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Drudge nails it, as usual.



10 responses to “Amerika

  1. The Walkin' Dude

    Too bad they aren’t “Pinochet’s Helicopter Tours” carting dildo-waving Austin libtards to scenic cliffside views.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Not a bad idea by govt imo. when a shtf event hits the usa, like the dollar going down as world reserve currency; the govt is going to need something that can bring intimidation fast wherever it is needed; some attack helicopters can do just that.
    imo, unless actual states revolt against the federal government; the boot will not be let up, no individuals or group can organize a large enough resistance to back down the full force of the federal govt.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    Just a beantown bird “warm up” for a nefarious reason like the MASS A/G assault weapons ban which she conjured up and made up out of thin air.

    Laws? BOHICA They don’t need any stinking laws!

    • Bitch best be cautious about who she spouts that “Take me to court” bullshit to. More people every day are beginning to understand “court” of a fair and impartial type will ONLY be found right out in the street.

  5. Somebody getting nervous?
    Sow the wind you fuckers.

    Super-rich making homes ‘invisible’…
    Wiped from GOOGLE, GPS blocked…

  6. Those Blackhawks (MH models)
    belong to the 160TH SOAR (A).
    They are either from 1st Battalion,
    3rd Battalion, or 4th Battlion.
    Just because I am extremely
    disagreeable with my opinions, in
    this instance I know what I am
    talking about.

  7. Frank Pinelander

    CAG graduates another class.

  8. Bostonians are the perfect sheeples for follow up martial law training following the bombing drill of a few years ago. All most all of these sheeples do not own personal guns, and rely on their polezi for all their protections.
    Obedience to Authority is their credo. Even after relocating out of MA they still love to be in gun free zones. Prog Putzes are just prog putzes, and excellent training sheeples.