Codrea: ‘Standing Army’ Oathbreakers Attack Civilian RKBA



Do you understand yet?

UPDATE 0725EDT 26AUG2016: Herschel shares his thoughts on General Chiarelli.

22 responses to “Codrea: ‘Standing Army’ Oathbreakers Attack Civilian RKBA

  1. There appears to be a concerted effort from such douchenozzles to scare to populace into disarming everyone for “safety from terrorists”.
    It’s been a recurring story recently-maybe it’s a plan to disarm all of us dirt people?
    Nah,voting will fix it,right?
    SMOD/ Cthulhu 2016 cuz FUSA is toast anyhow.
    Your community is now your country-get used to it and get organized now while you have time.

  2. Traitor!

  3. Short arm… Saaaalute!

    Go do anatomically impossible things with your self, Generally Fuckedup

    The List grows ever longer by the day. The man who corners the hemp market will reap a justifable reward

  4. ALCON,

    Chiarelli, just another in the long list of left-wing, Constitution-nose thumbing, flag officer scum produced by the sing-kumbaya fUSA military. Chiarelli joins a long list of flag officer scum who support and defend the leftist policies of Marxist such as the Klintons and soetoro-obama. Wesley Clark, Petreaus, Odierno and others got their stars because they were political hacks. These are the types of men who will be at the forefront of the incoming attack on one’s right to keep & bear arms.

    Recent remarks by commenter tfA-t bad mouthed those fUSA military of field grade rank. I would add to his remarks that the bigger threat to what little Liberty & Freedom remains in this once, great nation are the political hacks of flag officer rank.

    Overall, the social justice military of fUSA today, is riddled with females, fags and foreign invaders allowed into this country by the unconstitutional soetoro-obama. Many of them cannot do 3 push-ups nor run 2 miles in less than 20 minutes. “I’m just in it for the college money” is a refrain of the social justice warriors often spoken to many of the senior NCO peers I’ve conversed with over the years.

    While the limited lethality of today’s social justice military should not be dismissed, the fact of the matter is that today’s enlisted and company-level commissioned have little concern for nationalism & patriotism. When the SHTF and they come to confiscate one’s property, their discipline will rapidly disintegrate when they see their platoon leader’s pumpkin splatter from the impact of a .270 Winchester from a bolt action Remington.

    The troops of soetoro-obama and possibly Klinton’s military will not be one’s friend. Nor will they be the “warriors” their leadership wants them to be.

    “Hey Sarge, I’m just in it for the college money.”

    Never give up your guns.

    • I mocked the field grade dolts because they are the shitballs that the general awfulskurs roll downhill. The rest of the lower-archy are just the cannon fodder that get run over. Walk thru a VA hospital and count how many 0-4s and above you see there. Much like counting hens teeth.

  5. But But the children!!!!

    They, the establishment, play most for fools as they should. The public schools conveniently left out all the references to the results of gun confiscations. Or for the most part the sheeple just don’t give a rats ass, they got their flat screens, beer, home delivery pizza, sports, Hollywood, and the media 24/7 in their face telling them the truth!!!

    Me I,m with Mr. Heston.

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

  7. Okay, we can that shitbird Chiarelli on the list of known enemies. Check. Oh, and him right next to the editors or all the local news rags masquerading as public media outlets.

  8. Fast and furious failed so now they’re using “terrorism” get nullify the 2a.

    Anyone surprised?

    Remember the people cheered on the patriot act back in the day.

  9. “Right now under federal law, felons, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill have the option of buying a gun”

    Possession is already illegal under federal law.

  10. Lot of ad hominem attacks.

    While this makes you feel good – at least, heaping verbal abuse on Quislings makes me feel better – I am old enough to remember the entire “background check” nonsense back when they first proposed it. Plenty of y’all are as well.

    If you remember (and for those of you too young to have lived through that nonsense), the entire argument went like this:

    The collectivists wanted universal background checks. The “conservatives” – there were a few that had not gone extinct back then, replaced with the Pod People we have today – pushed back and said that a) people should – and do – buy and sell their own private property at will and as they damn well please and b) the fact that “background checks” are literally asking permission to exercise a right.

    You don’t bother with “asking permission” to exercise a right. If you have to ask permission, then it’s not a right.

    The collectivists pinky swore and said they wouldn’t ever, never, bother with private sales of private property between consenting adults. Honest Injun. The other side bought that line of bullshit and said “Okay”, provided our Gun Police double-pinky-swore not to keep any permanent databases on who owns what and how many…

    And background checks became a part of our lives.

    First thing the collectivists and the gun police did was renege on all their promises to never f**k with private sales between consenting adults and also keeping permanent databases of who owns what…

    So long as individual Joe Baggadonuts wasn’t directly inconvenienced, nobody much cared except a few vocal die-hards.

    Now it’s come full circle. 20-something years on, and they’ve been doing their damnedest to eliminate the sale of private property by constantly harping on it as a “loophole” – when it was probably the ONE REASON why background checks were even inflicted on us all in the first place!

    And, once again, Joe Baggadonuts can’t be bothered… he’s too busy worrying about the loss of his job because the factory where he works has offshored… or worse, he had to train up his H1B-visa replacement or lose what little severance pay was coming his way… his house is underwater… his country invaded by people openly hostile to him and his way of life… his own government has made him the enemy, and spies and eavesdrops on him….

    He stares into the faces of his wife and kids and begins to despair…

    Then comes along these turds with their peculiar brand of poison, harping on how bad guns are. How we shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches or sharp objects because reasons…

    I don’t blame Joe for his apathy. A man can only take so much, and we are often not the Men we think we are… we are as the Almighty made us, warts and all…

    Since the Great Purge – where the current regime jettisoned every flag-rank officer or senior NCO if there was even the slightest doubt – I am not surprised that filth like this spews from the holes under the noses of these Quislings.

    Chiarelli is a piece of sh*t… and I’m ashamed of him. Bought and paid for shill that he is… I guess being a sellout has it’s advantages.

  11. Stealth Spaniel

    Money shot: “What contemptible trash.”
    Lamp post material, if you ask me. Every.Single.One. One of my uncles used to tell me, that in WW2, his unit had an unwritten rule; Take No Prisoners. I guess we should take heed.

  12. Just for the pure hell of it I just googled up the editorial staff of the Baltimore Sun. The sun is an extreme leftist rag masquerading as media here behind enemy lines here in MD. How about that? They have put the pictures next to the names and jobs. Go figure.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Risible & farcical.
    Geez why doesn’t the puppet shitbag talking parrot talk about the country PsyOp, Gas Lighting, Political Arsonist’s, POTUS tacitly funding Muslim Brotherhood – CAIR – Salafism – Wahhabism using Shahada, Tiqiya, Tawriya, Kitman Muruna – Al Nusra – AQ or the Roman divide & conquer dialectic or Smith Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 that is being used by media to create this environment ?

    Insurgents – Guerrillas – Activists – Terrorists & we can add Patriots pick any one all of them are tools used by Tyrants in politics to make murder sound respectable.

    At some point the nadir & perigee will be reached. I suspect at that Sea change rubicon point of fission, a cohesive fussion of crystallized unity of purpose becomes clear.

    The charade & game continues.
    Panem et Circuses