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015 in Los Angeles. Thousands of students across the U.S. took part in demonstrations at university campuses Thursday to show solidarity with protesters at the University of Missouri, and to shine a light on what they say are racial problems at their own schools. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

And how.

There is no preventing the coming calamity.

There is only making it through the fires.

149 days.

20 responses to “Z Blog: Something Has Gone Wrong

  1. Nice pic … Morlocks and their cluless Eloi feedstock
    Answering the bells

  2. See these losers? I’d bet $10,000. cash that everyone of them were either raised by a whore mother with no father, or, raised in a home headed by a liberal spineless cuckolded male. All I see is fertilizer…

    Spare the rod, spoil the child. Proverbs 13:24

  3. You want to see the mindset of a fucking robot?
    Take a look at this brainwashed idiot!

    This fool and those like him are the enemy.

    • So you must know Sam quite well to cast an aspersion that large. Perhaps you could enlighten us with some further insights into his significant moral failings, as you have experienced them.

      Otherwise, I suspect you are just another punk-in-the-basement type, a virtual tough guy hyperquick to castigate. All sound and fury and when push comes to shove, signifying nothing.

      As a former 0311, a field grade officer still wearing the uniform on occasion and the father of currently serving field and company grade officers I can tell you that the ratio of patriots to mind numbed robots in the armed services is heavily weighted on the patriot side. So when push does come to shove in the upcoming liberty games, that young man in the video may just be one of our greatest assets.

      We are going to need serious men making serious contributions, physical and intellectual, if we are to salvage and rebuild any semblance of a functional republic and civil society given what seems about to occur. Many of those types post and comment here on a regular basis. Unfortunately we have to sort through the many snot-nosed emotional outbursts to get to them.

      • 24 years of service in combat arms (Ranger, Airborne) showed me 80% patriots, 10% ball washers, and 10% lazy mother fuckers; spread across all ethnicities.

        The patriots learn and grow (maturity over time and exposure), but It’s the 10% ball washers that do the most damage.

        The lazy mother fuckers make good parapits.

      • Fuck you billy BOY

        • You proved my suspicion of your true nature correct. As I was confident you would. Thank you.

          • You’re a nobody tax feeder. You can’t win a war even with all the Trillion$ that you losers have siphoned off of the hard working americans. Now do the honorable thing. Go kill yourself.

      • No doubt this is one of your “sons” LOL

        Fucking faggot marines. Hope they die a slow death.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I served 7 yrs in the early 70’s and 80’s; 0351, 0321, 1811 and 2111, and I bought into all that patriotism shit too.
        But bottom line, patriotism is just another form of brainwashing, read the quotes from Hitler, Goring and even Butler, they suck you in with emotional heartstring tugs and next thing you know, you’re willing to go die for your country in some godforsaken desert shithole while your family plays Lee Greenwood at your funeral services. And who wins? the fukn globalist bankers and politicians! Time to wake up and realize just because they play the Marine Corps Hymn doesn’t mean you are going to offer your life up for corporate profit.
        I still love the USMC for everything it taught me, but I know when to draw the line between brainwashing and self thinking. I choose to rule over my own life, and not ever again allow some feckless officer to order me to contradict my own belief system for that of globalist gains. Maybe you need to question yourself and your ideals.
        Patriotism does not equal being right or moral.

    • Do you suppose there’s any chance this guy is actually a FUCKING PATRIOT?

      • This tax-parasite loser will do exactly as he is ordered, just like field grade bobby will. Look at his confused, stupid expression, he doesn’t know whether to shit, fart, or piss. A lee greenwood fan till the end. Like anyone has any respect for ass sniffing commissioned fucks in the first place. Today’s homo military is a fucking disgrace.

  4. Interesting things happening in Turkey and NATO:


    Be sure to see also the comments below, perhaps adding a little more reality. Sibel does get herself worked up in this one. 🙂

  5. wish i could agree with you tfA-t but being about as far to the right as one could go myself my mother is a flaming lib who thinks sanders would be awsome … discouraging to me to find this out late in life but it is the case nonetheless . however my sister has followed closely in her mothers steps ,all of which is duly noted by me ,who has put the check in the box next to their names …………

    • Wear that shit stained flag and you and yours WILL be targeted. It represents everything that is wrong with this land. You’re gonna find out the hard way you are caught in the middle of pissed off Free Men and a corrupt rotten to the core gubbermint. You have been warned.

      • tfA-t, (whatever that stands for), you have done a lot of bitchin’, ranting, and cursing her, but nowhere do I see anything of substance. Would you explain yourself in curse less fashion so we might understand your point of view?

  6. My take-away from reading Joseph Schumpeter’s “Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy” ; a true conservative is one who accepts (and even benefits from the acceptance of) the natural cycles…..being the ups and downs as exemplified in the animal kingdom.

    The most difficult lesson for some to learn (me especially) is/was to accept the liberal “tinkering” of society; liberals, as sordid and unconstrained as they are, are an integral component of the natural world, as is everything else in the universe.

    Benefit and even prosper no matter what the position the “cycle” is. Example; look at how some people have increased their proficiency, their readiness, and their self-sufficiency since Y2K.

    How? Teach our frontal lobes to better-control our amygdalas.

    Ne Desit Virtus!

  7. I don’t see a single person in that picture that possess the intestinal fortitude to perpetrate violence against their enemies outside of the mob environment. Wont they be surprised when they push far enough to discover there are still people in America willing to kill or die for their beliefs. Hashtag away bitches….. I’ll not knuckle under to a herd of simpering cowards and I’d bet my last dollar I ain’t alone in that.