Forward Observer: DHS to Roll Out New Orwellian Intelligence Program


Of course they are.

You expected any different outcome when GWB and your elected representatives launched this shitbag back in 2002?

And BTW, the correct name is Sicherheitspolizei.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. “Youre either with us or with the terrrrists”.


  3. Let me start polishing this turd.

    Colleges and Universities – The Kmer Rouge had a way to deal with them types.

    ANALysts – I think the root word pretty much explains them.

    Algorithms – No doubt they have a designated stooge watching me. It most likely resembles this little gem…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Colleges and Universities – The Kmer Rouge had a way to deal with them types.”

      Which is why Cambodia is the world’s powerhouse economy, a land of perfect peace and freedom – their bowling scores are way up, mini-golf scores are way down, and their air and water are clean. Hell, even their dirt is clean.

  4. Take note of the difference between quantitative and qualitative. The latter may imply more discerning but I assure you the former means everyone,/i>. “All your informazions are belong to us.”

  5. News flash, this shit is old. The CIA, NSA and DOD already know who we are, well I’ll speak for myself. I assume the spooky folks who visited a business website of mine were not potential customers. When shit goes sideways the idea that any of these asshats will have control over cascading consequences is a hoot. Good luck Quantfucksticks.

  6. Stay away from the well-lit areas.
    I’m glad to see my neck-o-the-woods is pretty dark.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Mines about as dark as it gets on another light map, this one shows red all over the place where there is nothing. Anybody got an idea what the red shows, thermal? In which case I’m sitting on ground zero!

  7. EMCP – Excuse Manufacturing Computer Program. Presumably they input a list of desired targets, and the black box spits out a list of randomly generated excuses to go after them.

  8. As Orwellian as it sounds and I have no doubts on that score, and the bottle neck as Sam put it is analysis, there is another bottle neck to take into consideration, and it’s called corruption.
    I seriously doubt there is no method for accounting for the effects of the dependable regularity of the natural, built in, incompetence of the federal government and it’s actors.
    It is almost a given everything it touches turns to shit, that there is so much of it the only remedy is to throw good money after bad after throwing good money after bad into everything it does.
    On top of this, we are not talking about the .mil here and its long history of intelligence systems and practices, we are talking fedgov operators, a whole other kettle of fish where you have an entire corporate/political infrastructure that just can’t spend enough money and have enough toys, where in many instances, the object is to use a never ending stream of projects and programs to justify a boatload of lazy worthless trough feeders under the guise of some fancy pants program or procurement. Got to keep those funds coming in so everyone gets their exorbitant paycheck and bennies on the tax payer dime, then farm out any requirement for actual work.
    So what if it is the tax payer who is the object of an Orwellian program, long as you look good doing it and use fear as a tool to create a fig leaf of legitimacy of coming to the rescue of those too ignorant to know it is all rigged.
    I’m not saying Sam is wrong, though it would be nice in this case if he was, but these idiots who are running the show, they don’t have a very good track record, hell the mighty NSA can’t even control it’s own intelligence security and integrity, and that is all their job is, the FBI is a corrupt politicians joke where it is pushed around by a racist fat bag of donuts who runs the DOJ, and a blood thirsty murdering psychopath in a pantsuit, ATF is so politicized it can’t fight it’s way out of a wet paper bag, the supreme court is a proxy Kubaki theater, we got a I don’t know what to call it for a total nitwit posing as a black man posing as a “president”, it is a literal banana republic more concerned with gender identity and bootlicking the Wahhabist’s and greasing the skids of their cultural marxist billionaire creeps. And they are going to run a new intelligence program that’s supposed to be able to know how long a turd you drop every mourning?
    Sure the implications are potentially reason to be extremely wary if it is handed over to the 5th column intelligentsia of academia, so they can use it to figure out who the Kulak’s are, but lord almighty, not a single one involved in all this is worth a bucket of warm spit in regards to standards of excellence performance wise. All anyone of them really care about is their rice bowl of endless federal bucks when you get down to it. Just follow the money.

    • DHS doesn’t have to be good at intelligence, they just have to produce intelligence that fits the narrative.

      They’re going to use this qualitative analysis program to do that. “Domestic right-wing extremist statements have grown 13% this quarter on social media” or “There have been an average of 132,000 extremist statements made against President Clinton each hour this week.” And then you get a good excuse to censor them.

    • Quantitative *

  9. And the “fusion centers” will definitely want to have a “desk” with this new DHS Orwellian intel system. I think we are gonna need some guys on the “inside” to help us out.

    Bill (in the .mil), I’m hoping you and your untold masses of brave patriots will “help” in this area when the kinetic action goes down. Waddya say? Can we count on your help with a few HUMINT assets on the inside?

    Grey Ghost

  10. and who runs dhs…ha…?

  11. The good news from the article is:

    In a grant proposal published this month, DHS calls on colleges and universities to submit plans to support the Center for Homeland Security Quantitative Analysis.

    Unlike in even the recent past, American colleges and universities are now predominantly sinks for grant money, not centers of progress. This thing will be milked for decades, and if it ever does see the light of day, it won’t speak English.


  12. This is case building and evidence gathering to arrest, detain, charge, try, convict and imprison people for when certain thoughts, thought patterns, thought trends and personal beliefs become illegal.

    For example, none of us here like the Clintons/politicians: The day will come when not liking the Clintons/politicians will be illegal and we’ll be pinched. Many here suggest violence against the ruling class: The day will come when suggesting violence against the ruling class will become illegal. Many of us don’t appreciate the undignified behavior of our African-American citizens: The day will come when criticizing that behavior will become illegal.

    This is thought police come to pass.

    The DHS, along with probably every other “intelligence” 🙄 agency already knows what straight, gay, lesbian, shemale porn sites we visit, what government-disparaging websites we comment on, how many guns, magazines and rounds of ammo we buy, they already know that.

    But when certain thoughts, beliefs, convictions, criticisms become illegal, this will be another avenue for them to come after us.

    Our trusty U.S. government: Making everything illegal under color of law to save us from ourselves.

    • If I knew everything about the folks who post here, No doubt, I’d be pretty g’damn concerned about my safety. Hell, I scare myself when I compare others to me. When the rounds start going down range, I suspect many of these shiny badge wearing fusion fucks will be in short supply.