WeaponsMan: The Slide Is Real And The Army Is Flipping


Killer quote by WM:

“…So, are you still telling yourself that the people in charge of the military take their oath to the Constitution seriously? Nonsense. They stand ready to serve a government of men, not of laws…”

Time to shoot the colonels?

shoot colonel fascistii

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  1. William Wilson

    I see WRS has an “anti-racist” sub-theme. Which means the enemy runs WRS. Yeah, show us the black soljuh who’s gonna clean this mess up.

  2. ALCON,

    There are copsuckers and there are milsuckers….aplenty. And neither of them support Freedom from the oppression of those scum known as “government”.

    Folks want troops ? Folks want national defense ? Then get our DoD mercenaries out of the Middle East, 100+ countries the world over and put 2 ID on the Mexican border, not the S. Korea border !

    Never. Give. Up. Your. Guns.

  3. There exist no bigger ass munchers than Field Grade Awfulcurs.
    They’re life long tax parasites, much like the po LICE and poly Tick tians.
    Nobody ever tells them they are worse than dried dog crap on the living room carpet, because they out-smell, er, I mean, rank everyone else. These medal wearing kernels of corn are useless as tits on a bull..

    Eliminate with EXTREME prejudice.

    • Now there is compelling analysis, for a fourteen year old overhyped on call of duty fantasies. Don’t worry, in a few years your testicles will descend your voice will deepen and, after emerging from the basement at mom’s house, you may begin to develop a bit of maturity. That snot nose of yours may dry up too.

      What you seem incapable of grasping is that many, far more than you can imagine, of the very groups you take such glee in castigating understand very well the depths of corruption to which our institutions have sunk. The author of this piece is a serious man and former mil. A glance to the left at the blogroll revels quite a number of former mil all of whom are serious, well spoken (and written) and actively involved in some form or fashion in trying to fix the situation or prepare for the kinetic fixing thats probably coming. So according to snot-nose logic Bracken, Weapons Man, Dan Morgan, Culper, Brushbeater, MV, MDT and many others are all evil yadayadayada? Within the ranks of the active duty there are untold numbers of the same mindset. Serious men, serious writing seeking serious solutions willing to help serious people get up to speed. Is everyone a saint? Of course not. Most may not be but enough just might be. The quality of the writers that CA references here gives me hope that enough good men remain to make a difference, whatever comes.

      Now, wipe your nose, gird your loins and pretend (because you must) you are an adult, experienced man. What contribution, of intellectual value, could you make to the discussion Weaponsman missive has engendered? Because what he highlights is damn serious.

      • I’m tired of supporting parasitic scum like yourself and your queer sons who obviously cannot make it in the job market. Like I said, do the honorable thing and kill yourself.

      • Not so sure that I agree with you Bill. Untold numbers who “see or know” what’s going on… hardly. If you believe that some form of unpleasantness is coming then the question for you and your untold masses in the .mil is will you follow those orders to kill those Americans because they own illegal property and they aren’t going to let you (.mil or the Blue boys) confiscate their property?

        When the war for Southern Independence started Army and Navy men were split and went their separate ways. Southerners defended their homes, families and property by your marauding Union Army. Plenty of those soldiers decided to go kill their Southern brethren because Lincoln and Grant and other Generals said so. I believe when the “split” comes in the future there will be plenty of untold masses in the .mil who will do what they are told by the modern day Grant’s in the Pentagon.

        Grey Ghost

        PS – CA please check your email. You can give Dan III and the “others” my email.

      • Bill,

        Your sanctimonius rant against tfA-t aside (his Field Grade reference must have struck a cord), the question of you remains:

        Are you a Patriot who will oppose evil and refuse to follow unconstitutional orders ?

        Yes/No. Simple ? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Just ask yourself the question. Your answer is not intended for public consumption. Food for thought only.

        Should the evil of Hillary Clinton be ensconsed as POTUS and she attempts a confiscation of firearms (a violation of the Constitution), there will be much bloodshed in this country. For me, it is apparent that the “milsuckers” (as I describe them) and the .mil careerist will fall right in line to follow the diktats of a POTUS administration gone awry.

        “…. support and defend the Constitution…., against all enemies foreign and domestic;”

        It is extremely important to consider when it will be appropriate to disobey “lawful orders” from the military or national command authority. Will one maintain fidelity to one’s oath to “support and defend the Constitution” or follow “lawful orders” ?

        “When to shoot the Colonels”. That decision may soon rest on the shoulders of both professional soldiers and citizen Patriots alike.

  4. Virgil Kane

    Along with the militarized(i.e. federalized) polizei.

  5. Well at least they are consistent — They have HRC listed as well.

  6. 1971 I’m out of the US naval hospital Annapolis Maryland at my new duty station Marine Corps base Quantico Virginia in my possession is a Tokarov pistol which I took off a dead NVA soldier after a battle in Republic of South Vietnam. During my first month there it became known to the NCO in “A” company schools demonstration troops that I had this battle trophy in my foot locker I was approached by the NCO taken into the Captains office and told by these men that I had to relinquish this weapon to the arms locker and could not keep a personal weapon in my foot locker . The NCO was discharged from the Marine Corps and mysteriously my firearm my battle trophy disappeared from the arms locker . So much for individual freedom. My comment in no way reflects on the United States Marine Corps or the caliber of its individuals who serve. I was 21 years old and believed in taking orders because all orders must be just. I no longer believe that. What bothers me is the lack of teaching of critical thinking for the youth of this nation.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I missed VN by 2 yrs, but while at 2nd Recon (1974) I acquired a Walther P-38 pistol that a SSgt had taken from a VC or NVA, (his wife wanted it out of the house, sold it to me) probably taken off a French or German FFL in the 50’s. Member of my own plt stole it from me as he was deserting. They caught him, never saw my pistol again, and I still remember that damn ser#, AC 6889G 1942.
      That’s what I got for trusting a fellow Marine, and also being naive about friends. I wised up quick, never gave another officer or SNCO a break either, I questioned everything and anything, always had my ass in a sling, spent Thanksgiving ’74 at Correctional Custody, Camp Lejeune breaking rocks with a sledgehammer for disobeying a lawful order from a SNCO. I’m surprised they didn’t throw me out of Recon over that, but I still made Corporal again the next yr.
      Looking back on those times, it made me aware of things on so many levels, and I also refuse to follow anyone to this day. Playing groupie to religious or political heroes just doesn’t work for me.
      And I wouldn’t trade one minute of those good old days, they taught me way too many life skills.

  7. Regardless of politics and whatnot, a great many of them will have to be shot. Once enough of them HAVE been shot, the others will probably get the idea. Remember, we do things to encourager les autres.

  8. The murkan armed farces are impotent. It has NOT won a war in all of the 5 decades I’ve been alive. It is a beaten, tired, humiliated, and frustrated monster. The only thing it has left is to turn on the very people it was born from, maybe then, it can soothe it’s shattered ego by enslaving it’s own countrymen. There is no being friends with a psychotic fiend. You can make temporary peace with it by worshiping and groveling at its feet until the monster gets hungry, then it will eat you. To a hammer, everything looks like a nail. These career drones have been brainwashed into believing they are superior to all others, and will act on those beliefs. The smart money is in not supporting these life long failures any longer. Look what happened to WWII Germany by the end of the war, it was left in ruins because of the warpigs.,

    • One could argue that if the beauracrats would let the armed forces truly fight (with an aim to win) the war, then that just might happen. In the decade and a half of fun n’ games over yonder, the ROE has been ludicrously restrictive.

      That said, I’d love to know who built that slide pack, and what narration accompanied it.

      • Many of us here fell for the patriotic military BS when we were young and dumb, we did a hitch or two, learned our “craft” and left. But to stay in and make it a career shows a serious lack of ambition to succeed in real life. Losers like our scramble-brained robot “bill” the lifer is a great example of teh st00pit. Fuck that flag and eat my ass field grade awfulskur bill.

        You are a tool.

  9. The post asks if it is time to shoot the Colonels. My question would be WHO gets to shoot the Colonels? Could a civilian do so, and using a 2nd, 5th, 14th Amend challenge avoid incarceration. Probably moot for said civilian would be the second one shot that very minute.

  10. It’s been time to shoot the colonels for quite awhile.

    The question isn’t who isn’t going to honor that oath, but who is.

  11. tfA-t is correct. Out side of Granada and Panama ( True police actions) we have not won a war since Japan. We’ve been in Iraq since Saddam crossed into Kuwait in 1990, either in military action or monitoring the no fly zone. That’s more than 25 years. And no end in sight. Stalin was insane to purge his military in 1938. We would be insane NOT to purge our military now. In the spring of 1940 France had the same number of tanks and soldiers and planes as Germany. But leadership matters. Germany went through France like shit through a goose. Obama, Hillary and Merkel are pushing Putin to the brink. But no one in Putin’s army wears red hi heels, not even the women. This self hating suicidal mindset of the west will end the same way as Hitler’s hating of every other race but his. Millions dead. Obama’s General Allen seems to be all in with this self hating insanity. Prepare to avert your eyes from the horror.

    • Rainman.

      Purge the DoD as per J. Stalin ? Sure. I’m with you on that. However, may I suggest a purging includes ALL occupants of 1600 Pa Ave, all 535 of the US Congress and certainly the 8 members of SCOTUS.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” This self hating suicidal mindset of the west will end the same way as Hitler’s hating of every other race but his. Millions dead. ”

      Yeah, but this time it will be the *right* millions…..just like the collectivists have promised every time before.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Our wars are no longer meant to be won. We had to stop the ‘highway of death’ in Desert Storm because is wasn’t fair.
    Wars are meant to spend $$ and lives to deflect our attention away from what’s going on in ‘Murica. That is one reason TPTB are so upset that Trump might win and might pull back the curtain, what w/his making NATO pay up or us get out and then no more nation building.

  14. I think the military serves two purposes now (as maybe opposed to the past): 1) to hold territory around the world through the show of power and 2) as a tool of the pols to achieve their own ends. The use of the military in other countries (within their own boarders) and including our own in the past works as this – you take your force to a different geographic area because the people you are subjugating are ‘different’ that the ones from your area and problem solved. Never doubt that those who may say, “…it can’t happen here” are wrong. Plan accordingly.

  15. Stealth Spaniel

    We are where we are in this whole mindset because the Elites changed “in the service” -as in service to your country; to “in the military” -which is why we now have unending wars that are never intended to be won. The whole thought process needs turned on its head! We have a military force to DEFEND THE COUNTRY. I have little to no interest in all of this global force for good BS. If this country needs to go to war against another country-then fuXXing go to WIN!! No more pussy petting of potentates, no more hearts and minds, no more rules of engagement. Simple-really.

  16. I’ve said, time and again, set joe blow GI and a soldier from virtually any other military in the world at a table with a 6 pack and before the beers gone, they’ll both agree that the best possible use of their resources, skills and efforts would be to handle their own politicians instead of going after one another. Save a lot of travel time too….