Club Orlov: A Thousand Balls Of Flame




…You see, Russia lost a huge number of civilian lives while fighting off Nazi Germany. Many people, including old people, women and children, died of starvation and disease, or from German shelling, or from the abuse they suffered at the hands of German soldiers. On the other hand, Soviet military casualties were on par with those of the Germans. This incredible calamity befell Russia because it had been invaded, and it has conditioned Russian military thinking ever since. The next large-scale war, if there ever is one, will be fought on enemy territory. Thus, if the US attacks Russia, Russia will counterattack the US mainland. Keeping in mind that the US hasn’t fought a war on its own territory in over 150 years, this would come as quite a shock.

Of course, this would be done in ways that are consistent with Russian military thinking. Most importantly, the attack must be such that the possibility of triggering a nuclear exchange remains minimized. Second, the use of force would be kept to the minimum required to secure a cessation of hostilities and a return to the negotiating table on terms favorable to Russia. Third, every effort would be made to make good use of internal popular revolts to create long-lasting insurgencies, letting volunteers provide the necessary arms and training. Lastly, winning the peace is just as important as winning the war, and every effort would be made to inform the American public that what they are experiencing is just retribution for certain illegal acts. From a diplomatic perspective, it would be much more tidy to treat the problem of war criminals running the US as an internal, American political problem, to be solved by Americans themselves, with an absolute minimum of outside help. This would best be accomplished through a bit of friendly, neighborly intelligence-sharing, letting all interested parties within the US know who exactly should be held responsible for these war crimes, what they and their family members look like, and where they live…

Poke the Bear enough…

Я покажу вам долбаный “кнопку перезагрузки”, товарисч …

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Uncle Larry

    I was hoping someones intel agency would provide a lot more info than we’re been able to get so far. Surely, they know where all the skeletons are.

    • Yep. The Dems’ CATALYST voter management database, with all the names, level of motivation, and location for each dem voter, would be very helpful.

  3. Ruled by the NWO, or the Bear. At this point what difference does it make? I’d have to see the health and dental care plans to make my decision.

    • The “plan” will be: eat what is available, walk to mandatory appointments, brush and floss. Vodka makes good mouthwash. Welcome, Comrade!

  4. Brilliant piece. Based on my professional experience, taking down the US energy network would be child’s play, as Orlov discusses, and no need for EMPs either…

    • A Slinky ?

      • Just about that simple.

        Drop the grid, attack the BTU transport and storage system. Re-attack the critical grid components and ambush repair crews on the way to do the work. Crews won’t come out without a 1/2 mile radius of infantry support. This will be really expensive or impossible.
        If I can figure this out, professional saboteurs with details could do much better. I suspect the Blue Team response will be initially lame (clamp down on innocent civilian movement and property) then weak (losses vs. invisible retreating enemy) leading to triage of keeping central urban nests lit and essential corridors “safe” by official convoy only. Domestic discontent agitators will do their thing among the various sects/ethnic minorities/political/economic divisions. Hunger/cold will kick in, then loss of faith in, regardless of full-court-press propaganda on all channels. Once faith is shaken, opfor demoralizing rumors circulate, with some correctly-foreshadowing events.

        It’s fragile out there. Enjoy an ice cream cone from Belgium in the hot sun, while it’s possible. Yum.

  5. I don’t doubt that the US mainland may very well be attacked by the Russians. Fact we can probably depend on it.

    But the Russian psyche is quite different from Americans and that translates to their tactics. When you have a county as big as Russia the idea of holding ground is not a preferable tactic, fact just the opposite. Suck them in, let the logistic lines lengthen and hope old man winter can give an assist. Has worked on every invader but the Mongols. With that kind of track record why would you give it up?

  6. As a European I ask you to not fall for the cunning ways of the bear. Little of Orlovs article is true. What is left of a free Europe fear the bear and rely on you Americans to be our allies in this dark hour.

    If you seek to understand the bear you must understand that it follows the way of Alexandr Dugin. He preaches that in order to dominate the world, Russia must first dominate Europe. To dominate Europe America must be divided. Do not be divided or millions will perish or live under the boot of the bear.

    America is not in decay. One, two or tree bad president does not diminish the freedom that the rest of the world cherish. Russia longs for greatness but are a second rate country with a third rate economy. It will implode within 20 years. There may come another man who seek a cooperation with the west instead of this low intensity war Russia is waging against the free world.

    Help keep Europe free lest your sons must come over here a third time to beat back the hordes from the east. The cost of that keep rising.

    • Kay de Leon

      You lost me at ‘america is not in decay’.

      Not sure where you live or what kind of info trickles your way, but wrong you are.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        America itself is doing just fine. The American form of government and American society…..that’s a different story.

    • In Europe, you’ve worked really really hard to remove the Jew and replace him with the Muslim….how’s that workin’ out for ya?

    • Not sure what your drinking – smoking or injecting. Not sure where you extrapolate your facts & “EEI” SIGINT from but it sucks. Definitely stay away from me when & if the Ballon goes up. Don’t even think of sharing a Fox hole w/ me because you will get no quarter. To be this far down the road & too miss so much “EEI” of the obvious reminds me your either consciously stupid, a troll dis / mis information persona or committing “Intellectual Seppuku” on purpose nuff said. The article is superb & the author is far closer to the truth than our current POTUS has even been. Having worked in Ukraine & Russia as a professional for the OGA & can guarantee w/ certitude Russia has not been aggressor in conflicts & history is repleat w/ copious examples in order of magnitude. To even have a discussion about the consequences of “MAD” is beyond risible, farcical & reductio ad absurdum. It’s a sum zero game & nobody wins. This IS what happens when you have Nerds & ZioCons NeoCons ruining & running the show. Entropy & ataxia. Ain’t it a hoot.

    • Dude. You guys will have to suck it up this time around. The Europeans are gonna have to keep Europe free. Your time grows short. Best you start a serious PT routine and scrounge up some firearms. The murkins are in no position or mood to be helping anyone these days. They can’t even help themselves. Welcome to Fight Club.

      • Exactly right tfA-t. We aren’t coming to save anyone in the EU, try saving your own fucking self.

        I suggest you Europeans do better than scrounge… I suggest you get the damn rifle production facilities going at full speed and get them to the people and your own damn army. Oh wait you Europeans have all but banned guns… let me know how that works out for ya this time around.

        Grey Ghost

        • They still make lots of guns in Europe. Glock, CZ, HK and of course FN, who makes a lot of US military weapons (albeit some in American factories) all pop to mind. Also I suspect most Euro countries have large armories of weapons stockpiled. Cold War production and acquisition was a 40 year project.

          Now the will and discipline to use them, that is organizing and training an army, that may be far more difficult.

    • One or two or three bad president.

      Just imagine all those thousands of decent, upright federal employees yearning to see justice done, if only it weren’t for one or two or three bad presidents.

      Spare us. Why can’t the European Union of Pussies defend itself?

    • You fear the Bear? Here is the plan:
      Stop poking the Bear. Dissolve the EU. Hang Merkel, Hollande, and their ilk. Reject Globalists like Soros. Reject US gov Globalists meddling in your affairs. Shut your borders to the goat molesters. Kick out the ones who have already made it in. Reject ousting Assad and the Gulf-to-Europe gas pipeline. Buy as little of Putin’s gas as possible until you build Thorium reactors (electricity too cheap to meter). Rekindle (non-millitant, non-jingoistic) nationalism. Impregnate your women. Reduce your socialism, promote domestic capitalism with less regulations and lower taxes.
      Simple. We’re not sending our sons until you do most of the above. And probably not even then.

    • I assume you’re being sarcastic. If not I hate to break it to you but you’ve just been roused from a coma incurred in 1962.

    • I hope you’re a paid shill, because if you actually believe this delusional nonsense, that is truly pathetic. The Orlov piece no doubt contains debatable assertions and implications, but the primary gist of it – that at present, compared to USG, Russian policy and behaviour is entirely rational, benevolent, and sane – is 100 percent spot on. Refusal to acknowledge this reality will croak Europe just as certainly as it will America, and probably a lot sooner.

  7. How can one argue the premise of an article like this without exposing more of our defense capabilities? Example: By turning on our radars; the locations of the radars become detectable….a sub sending out a ping does the same thing….. it’s better to loose an argument than to expose a strength (or weakness).

    No way to argue against the amounts and types damage being done to our country tho; Russia being wise-enough to wait it out while we destroy ourselves is a solid analysis.

    The resourses on the US mainland might not be worth a WWIII for Russia; but exploiting our crapy-assed civilian leadership and their foreign policies (like ending the Monroe Doctrine, open boarders, & nepotism in picking ambassadors) puts more money in Russia’s pocket every day.

  8. Anytime a Russian brings up warmongering and/or World War 2. I just need to point out that the Russians aided their NAZI allies in starting WWII, and were the primary drivers/warmongers of the majority of the wars in the second half of the last century before I can go on with my day.

    • Happy,

      The Russians were NOT the primary drivers of wars in the latter part of the 20th Century. Those wars you blame on Russians involved the communist Soviets. Not Russians. Besides….Amerika embroiled itself in at least two wars, both civil wars. Korea and Vietnam. Like many sheeple you ignore the imperialism of Amerika.

      Vietnam which was initiated by Democrat John Kennedy and expanded by Democrat Lyndon Johnson. Johnson employing the deceit of his Tonkin Gulf incident to justify then USA military forces to attack North Vietnam.

      Hope your day was complete courtesy of your disinformation regarding Russians.

  9. The bad guys will be the one’s pointing fucking guns at you and shooting wherever you may be. Local, local and local. Stay positive, keep prepping.

  10. “One, two or tree bad president does not diminish the freedom….”
    No one has been free in the US since probably 1864 at the earliest. Every ‘Murican unknowingly commits 3-5 per day. That is not a free country. It just means they haven’t had a reason to light the candle on your felony du jour.
    There is a law or regulation against everything you want to do in this country.

  11. Man that is a long and completely self serving read. Devoid of all history that does not serve the authors propagandist goals.
    Reminds me of a song

  12. how about this,fuck you russia and any of you fucks that wish to move there get the hell out. does the us have its problems,hell yes Me & mine plan to be here to win the coming civil war, oh yeah you canadian jack ass fuck you too.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I don’t think some reading suggestions would help much, would they?

    • now we can’t lose. Lori’s on our side!

    • Nice family you have there. 🙂

    • Lawrence,

      How lady-like of you to dispense the profanity your anonymity allows. Most likely you are an extremely overweight, lesbian couch potato who doesn’t possess any self-respect.

      Simply put, your keyboard warrior attack you spew here under the veil of anonymity if given face-to-face, would earn you an extremely well-deserved ass kicking.

      You females want equality ? Well, bitchez like you are going to get it.

  13. It won’t take 1,000 balls of flame to give the psychopaths who have seized control of the US government plenty to keep them busy: hack into the financial/.gov system to make the EBT cards stop working and the US will have 45 million rioters going wild on day one or two at the most. The rotten, corrupt, bankrupt empire that still calls itself the USA would be easy to push over the edge. Screw up the payments to military veterans and Social Security and it’s over.
    Pareto: nobody in the western hemisphere gives a rat’s behind about Europe. The average dumbed down American couldn’t find France or Germany on a map without labels, much less Poland or Romania. Don’t wait up for us to come save your asses again; we’re not coming. “America is not in decay.” Horse puckey. America is unrecognizable to those who knew her when. “…this low intensity war Russia is waging against the free world.” Total bullshit. It is the dual-citizens in the US State Department and the pentagon who have placed offensive weapons on Russia’s doorstep, including in Poland and Romania, overthrown the legally elected government of the Ukraine, destroyed Syria in an attempt to overthrow the legal government, destroyed Libya, eastern Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, attempted to overthrow the government of Egypt (twice), and Turkey also.
    What the Russians want is to live their own lives on their own territory however they see fit, and they should have the right to do that. The Evil Empire is based in Washington D.C. The drive toward world domination is based there, not in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

  14. The erosion of education in this country and the utter lack of millennial curiosity about the past is a problem. The future of America is looking more and more like that of Pakistan, or Brazil for a variety of reasons…. call it “Brazilistan”, to capture the acute & chronic fault lines and daily horror/abuse we will come to know.

    The invasion of Festung Europa will not be by the Russians… they don’t have the manpower or logistics for that folly. That is what all the crimmigrants are for. Consider the economies of it all… how many tons of daily supply would a motorized rifle division or tank division take? Compared to guys in cheap tracksuits and flip flops who have a taste for the ultraviolence and the rape?

    Europa, your problems are our problems as well. However, you have a much greater density , hence proximity on a personal basis with true bloodthirsty crimmigrants. That will come to America, but after it kicks off in the adjacent theater that you inhabit.

    The favelas of New York, Baltimore, Detroit et al will make a new, exciting and utterly terrifying chapter in our lifetimes. The Russians? I’m not concerned about Ivan showing up with Spetsnaz and trying to do a color revolution here, when our own elected slobs are doing this already to us.

  15. I have often thought that the smartest way for the Russians to topple the US government as it currently exists would be to covertly fund and promote the III/Patriot movement. Even if a hoped-for revolution never truly materialized, the chaos created by a robust anti-government movement would provide a ripe opportunity for the Russian counterpart to the CIA to step in and pull the rug right out from under the dolts in Washington.

    Granted that the Russians would themselves then have to contend with an invigorated pro-America guerilla movement that would have far fewer inhibitions about roughing up Ivan than it did about roughing up fellow Americans however enthralled by the Left.

    Also, I would wonder about just how eager the Russians would be to actually attempt to invade the US. Ideologically, the idiots currently running Washington share many beliefs and policies with the Socialist Russians. All it would take is a slight course change by the US Left to birth a second Soviet.

    • 6gun, the U.S. has already made that “slight” course change. Happened back in the 1930’s under the communist FDR and nary a shot was fired in defense of liberty and a free America. That slight course change happened so long ago that not many remember what happened under FDR and if they do they think their great leader was helping them out.

      Grey Ghost

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’m all for a few truckloads of RPG’s.
      Man I miss those good old days of shooting 3.5″ rockets and LAAWs.

      I think Russia just wants to be left alone, they don’t need any of the problems associated with this continent, however the SoCal beaches might interest them a bit.

    • You can’t dump money on an organisation until it holds territory (guerrillas) or political protection (BLM) because otherwise the federal authority of the area is simply going to swoop in, declare treason and hoover up the entire organisation, funds and all.

    • A revitalized America would have a more isolationist and regional focus, and thus would be less of an enemy to Russia. We would have a more firm interest in civil rights, which would lead to some enmity but such a state can’t view Russia as an enemy just because it’s Russia.

  16. This guy lost all credibility at “America is not in decay”. You’d have to be deaf, blind and retarded to believe such.

  17. unfortunately…Orlov is underestimating the Zionist neo-con warmongers who now have a death-grip on American foreign policy. (White) Russia will either submit to the open borders Tikkun Olam, or (White) Russia will be attacked with any and all weapons, then have no choice but to respond in kind. And nobody’s missile-defense systems – including Russia’s – will perform at more than 5% efficiency. People living in rural areas should include a good supply of potassium iodide in their prepping; anyone in or near a city or military facility needn’t bother

    • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed,

      I’m waiting to read you complaining of a bout of constipation and blaming that on the Jews.


      Haxo: Potassium Iodate is a better antidote. When the Chernobyl incident happened, the Potassium Iodide had bad side effects when the youngsters took it.