Lee Greenwood Did Not Approve This Message


But…but…FUSA is the one indispensable nation.

A reckoning is long overdue.

And it will be awful.


13 responses to “Lee Greenwood Did Not Approve This Message

  1. Shocking. JFK was unavailable to comment.

  2. What is today Russan propaganda day? screw off you American hateing losers. Since you dirtbags seem to be ashamed to be american why dont you get the hell out.

    • What specifically is not accurate about America as discussed?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Uh oh CA, you’ve been discovered by a member of the voting public.

        • via her FB page…an average White cosmic, apparently living in a small cell of the America that once was. + husband and 2 nice, White kids. She and they will either attain wisdom, or they will die. Suddenly

    • I thought about it. But I’ve decided it’s you who are going to have get the hell out. If I have to kill you and everybody you know and love, then so be it.

    • Lawrence,

      You’re not too bright. Courtesy of your Facebook page you may just regret some of the vile, statist rantings you’ve suddenly presented here.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Okay, in class today, we will review what our (former) country IS and not what idiots BELIEVE IT IS.
    We are NOT—–>NOT<—— a democracy. Democracy is rule by mob. Those that accumulate the most shouting, rioting, sniveling, whining, pushy mobs to agree to "elect" a said person, wins the lottery. The Founders were extremely knowledgeable about the issue of democracy and feared a democracy as much as a monarchy. They understood that the only entity that can take away the people's freedom is their own government, either by being too weak to protect them from external threats or by becoming too powerful and taking over every aspect of life.

    We ARE a Constitutional Republic. A Constitutional Republic has some similarities to democracy in that it uses democratic processes to elect representatives and pass new laws, etc. The critical difference lies in the fact that a Constitutional Republic has a Constitution that limits the powers of the government. It also spells out how the government is structured, creating checks on its power and balancing power between the different branches.

    The fact that we allowed our form of government to slip from one to the other, is on us. And we need to regain our previous ground. No more John McCains or Lyndon Baines Johnsons-the hanging tree needs some new notches.

    • Steve Kristmann

      “..We WERE a constitutional rebublic..”
      There, fixed it for ya!
      (until hamiltion and his founding bankster/lawyer buddies
      jumped into the political orgy..”founding oligarchs gone wild!!”

      Yours in Liberty w/o any putrid superstitious grovelling to ‘gov’!
      NorthGunner III

    • Spaniel,

      RINO = Republic In Name Only

      Tell me how the Constitution has limited the powers of the scum folks call government ? Lets take the latest usurption of Executive over reach….where the hell did soetoro-obama get $1.3 BILLION dollars to give to the Iranians ? And the Constitution nor the millionaires called Congress did nothing to stop the unconstitutional sortoro-obama.

      How did I allow fUSA to slip into a socialist shithole that was always a RINO ? How am I responsible for the actions of citizens 240 years ago and since ? I didn’t support the moslem Marxist soetoro-obama. And unlike the morons here bashing Mr.Trump and giving their quasi-support to the criminal and treasonous Klinton, I support Donald J. Trump. As he is the only hope for this once great nation. Hopefully the two wolves mentioned below will be wearing Trump T-shirts.

      Democracy = 2 wolves and a lamb deciding what is for supper.

      This once great nation has never been more than the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republik of Amerika. It has never been a Republic. It has always been simply a lie.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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