Maybe We Should Get A New Morale Officer


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  1. Can’t remember the author of the quote, similar to Orwell,
    “Want to give yourself a dangerous reputation? Start quoting our Founding Fathers.”

    Where’s SMOD 2016! Honorable mention for sure.

  2. +1.

  3. How about this guy?

    • Well, He’s a good morale officer for the Iranians anyway…

      • yeah, well…when the USS Harvey Milk (and all bent crew) gets out there, we’ll see no more of this nonsense from the Iranians

        • When I served in the army under the Command of Ronald Reagan, Being an American soldier was something to proud of. The Iranians had the fear of God in them when it came to the U.S. military. Not so much under sissyboy ohomo. I can’t even begin to understand what would motivate anyone to raise their right hand and sign that blank check knowing they are serving a NWO half-black muslime faggot marxist usurper stooge. These new murkins are dumber, I say dumber than a box of rocks. Fuck em.


            Sir: Two reasons come to mind about the desire to serve in today’s Amerikan Military: 1) When the draft ended and the globalist RINOS still needed cannon fodder to protect their overseas markets, they figured out a way to make military service attractive. All kinds of incentives were offered. Manufacturing jobs were outsourced so Joe and Jane High School graduate could either work at McDonald’s or Starbucks and barely survive, or they could: “BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE”. They could serve and get money for college. Remember the story of Jessica Lynch during the “Iraq Invasion”? She was in the Army to get money to go to a teachers college.
            2) Benefits and freebies. This is especially true of the LGBT crowd. Tired of being Steve and you want to become Eve(or vice-versa)? Uncle Sam will pay for it. Got AIDS? Free virus meds for the the rest of your perverse, degenerate life. This was brought out during the Billary years with the: “DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL” policy. Of course, the elephant in the room is the statistic about the amount of rapes which are male-on-male. Add that to the spike in suicides.
            One other footnote the REMF Chairborne Rangers refuse to discuss: Gangs. Since before the First Gulf War, the Vato Loco gangs in CA have been sending their young men, who could qualify, into the Army and USMC to get combat training. I was getting intell briefings on this during my training sessions when I was a DA Investigator, over twenty years ago.
            I also served and was proud of my service. I was on active duty from ’69-’71. I did not go overseas. When I re-enlisted as an Active Reservist in 1979, however, I saw how much things had changed for the worse. I only lasted another seven years and then walked away from it for good. I do my best to discourage any young person I meet about going into the military. Sadly, it is the only place where poverty-stricken young people can get themselves some free technical training to at least have a chance in the job market. If nothing else, they all need our prayers.

  4. I have been doing extensive research and investigative perusing. I don’t think your buttons are politically correct.

  5. Today is one of the finest posting days on WRSA. Great informative postings. Keep up the fine work.

  6. San Francisco Hump The Trump fund raiser, Friday, Sept. 1st, 2016.
    To be held aboard the USS Harvey Milk now berthed at Pier 39.
    Bring the wife, the kids and your checkbook. We’ve got a free laundry for the wives, free suckers for the kids and speakin’ of suckers
    here comes one now.

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  8. SMOD 2016 (Sweet Meteor of Death)

  9. Saw some great subversive political art today. Thought it was Sabo’s, but he’s not taking credit yet.
    Sign reads: This way to Hospital. with Hillary “H” starting hospital. Underneath Hillary 2016. The “ill” in red, everything else on the poster is light or dark blue. Genius.