144:1 Sends


Pete – these were quite popular on your blog. I got them in OD and Coyote and some gray left. “take10” is available as a coupon code.


Line in the sand patches will be in late this week, I think.



Full catalog here.

4 responses to “144:1 Sends

  1. A “Line in The Sand” patch.
    A “morale booster?”
    That’s the perfect medium
    for the patriot community
    to record their ultimatums.
    Sand is perfect
    for recodring the empty blabber of the
    “warriors” and “defenders” of the
    American Republic, who duplicitously
    talk tough and uncompromisingly
    about “not one more inch” from
    both sides of their mouths, until
    that inch is blatantly crossed
    unopposed again,
    and again, and again, and again.
    Anyone that knows sand, knows that
    its appearence, its presentation, and
    its substance is fleetingly dishonest.
    The slighest disturbance of air and
    motion forever changes its structure,
    and face, with its previous look never
    to be repeated again.
    Without question, it is the epitome of the
    keyboard commandos of patriotland,
    where its lots of fun to play but none
    dare stay.
    A line in the sand patch for patriot
    Yeah, I really like the one that belonged
    to George Washinfon and is on display
    next to the Liberty Bell.
    What a fucking joke.

    • As the comment above this box says, “(They) value free expression here.” And the above proves it. I, for one, admire what 144:1 has done and is doing. I also am thankful for every day my area of USA remains “Ferguson-fire” free. When it no longer is, I’ll pass buckets in the brigade to the best of my ability. Until then, I wouldn’t mind developing a small business along the lines of 144:1, wherein he tops his store with a message expressing he’s super-busy with orders (i.e. be patient)! He and I think alike in some respects, not the least of which is this Line-In-The-Sand “joke;” I’ve even made it my site’s subhead. My “lines” aren’t in the shifting sand, though, they’re stenciled in permanent pigments. I know, I know, tee-shirts are a “joke,” too.

      Hand-stenciled (or just Velcro-patched; inspired by 144:1’s “jokes” cuz I wanted to wear them on tee-shirts) at the etsy link; or click the
      TeeSpring link for a couple of campaigns ending Sept 12th: https://wingedvictory365.com/
      Thanks WesternRifleShooters

      • thanks for the kind words. This idea has turned into this beast that keeps growing and i have to thank WRSA for helping me get on my feet with it. let’s get into comms, i’ll toss some business your way.


    Um.. I don’t know about the post above, but as to the company producing the patches, they are producing a quality product at a fair price.

    I’ve purchased the ham radio “resistor” patches for myself and some of my comms buddies. I’ve also put the 144:1 patch on my “Sunday-go-to-meeting hat” and gotten multiple contacts from folks who understood the reference instantly! The folks at 144:1 even started working on a patch in a low reflective thread to allow it to stay in place when you don’t want to stand out.

    I got my moneys worth!
    TJ in Texas