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  1. I just want to live long enough to see every rotten bastard parasitic cop, judge, banker, military officer, college professor, liberal, communist, welfare recipient, drunk, drug addict, thief, con artist, rapist, lazy fat-ass, satanist, and general freak types dead.

    Get rid of those scum of the earth and everything will work itself out just fine.

    That’s not too much to ask. 🙂

    • That is my goal as well.

      Couldn’t have said it any better.

    • Like the Poor, they will always be with us.

    • A collapse of the supply chain to at least four major hives at one time would fairly well insure that result.

    • Would like to see that too. Not sure how bad it has to get for americans to become realistic about what its govt did to them; but the come-uppence for some will be brutal and well deserved.

    • European American

      Your list might have covered the vast majority of Americans. I suspect some, maybe even from this blog..
      After they are “gone”, who will be next (in line). as the “scum” or impurities of the earth rise up? Maybe those that think they are qualified to know who is righteous and who is not?

      What will happen to all the programmed “anger” with those that are still left…will it work itself out just fine?

      My point is, at what point is enough, enough? And, at some point, if push comes to shove, is one willing to sacrifice oneself to be culled, for the greater good of those of purer minds and hearts who are truly righteous, honorable and loving?

      (Note, I’m mostly in agreement with what you say, but it’s a mighty fine line you, me, are walking, in that regard…as one sows, so shall one reap. As for me, I would rather live long enough to see the impurities become pure, i.e. everyone wake up by learning to live by the “Golden Rule”)

  2. As it turns out, feudalism was greatly underrated. Feudalism is local, local, local….and everybody has skin in the game.

    • Feudalism is fine, as long as the entire world that can REACH you is feudal as well. If that is not the case, however, feudalism is your death knell.

    • Yeah, now granted the skin in the game may be flayed off your back for not cleaning the lords chamber pot in a timely manner, but other than that yeah it was awesome!

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Enh, like most systems – it’s great if you’re on top.

      • Aristocratic government doesn’t mean poor science or engineering. The Industrial and Scientific Revolutions took place in an aristocratic Britain, not a modern democracy.

      • And that ^^^ as well.

      • A valued and much sought after vocation in the middle ages was the groom of the stool. The groom was tasked with” assisting the king in the performance of bodily functions of excretion and ablution.”
        Any nominees for Queen Hillarys groom must submit a detailed resume listing their qualifications. All resumes will be reviewed and given the sniff test by Rachel Madcow.

  3. Steve Kristmann

    Agreed, death to the parasites and their enablers!

    There WILL be a “stateless society”, count on it! Here’s why:

    Libertopia – Larken Rose 10-22-11

    (added treat: Bill Buppert is along for the ride).

    Yours in Liberty w/o any superstitious grovelling to an imaginary
    entity called ‘gov/authority’!
    NorthGunner III

  4. an insightful essay, anticipated some time ago by Jack Vance in his futurology CUGEL’S SAGA (pp. 290-99):

    “the innkeeper stopped by to make sure that all was in order and Cugel complimented him upon his table. ‘In fact. all taken with all. Cuirnif must be considered a place favored by the elements….Duke Orbal would seem to be an indulgent ruler.'”

    “The inkeeper gave a somewhat noncommital assent. ‘As you indicate, Duke Orbal is never truculent, suspicious, nor harsh unless in his wisdom he feels so inclined, whereupon all mildness is put aside in the interest of justice. Glance up to the crest of that hill. What do you see?'”

    “‘Four transparent .tubes, or stand-pipes, approximately 30 yards tall and one yard in diameter.'”

    “‘Your eye is accurate. Into these tubes are dropped insubordinate members of society, without regard to who stands below or who may be coming after. Hence, while you may converse with Duke Orbal or even venture a modest pleasantry, never ignore his commands. Criminals, of course, are given short shrift.'”

    “Cugel, from habit, looked uneasily over his shoulder. ‘Such strictures will hardly apply to me, a stranger in town.'”

    “The innkeeper gave a skeptical grunt. ‘I assume that you came to witness the Exposition of Marvels?'”

    “‘Quite so! I may even try for the grand prize…'”

    (some time later…)

    “Duke Orbal held up his hand….’Now we pass on to Cugel’s pavilion and investigate his provocative exhibit, “Nowhere”.'”

    “Cugel stepped up on the dais before his exhibit. ‘Your Grace, I present for your inspection a legitimate marvel: not a straggle of insects, not a pedantic almanac, but an authentic miracle.’ Cugel whisked away the cloth. ‘Behold!'”

    “Duke Orbal made a puzzled sound. ‘A pile of dirt? A stump? And what is that odd-looking tentacle emerging from the hole?….I decree that Cugel must immediately enter his exhibit and likewise make a careful study of the environment, to enlighten us all.'”

    “Your Grace!'” protested Cugel. ‘This is no simple matter! The tentacle almost fills the hole!'”

    “‘I see sufficient room for an agile man to slide past.'”

    “‘Your Grace, to be candid, I do not care to enter the hole by reason of extreme fear.'”

    “Duke Orbal glanced up at the tubes which stood in a row against the skyline.”

    “Cugel declared in a trembling voice, ‘I fear, but I have conquered my fear…'”

  5. “Democracy” as such was roundly rejected by the US Constitution of 1789. The current aberration (or rather abortion) is entirely a modern pathology. Reference to same would lead to the inescapable conclusion that, even for those to whom the voting franchise was extended, one could only cast a single direct vote, for their own congressman. Not their senator, nor the President, and certainly not anyone in the judiciary.

    It wasn’t until the original Progressive visigoths laid waste to things with Amendments XVI through XIX, inclusive, that democratic (and Democrat) hell on earth was unleashed.

    Undoing those would serve to erase the current problems, and reset things to US of A circa 1890, with hardly a burp of trouble going forward.

    The trouble with it is quite simply, as observed by no less an authority than John Adams: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    Failing that prerequisite, I suspect the organizing principle in almost every case will become “that government governs best which governs least”, enforced as ever in history by recourse to tumbrel and guillotine.

  6. CA,

    On 31 OCT 10 you had a posting titled “Steyn: Sovereignty & Territory.” You asked readers “Does anyone hear a drum in the distance ?” and posted the lyrics of /or a poem titled “The Muster Drum”. Seems to me that question and The Muster Drum are more applicable than ever. Perhaps you could repost with any possible 2016 updates ?

    I’d post the link but I’m working off a tablet.

    Thoughts ?

  7. Stop waiting for a cataclysmic collapse because you’re already on a train which left the tracks and is careening down a canyon wall, the adrenaline is slowing time down like it does in a good fight.. Learn to grow/make food. Get some rain barrels going NOW. Learn by doing. You’re on your own. No one is going to help/save you and that’s ok. God is enough. Smile, it makes the bad people really nervous.

  8. Scum are a symptom, not the disease.

    Scum floats to the top. In rational systems of government, the tiny bit of scum that is created is carefully skimmed off and disposed of before it contaminates the whole barrel. In the present day, nobody is doing that needed skimming or protection of the rest of the contents of the barrel, and the scum are become the majority.

    What nobody seems to want to talk about is ENFORCEMENT of the rules, whatever those end up being, and how that enforcement happens. The biggest single problem with the existing Constitution, as has been known for over 100 years, is lack of enforcement. There are many others, as others have pointed out, but the biggest problem is making everyone stick to the deal they agreed to. Y’know, like protection of individual rights, especially property rights. Equality in the eyes of the law. Justice for everyone.
    Simple and easy concepts, right? CRITICAL to preservation of a culture and a civilization, though; without those ideas being observed and protected, we’re doomed. It was the lack of enforcement that allowed the scum to flourish in the first place.

    Understanding and enforcing the right to private property, with all the corollaries attendant upon that, is the essence of this fight. Without that, you can try to remove the scum as fast as you like, and you will still have a diseased barrel.

    • MichiganJim

      “In rational systems of government, the tiny bit of scum that is created is carefully skimmed off and disposed of before it contaminates the whole barrel.”

      That sounds great. Since you’re an historian, maybe you could point us to some examples so we can see what it looks like. 2 or 3 should be sufficient. Thanks.

  9. OT?:

    Country for Sale: Started in 1990 people. We are 15 years behind CONgress having sold the right to US Citizenship to any swinging dick with 500k to 1M dollars. I’m certain there is no fraud in this system.

  10. TLDR version of the linked essay: letting women and blacks vote is the reason the United States Constitution (as amended) failed. Good essay.

    • No dispute there, it’s clear that the welfare state is a result of women voting to nurture everyone at the expense of the taxpayers.

  11. This dude — doing this with his real face in Orlando, FL — makes me feel like a pussy for fearing that government agents dressed in black will kick down my door based on “anonymous” internet comments such as my mild participation here:

    This should give us “hope”, at least. Not on the overall big question with which this blog wrestles, but just think about it: dudes like this guy, David Duke, Matt Bracken, and others, use their real name to say very “alt right” things, and they are still living, breathing citizens. They have not been taken out by the men in black.

    This dude is flat out “calling for insurrection” while running for US Senate, using his real face on youtube, and I live in fear of saying anything close to “calling for violence” commenting anonymously on blogs (and I don’t).

    • Dude likes to sacrifice goats and have multiple wives. I’m shocked that this guy has been injected into the libertarian movement. Nice job everyone!

      I’m gonna stay positive and keep prepping. Gonna skip the goat sacrifices. That is all.

  12. Comments and advice sought: on the subject of local, local, local and this blog’s current masthead. How do we get other men to wake the fuck up? I continue to be amazed at how most men are clueless, brainwashed sheeple.

    In my big city (I’m stupid to have moved here, but I am trapped here; I will not leave my kids and I cannot kidnap them — I’ll go to jail) I have tried things such as hinting to the dudes at my local gun shop about the need for forming a “group” and “local local local.” No, more than hinting; I have sent them links to this blog and others — providing lots of good information. I’m not sure if they get it.

    The owner of the shop gets it. He recently moved the shop to a building that is literally built like a medieval castle, with a concrete wall around the property. It can be secured (fairly well by modern standards) and would be a good place to hole up if SHTF. I have no doubt that he gets it. He’s a conservative. I have no LEO or military background; to this dude I’m just a customer. How do I say to him, like, “Dude, “no homo,” but I can shoot, I get it, and I want to be part of your group”? Or even before SHTF, I want to be this dude’s “friend” (no homo). Like, I have ditched my libtard friends and am actively seeking out real men who get it. Another place I look is at the shooting range.

    It seems to me that even among gun guys, 90% of them are living in the matrix (they just happen to like guns) and they think that websites like this blog are crazy “conspiracy theory” and they do things like make fun of “doomsday preppers”.

    Anyway, as a matter of selfishness and prepping, I want to be in with this gun shop owner. He’s a fit ex military dude and I’m sure he knows the right people. Cops hang out in the shop all the time, of course, and many have to be oath keepers.

    Another thing that I think tFA-t might hate: I have considered becoming a cop. The reason would be so that I’m the one getting to decide to be an oath keeper when the time comes. Nothing wrong with having my 80 best friends be cops. Can’t beat ’em, join ’em. What say you, tFA-t?

    To quote Tupac, “I was given this world; I didn’t make it.” Communism is a sliding scale, and the closer we get to full communism, it gets to the point where the ONLY way to have an income is to work for the government. And we are close to that point now. Who could blame me for doing what I have to do to feed my children? And, again, I think joining the government as an employee could be part of good “prepping.” An oath keeper on the inside. That’s why I don’t fully undertand tFA-t’s cop hate, although I enjoy reading your comments.

    We live in a world in which 90% of all jobs outside of true farming are government dependent. We have communism RIGHT NOW. That includes private sector lawyers (no jobs without a functioning court system — police and judges and bailiffs who get a paycheck). I again say: regarding any person under 45 or 50 today, it’s not our fault. We grew up in a world of anti-white communist lies. I decided to be lawyer when I was 18 years old, knowing nothing. We all did. I fucking WISH I was a flyover state farmer (in a world of freedom without fedgov abusing farmers).

    Anyway, this gun shop owner is rarely there himself. I’ve befriended the staff there (and even applied for a job, to no avail) — I don’t want to go behind their backs, but how do I get this shop owner (or anybody) to form groups to talk in meat space about the stuff discussed at this blog?

    • He probably has his own meatspace group that he has personally vetted. He probably understands the pigs’ favorite tactic is “infiltrate to incite and indict”. If he knows you’re a lawyer, and are considering becoming a cop, and if he looks at “Law Enforcement” ANYWHERE in this country, he is NOT about to let you anywhere near his group.

    • Anon, I’ve found the best advice is the simplest. Isn’t much things simpler in the crazy sacked out world than tribe kith and kin.

      In many respects Jeffersonsonian Agrarianism and tribe, or feudalism, have many things in common. There is a lot to be learned and put into practice between them. As one commenter on here put it, and I can’t remember who, had a brilliantly simple narrative epiphany:

      “What if the only viable option is a long-term “stay-behind” operation, with the primary goal being multi-generational cultural preservation?”

      That right there simplifies the list of viable choices, I think. Liberty can only succeed through action, as true liberty is the action of acting free.
      We can spend time beating our hearts and minds against the wall with all that is going on and what others do or don’t do, or think, but what we as self determining individuals can really effect is the local reality below your feet. And that is what matters, because it does begin with each of us, it’s first principles, it is the primal dynamics of each of us.
      It is really simple as that. It is a tough concept to wrap the ol’ head around, just look at the multitude of clueless, but that doesn’t invalidate self determination and self sufficiency, if anything it exemplifies their virtues and principles.
      You can build a tribe of more or less self determining people, the most difficult aspect is the first to members of it, after that it becomes easier, because others want to join, it is a sense of wanting to belong to something, even if it is just a tiny larger than themselves. It is the little things that count here too. Call it corny or provincial, but it works. Go ask your favorite neighbor or farmer if they need a hand, you have a free afternoon, and reckon because your my neighbor I would care to extend a hand to you.
      Believe me, it works. You’ll find out right fast who will be your ally and who won’t. I like to bring a jar or three of my favorite canned goods from my garden, a lb of home cured bacon, something that is personally produced by me. It is an act of extending your hand. It is acting in kindness, some don’t know how to react, some don’t care, a few, oh ya those are your tribe, they understand what is going on. And right there you changed the world for the better. Ripples on a pound man, they spread out and come back.

    • Sorry to dash your hopes here, anon, but you’re dreaming.

      I work in a gun shop (gunsmith) and not one of my co-workers really “gets it.” Mostly they understand and despise all the same things I do but they deny the coming consequences and think I’m a “radical” because I tell the truth and want my country back.

      As far as becoming a cop, you may as well put a big bullseye on your back.
      You have not the moral comprehension of a tadpole if you think you can swim in that pond and not be contaminated. You would be enforcing that which you say you despise upon the unfree, becoming another tool of The Enemy.

  13. I think the author is about 180 degrees out of phase. The Constitution works, as written in 1789. What doesn’t work is an out of control government and a entire class of unproductive, uneducated, violent, 4th generation welfare recipients that are given handouts in order to secure their vote.
    Rest assured, the POLITICIANS ARE THE PROBLEM!!

    • I respectfully disagree, sir, on the issue of “the Constitution works”.


      Zombie R.E. Lee

      • Jimmy the Saint

        O, cruel fate, to be thusly boned! Ask not for whom the Constitution bone bones. It bones for thee.
        Zombie Abe Lincoln

      • outlawpatriot

        Respectfully, it’ll work with a few upgrades. To desert it completely is suicide. Do you not read what some of these dumb motherfuckers write? 🙂

        • With the right group of people, both the USC/BoR as written and “Big 3 anarchy” [leave me, my people, and my property the fuck alone, and I will do the same] would work.

          What system will work for the people in North America right now?


          Hence, the elites drive to create same.

          I hope you and I can meet after the war, enjoy a good meal, and both laugh about how wrong we were.


          Your Friend

      • ^^ 1000x. A hundred years is about all it worked, a flash in the pan relative to human history. We sacrificed our legacy to the god of universal suffrage and suicidal ‘compassion’. Period. Democracy doesn’t work and that’s what this current abortion is. The sub-80 IQ are permitted to outvote their betters and steal their treasure, time and talent. Until this is rectified it will continue to get worse. Constitution was a good try but it didn’t work. Time to take what does in it and move on. Adapt or die.

      • Yeah, it worked really great in controlling George Washington and his mob (standing army) didn’t it? Same goes for the Sedition Act. What a joke.

    • Teh Constitution demonstrably DOES NOT work. The reason that it does not is that there is no enforcement mechanism built in to it.

  14. Organic Redneck

    Careful what you wish for. Under feudalism not everyone gets to be a lord or lady up in the castle. Vast majority are serfs working the land who are considered the master’s property, just like a tractor or a cow….They cannot own land, they have few or no rights, they live in terrified squalor. Filthy, short-lived, illiterate, their only comfort is the Church. Yes, THAT Church. Three times a week or more, the Tridentine Mass being mumbled up behind a screen. As for the lords and ladies, their lives make Game of Thrones look like a quiet game of Bridge. Siblings murdering each other, poisoning their parents, horrific barbaric torture….

    A better system, IMHO, while not perfect, is the pre-feudal Saxon tribal system. Free men and their families living on widely spaced farms. Warfare and justice a strictly community affair. Cheifs elected (and deposed) by the community. Decentralized tribal religion. Similar to a cantonal system today.

  15. What do I say?

    I think you’re too young to really understand how power corrupts people, especially those who are scumbags from the start.
    Never served in the military? If you did, you would’ve seen first hand what power in the hands of a corrupt officer does, cops are no different other than being worse.This shop owner you admire? If he wanted you in on his team, he’d ask you. let it go. Do yourself some good – MOVE. Go out to fly-over country while you still can. If you choose to stay for your kids sake, that’s your choice. Just remember, things change, woman change their minds, people die, the kids may end up with you anyways. It wave a safe place for them to go.

    Look at it this way,,

    If you lay down with dogs, you’ll wake-up with fleas- or you will be shot.


    Good luck to you.

  16. Resistance Is Feudal is an outstanding piece. The author’s premises regarding what comes next is cautionary. I suspect what comes next will be something of an outlier of history, in truth it can’t be anything else, just as this republic has been and is a singular event, with parallels and circular similarities to history, but it is still very unique in fundamental respects.

    I think too when this republic was being formulated, the birth of Liberty in actuality, the cat was out of the bag. There was no and is no stuffing it back either, not by the globalists or the cultural marxist, the Fabian’s and muslin’s can go fuck a flying’ rollin’ donut, and every style of tyrant can kiss my ass, and the millions of butts like mine on that score.

    I’d very much like to become part of a compact of confederation where I live, as it was before that instrument of administrative tyranny was ratified, bad mistake, bad bad mistake, it was beginning to work. But such things require threshing out and time to mature, but it was local local local where the real power of the people lays, then, as now. In a few aspects they where feudal, comprised of precincts of tribes, communities and kin. It was an agrarian composition and tribal character which determined the collection of small nation states of America of that time viability.

    It shouldn’t be a question of revolution, or collapse, when or if SHTF, or TINVOWOOT, it isn’t even a question, the thinking and idea must be this all is the natural order of what we are, it couldn’t happen another way, it must all go the way it is going because down that road is the next stage of liberty and freedom. Tyranny is beating itself against the mountain of liberty. In the long run it can not win, it can not conquer those who will be free. That time of human history ended in the 1600’s to the 1700’s. Sure it’s reared it’s ugly head, but it is spent from the signing of that piece of desiccated parchment to today, and this is all that tyranny has? I mean really, it is a joke. It’s so corrupt and inept, moribund to it’s own inherent intrinsic failures, it expends the majority of it’s energy trying to survive it’s rancid illegitimacy in the face of legitimate people, their self determinations, and their primal freedoms. Sneaking and slinking around with ulterior agenda, it has to resort to every sort of lame decrepit trick imaginable to stay afloat, and that is only possible by reverting to thievery and conning the productive.
    I spit on these tyrants.
    They are nothing.

  17. Bye the bye, a similar line of thinking has creeped into the fringes of mainstream at ZeroHedge —

  18. The aristocrats are already running things; the government is their surrogate.

  19. From the article: “In Red areas, some pre-collapse legitimacy will remain because these states and localities were more successfully and legitimately governed.” If this guy is right, then it maybe worth staying in Texas; as it may go all Alamo again and start going hardcore on Mexicans that can’t prove legal citizenship in an effort to save itself; but I think Texas still goes purple-socialist-democrat-state before that happens; so I’m still off to hunker down in New Hampshire with the Massachusetts conservatives hiding out there.

    • If Texas goes, it won’t go alone. States like AR, OK, LA, MS will probably follow it. I always remind folks, there were more Hispanics on the walls of the Alamo than Anglos.

  20. Kay de Leon

    Quite so!

    It’s all well and fun to beat our chests, bang our keyboards, and for the truely brave and manly, open carry through the woods with a backpack and face paint, but when it all truly comes crashing down- masters, please!

    Sometimes it seems like 120 pound gender fluid anarcho-punks with an aversion to weapons have more balls in real life than revolutionary bloggers. The king is dead, long live the king!

  21. Living in the city one form of housing might be a tall concrete high rise. Once the power goes out the many flights of stairs will be a reasonable barrier.

    If you can shelter in place (with your kids) for a long time you might do OK in one.

    Best to have windows that open for ventillation and plan for no power or water for the duration.

    Once you settle into the building do a good recon of the basements and garages, and roof if you have access.

    Tenements are the first thing to burn, I would avoid them. If you live in a condo get onto the condo association, it will be a good place to organize tenants for mutual defense when outside order breaks down. Having three or four cheap surplus rifles (Mosin’s are still $150 bucks at Big Five) to arm a guard detail might be advisable if you don’t know ahead of time what others level of prep is.

  22. anon, 8:37, write down want you want to talk to these guys about. Then chop it down to it’s barest components. Then, write it again, having parts stand out as to subject, scope, and possible outcomes. Then chop it again, down to its barest components. Rehearse it a while, let it roll around in your head a couple of days, mull it over, eliminate anything not really needed, say it out loud to yourself at home in a mirror, so you know what you sound and look like. Then, find a time and place you and your friends can get together, and whip it on em’. They’ll probably wait a bit, and either accept or reject your ideas. Be mentally prepared to succeed or fail. If success, drive on. If fail, thank them for their time and consideration, and drive on to somewhere else if you still want to do it. Thing is, if you really want this, keep at it, and don’t be afraid of either failure or success. There are many people in this country who have succeeded in whatever they were doing, and went nowhere, because they were not prepared mentally to win. And even if you never succeed, have yourself and what you can in good prepping order, there are hundreds of resources for that on the net. Who knows, when SHTF, you may wind up the local tribal chieftain simply because you knew how to organize. Leadership is something you’re born with, and learn how to use. Anyone can BE a leader, most don’t WANT to be one. The ones that learn about it, and then USE it, those are the leaders. Most people are sheeple because they choose to be sheeple. Real honest to goodness leaders learn how to do it, and do it right, and then they DO IT.

  23. Remember from a lesson in leadership:
    “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell
    and they go happily on their way.”

    On another note, eventually, given all the “free stuff”
    taken from others by force, there are Kingdom Tracks
    here, hopefully via Free Will Offerings through Real
    Church Services:

    “Jesus was rich, and made himself poor”

    Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  24. Alfred E. Neuman

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  25. No one can, with any accuracy, predict what will happen. Too many variables. ChiCom, NorK, Russian or arab nuke or EMP. Worldwide financial collapse. Internationalist space aliens controlling everything reveal themselves. Cyber apocalypse! That’s a sampling of the global things over which you have no knowledge. When the SHTF you’re going to know as much about what’s really happening as you do now. Less even. It will be gritty and you will die. Die well.

  26. @anon: “I have considered becoming a cop. The reason would be so that I’m the one getting to decide to be an oath keeper when the time comes. Nothing wrong with having my 80 best friends be cops.”

    Any patriot that can inject himself into the .gov is invaluable, I would do the same, but the polygraph would explode during my interview, Great idea, and good luck.

    “Can’t beat ’em, join ’em. What say you, tFA-t?”